1.1. Getting Started with Hercules MCU

The Hercules LaunchPad is a low cost, easy to use introduction to the Hercules family of microcontrollers. We recommend developers start their evaluation and development on one of the supported development platforms and port the software to a custom platform for final product integration.

To order a development kit, users can click on the development hardware for their chosen platform and order the platform from the product folder Hercules Development Kits .The product folder for the platform also contains design files, quick start guides, and design tools for the platform to use for reference.

1.2. Quick Start Guide

  • Install Code Composer Studio with “Hercules Safety MCUs” Support.
  • Follow the Quick Start Guide and setup the board with instructions to connect to the hardware.
  • Run the out of the box Hercules Safety MCU Application pre-programmed on the LaunchPad.
  • Install and Run the Hercules Safety MCU Demos application.
Quick Start Guide
TMS570LS04x/03x LaunchPad Quick Start Guide RM42x LaunchPad Quick Start Guide
TMS570LS12x LaunchPad Quick Start Guide RM46x Launchpad Quick Start Guide
TMS570LC43x LaunchPad Quick Start Guide RM57Lx Launchpad Quick Start Guide

1.3. Sample Projects

The following sample projects are provides for users to get familiar with Hercules software and development tools.

  • Project 0 for LaunchPad : Simple example to walk through the process to blink an LED on the LaunchPad.
  • Project 1 for LaunchPad : Collection of examples that highlight Hercules MCU’s safety features.

1.4. Flashing Hercules LaunchPad using Uniflash

  1. Install the Uniflash tool
  2. Launch the Uniflash tool on the host and setup the hardware.
  1. Follow the instructions in video for Flashing Hercules Launchpad

1.5. Hercules Training Series

Hercules Safety MCU trainings are a great way to jump start understanding of the Safety MCU and development environment. The links below provide access to different modules of the training series.

Hercules Safety MCU Training Series Modules
Architecture Overview MCU Peripherals
Software Development Tools Design considerations
Functional Safety Safety Certification

1.6. Functional Safety Collateral

TI provides Hercules certified MCUs along with associated SafeTI SoC documentation, tools, and software that help ease system-level certification efforts. To explain the functional safety offering on Hercules MCUs, TI provides a Hercules Safety Manual for TMS570LSx and TMS570LCx devices which can be located on ti.com from the links below.

Safety Manuals
Safety Manual for TMS570LS02x and TMS570LS04x Safety Manual for RM42x and RM41x
Safety Manual for TMS570LS07x and TMS570LS09x Safety Manual for RM44x
Safety Manual for TMS570LS11x and TMS570LS12x Safety Manual for RM46x
Safety Manual for TMS570LS31x and TMS570LS21x Safety Manual for RM48x
Safety Manual for TMS570LC4x Safety Manual for RM57x


Application developers designing safety applications are recommended to review the details of the Developer Interface Agreements (Appendix B) in the Safety Manual which provides details on agreement between customer and supplier towards management of shared responsibilities in developing a functional safety system.

The safety collateral shared under NDA can be requested using the link provided on the Hercules Safety MCU portal that describes Simplifying Safety Certification


1.7. Technical Support

../../_images/E2e2.jpg For technical support please post your questions on the Hercules safety microcontrollers forum of the TI E2E™ Support Forums.