WiLink8 ™ R8.8 - Change log

Release Date : 10/09/2020


The release components in this version is based on TI Linux kernel and hostap package.

Below you can find the full list of patches applied on top of these sources.

Linux kernel

Linux Kernel baseline is located in TI Linux 4.19 Branch

R8.8 Kernel Patch List (Git Link):

Patch Description
0001 mesh-mac80211-opcode-get-rate-for-metric-from-driver.patch 3704
0002 wlcore-mesh-Add-support-for-RX-Boradcast-Key.patch 6382
0003 ieee80211-mesh-handle-secured-PREQ-frames.patch 2729
0004 mac80211-patch.patch 962
0005 wlcore-patch.patch 1638
0006 wl18xx-multi-role-AP-GO-doesn-t-work.patch 1503
0007 Adding-support-to-IGTK-key-AES-CMAC128-in-the-wlcore.patch 1738
0008 mesh-implement-mac80211-op-get_rate_info.patch 1738
0009 mesh-Fix-healing-time-when-a-mesh-peer-is-disconnect.patch 5811
0010 mac80211-mesh-fixed-HT-ies-in-beacon-template.patch 3502
0011 Mesh-bypass-blockack-encryption-WORKAROUND.patch 1029
0012 mesh-frames-received-out-of-order.patch 1248
0013 mesh-mesh-is-not-connected-properly-after-recovery.patch 1503
0014 mesh-max_peers-reached-falsely.patch 1322
0015 Arp-Filtering-Add-protection-against-null-ip-address.patch 1096
0016 Mesh-get-lowest-signal-MP-implementation.patch 5808
0017 New-NL-to-get-low-signal-mesh-peer.patch 5102
0018 Adding-support-for-AP-MESH-multi-role.patch 2387
0019 print-debug-info-depending-upon-received-pkt-type.patch 2904
0020 ensure-clock-freq-index-is-within-array-bounds.patch 953
0021 updating-minimum-firmware-requirement.patch 1080
0022 wlcore-Adding-release-version-to-driver.patch

hostap (wpa_supplicat/hostapd)

hostap baseline is located in http://w1.fi/cgit/hostap/tag/?h=hostap_2_9/

Commit log for 'R8.8' (most recent changes are listed on top):

Commit Description
c0d9b775e 0048 - This patch not allow to load AP on JP-only channel 14, 38, 42, and 46.
1c6a7293f 0047 - Fix some Mesh sec bugs
c8f102776 0046 - remove Mesh link in wpa_supplicant_event_assoc only if CONFIG_MESH.
805d05d44 0045 - nl80211: define static function if CONFIG_MESH
421301874 0044 - Closes the link for mesh peer management only if mesh is activated.
8c0c6d475 0043 - Mesh: Support mesh connection to a "full" MP
fc38f7f3d 0042 - Fix warrining compilation
f41568bd7 0041 - mesh on demand: Several fixes
ce6ab1eb8 0040 - mesh on demand: Allow BG scan user configuration
c37e1c623 0039 - Fix deauth with reason 7 due to multiple assoc_req received
de0347689 0038 - ap: add missing WLAN_STA_ASSOC_REQ_OK flag cleanups
9e2c5a703 0037 - mesh on demand: Perform BG Scan only on serving channel
4e0d5d73e 0036 - mesh: Cannot perform scan on mesh IF while mesh is connected with security
4e848a580 0035 - Mesh: Fixed max peer links
d562c586b 0034 - Mesh: Don't allow SISO40 pri/sec channel switch
32e830bd6 0033 - Mesh: Cannot create mesh network on channel 40
826e3e4fe 0032 - Mesh: Can't join other mesh network after joining mesh network
34d0be082 0031 - Mesh: mesh on demand support
f0546c5f1 0030 - Mesh: bug fix - make sure when we disconnect we wait for plink_close to be received
3e8bcd5fe 0029 - mesh: fix error print upon join
346f0e6c8 0028 - AP-Mesh channel sync
11660445d 0027 - mesh : set OFDM basic rates as default
78099a200 0026 - Mesh: Connection fixes
6ef639339 0025 - Mesh: max peer parameter doesn't work
eea06a3db 0024 - mesh: enable disassoc_low_ack event for mesh
ae10db254 0023 - P2P: fix duplicate structure patch
1bcb3f1cf 0022 - P2P: accept provision discovery with bcast group ID [IOP] Some bogus devices send provision discovery requests with bcast group id, which is invalid. However, as we currently must accept these requests, as they are needed for certification.
ba3458ca2 0021 - P2P: accommodate peers that use the GO address in prov_disc_resp [IOP]
c361835f1 0020 - P2P: Ignore PBC overlap in P2P provisioning [IOP]
2085a1396 0019 - wpa_supplicant: declare 20/40 coex support [UPSTREAM] Set the appropriate bit in the extended capabilities IE
f1512cfcf 0018 - P2P: increase p2p go initial connection timeout [WORKAROUND] increase the P2P_MAX_INITIAL_CONN_WAIT_GO timeout to avoid IOP issues with several P2P CL vendors.
67bc00c10 0017 - reload iface on ifdown/up and suspend/resume (INTERNAL)
822d26d97 0016 - ACS: don't choose JP-only channel [ACS] Avoid using channels 38 and 42 which are valid only in JP.
3a85a46c2 0015 - ap: wps: avoid sending wps commands for each interface [AP AP] This is probably leftover from old times. it can actually cause some issues (e.g. overlapping pbc).
bde32fd3a 0014 - acs: retry ACS scan on EBUSY return code [ACS] register a retry scan function if ACS failed due to another ongoing scan.
402aa6a3c 0013 - hostap: don't check scan results in case of 20mhz [AP AP]
012558169 0012 - driver_nl80211: implement shared AP channel op [AP AP]
e78dae5d6 0011 - hostapd: use new op to sync AP channels [AP AP] A new op will be used to get the operational frequency and secondary channel of any existing APs, even if operating in different processes.
839f86259 0010 - acs: skip HT_SCAN on channel sync [ACS] Since the channel was already chosen, we don't need to do another HT_SCAN. This reduces some problems that occur when radar is detected during HT_SCAN, etc.
29a45599e 0009 - acs: add additional dfs operating classes [ACS] This will allow choosing dfs ht40 channels
ccf96c639 0008 - Porting the legacy ACS implementation.
e727bac57 0007 - If another ap iface is enabled, sync to its channel (if ap_channel_sync is set).
3f929e153 0006 - When ap_channel_sync=1 the 40Mhz operating channel of an AP will be set to the channel of an existing AP operating on the same PHY (NIC).
f5d169bad In our case we want to sync to existing frequency in case of running ap (e.g. AP + GO), but don't sync in case of connected station (STA + GO).
771dd4679 Look for other used frequencies (by other hostapd processes) and use/prefer them for the new GO.
a6a981079 Some channels shuldn't be used in the US (even though they are in the allowed regulatory range). skip them when choosing a new operating channel. 0003-dfs-skip-some-channels-INTERNAL-REG.patch
35201eed9 According to the requirement, channels 38/42/46 should not be advertised for non-JP countries. look for it explicitly.
c0ddd4587 From 0dc14149ba74a6b552a5bc7d23ed9a541dd4267c Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001 From: Luciano Coelho <coelho@ti.com> Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2012 00:55:05 +0200 Subject: [PATCH 01/47] changes to default build config