Change Log

New Features

ID Summary
SL_WIFI_R3-1406 Add ability to set pre-processed pre-master key in WPA connection instead of passphrase - station only
SL_WIFI_R3-1405 Support RSA 4096bit for enterprise certificate validation
SL_WIFI_R3-1265 Add support for DICE - CC3X35 only
SL_WIFI_R2-1557 CC3X20 - Support file signing with SHA-256 including mcu image file through OTA or SimpleLink host driver API - Uniflash is not supported
CC3X20SDK-1909 Network terminal - add history in the CLI using up and down keys
CC3X20SDK-1903 Remove non-SysConfig examples and moving SysConfig preview to main examples

Bugs Resolved

ID Summary
CC3X20SDK-1929 OTA Lib - extend meta data size to support longer URL
CC3X20SDK-1902 SerialWifi - remove example from SDK
CC3X20SDK-1891 Potential issue with host driver failing to delete all sync objects during sl_Stop() when recovering from SL_API_ABORTED
CC3X20SDK-1890 Enable configuring GPIO 12/13 to UART RX and TX lines