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The SimpleLink SDK NFC Plugin is a software package that adds NFC functionality to the SimpleLink CC3220 family. This software plugin enables the ability to read and write NDEF messages to and from their CC3220 device over NFC using the supported NFC hardware. This opens up communication with a large variety of NFC-enabled devices, such as smart phones, tablets, notebooks, and more. There are a number of interesting NFC applications, such as intuitively connecting the CC3220 to a Wi-Fi access point with only a tap.

The plugin interfaces with the RF430CL330H NFC BoosterPack which includes the RF430CL330H, a Dynamic NFC Tag Type 4 Transponder that combines a wireless NFC interface and a wired SPI or I2C interface to communicate between the device and a host. The RF430CL330H ISO14443B-Compliant 13.56-MHz RF support with through-put up to 848 kbps.

This is version 2_20_00_08 of the SimpleLink SDK NFC Plugin.


Please refer to the Documentation Overview for in-depth documentation on the SimpleLink SDK NFC Plugin.

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