SysLink Product Releases

SysLink Overview

SysLink is runtime software that simplifies the development of embedded applications in which either General-Purpose microprocessors (GPP) or DSPs communicate with each other. The SysLink product provides software connectivity between multiple processors. Each processor may run either an HLOS such as Linux, QNX, Android, etc. or an operating system such as SYS/BIOS. In addition, a processor may also be designated as the master for another slave processor, and may be responsible for controlling the slave processor's execution (including boot-loading the slave).

For more information, see the SysLink articles on the TI Wiki

Download Information

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Note, SysLink 2.x is intended for SYS/BIOS 6 users and does not support WinCE. DSP/BIOS 5 users (including most DVSDK users) should continue to use DSP Link releases!

SysLink 2.x Downloads (newer on top)
SysLink 2.21 SysLink 2.20
  • - Bug fixes, including mem leak
  • - Bug fixes, perf improvements
  • - Bug fixes, rewritten examples, Android removed, COFF/FrameQ deprecated
SysLink 2.10 SysLink 2.00

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