XDAIS Product Releases

XDAIS Overview

The XDAIS (eXpress DSP Algorithm Interoperability Standard) Developer's Kit provides the header files and specifications needed to implement XDAIS-compliant algorithms.

The XDAIS standard is designed to enable multiple algorithms to coexist in a system and share resources. This is acheived by preventing 'hard-coded' use of critical system resources, such as memory, DMA, and other accelerators. In contrast, the algorithm must implement interfaces (IALG to manage memory, and others for other resources) that are then queried and satisfied by the application framework. The framework can then ensure that the resources granted are not already in use by another algorithm. As a result, it is easier to reuse algorithms that are XDAIS-compliant, especially when utilizing algorithms from multiple sources.

XDAIS releases include XDM extensions that enable 'plug-and-play' capabilities for several common classes of algorithms (e.g. multimedia codecs).

See the TI Wiki for more details on XDAIS and XDM.

Download Information

Click on the products in the table below to download or to view more detailed information on the available releases, including the product release notes.

XDAIS Product Downloads (newer on top)
XDAIS 7.24
  • - Modified examples to use ECPY/RMAN.
XDAIS 7.23
  • - Added XDM_MOVEBUFS, C66 support in GenAlg, example fixes
XDAIS 7.22
XDAIS 7.21
XDAIS 7.20
XDAIS 7.10
XDAIS 7.00
  • - Introduced IVIDDEC3 and IVIDENC2, improved ELF support
XDAIS 6.26
XDAIS 6.25
  • - Wizard template updates (see release notes)
  • - Minor tooling cleanup (see release notes)
  • - Experimental "GenAlg" wizard, example maintenance
XDAIS 6.24
  • - 4 segment versioning, example maintenance
  • 6.24 - QualiTI enhancements
XDAIS 6.23
  • 6.23 - QualiTI enhancements

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