Quick Start Guide for SimpleLink MSP432 WiFi Plugin SDK

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

SimpleLink SDK Plugins are designed to work in tandem to the microprocessor specific SDK. This plugin is designed to work alongside the SimpleLink MSP432 SDK and relies on several core elements within this SDK. Without a prior installation of the SimpleLink MSP432 SDK, the SimpleLink MSP432 SDK WiFi Plugin will not work. While testing of this software package was performed on release of the SDK, it is likely that it will also work with newer versions of the SDK.
This guide explains how to install the SimpleLinkTM MSP432 WiFi Plugin and lists the various other tools required to get started with the first application.

2. Prerequisites

The user is expected to have the following:

Important note:

3. Updating service-pack / system files in the CC3120

It is recommended to update the service-pack to the latest service-pack available. The service-pack can be found in <SDK_INSTALL_DIR>/tools/cc31xx_tools/servicepack-cc3x20

3.1 Connecting CC3120 LaunchPad to CC31XXEMUBOOST

3.2 User guide for Uniflash ImageCreator and Programming Tool

4. QuickStart for CCS IDE ( CCS or GCC Projects )

4.1 Download and Installation

Download CCS from CCS 7.0.0

During the installation, the following options are recommended

4.1.2 Add CCS Support for FreeRTOSv9

4.1.3 Products Settings Verification

4.2 Execute your First Application

This section will show how to import/build/load an example

4.2.1 TI Resource Explorer

This is not available in the SDK Beta Release. Will be available for GA release

4.2.2 Import via CCS IDE