package xdc.runtime.knl

XDC Runtime support for OS-related primitives

XDCspec declarations sourced in xdc/runtime/knl/package.xdc
package xdc.runtime.knl [1, 0, 0] {
    interface ICacheSupport;
    // Interface for OS specific back-end
    interface IGateProcessSupport;
    // Interface for OS specific back-end
    interface IGateThreadSupport;
    // Interface for OS specific back-end
    interface ISemProcessSupport;
    // Interface for OS specific back-end
    interface ISemThreadSupport;
    // Interface for OS specific back-end
    interface ISemaphore;
    // Interface implemented by all front-end semaphore providers
    interface ISync;
    // OS independent synchronization
    interface IThreadSupport;
    // Interface for OS specific back-end
    module Cache;
    // Cache Services
    module CacheSupportNull;
    // Empty ICacheSupport implementation
    module GateH;
    // Provides APIs to protect critical sections when an IGate.Handle is available
    module GateProcess;
    // Provides protection of critical sections across processes
    module GateProcessSupportNull;
    // Empty IGateProcessSupport implementation
    module GateThread;
    // Provides protection of critical sections across threads
    module GateThreadSupportNull;
    // Empty IGateProcessSupport implementation
    module SemProcess;
    // SemProcess Manager
    module SemThread;
    // SemThread Manager
    module Semaphore;
    // Provides semaphore services when an ISemaphore.Handle is available
    module Sync;
    // Provides synchronization APIs when an ISync.Handle is available
    module SyncGeneric;
    // Generic ISync implementation
    module SyncNull;
    // Empty ISync implementation used mainly for testing
    module SyncSemThread;
    // A ISync implementation based on a SemThread. [EXPERIMENTAL]
    module Thread;
    // Thread services
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