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The Secure Digital Host (SD Host)controller on CC3200 provides an interface to standard SD memory cards in 1-bit transfer mode and handles the SD protocol and data packing at transmission level with minimum CPU intervention.

Application details

This application uses the FatFS to provide the block level read/write access to SD card, using the SD Host controller on CC3200. The application initializes the FatFs and lists the files and/or directories that are present on the SD card at the root followed by contents of a predefined file on the terminal. The application also writes a predefined pattern to a predefine file. The user can change the predefine(s) by changing following macros

    #define USERFILE        "userfile.txt" // Application reads out this file
    #define SYSFILE         "sysfile.txt"  // Application write to this file
    #define SYSTEXT         "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" // Pattern to be written to SYSFILE

Shown is the BOOSTXL-SHARP128 display and micro SD card reader connected to the CC3200 Launchpad.