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AM335x_04_06 04_06_00_08 Product Download Page

Build date: 08022012

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AM335x Linux PSP 04.06 Updates

AM335x Linux PSP is based on the community supported GNU/Linux. The Linux kernel derived from Omap git and U-Boot originated from U-Boot git. The information about baseline chosen for each of the component in the SDK is available in the release notes.

The package does not contain a toolchain. Using GNU toolchain for ARM processors from Arago is recommended.

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AM335x_04_06 Product Downloads
Title Description Size
AM335x Linux PSP -
AM335X-LINUX-PSP- AM335x Linux PSP Package for AM335x platform 116000K
md5sum- MD5 Checksum 8K
Release Notes Release Notes
User guide Driver User Guide
Performance Guide Driver feature and performance guide

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