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The CC3200 allows users to set a scan policy and enable scanning. sl\_WlanPolicySet API can be used to set the scan policy to SL_POLICY_CONNECTION, SL_POLICY_SCAN or SL_POLICY_PM. Once the scan cycle is enabled and set, sl_WlanGetNetworkList API can retrieve the results of the scan. It provides the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication), security information, BSSID, and SSID.

Application details

This example demonstrates how scan policy is set in the device. The procedure includes the following steps:

Source Files briefly explained


  1. Run the reference application.
    • Open the project in CCS/IAR. Build the application and debug to load to the device, or flash the binary using UniFlash.
  2. The application scans and retrieves the network list. lRetVal indicates the number of networks found (or error) and netEntries contains the network list.
  3. The orange LED on the LaunchPad will turn on in case of an error. The green LED will turn on upon successful execution.

Limitations/Known Issues