package ti.sysbios.rta

Contains modules that provide support for RTA tools in CCS

In order to use the Real-Time Analysis (RTA) tools in Code Composer Studio, your application must be configured to include support for RTA. SYS/BIOS 6 includes an RTA "Agent" module, ti.sysbios.rta.Agent, which retrieves Log data from the target and sends it to the host.
XDCspec declarations sourced in ti/sysbios/rta/package.xdc
package ti.sysbios.rta [2, 0, 0, 0] {
    module Agent;
    // The Agent module provides target support for the CCS RTA tools
    module SupportLogger;
    // The SupportLogger is used to log the Timestamp frequency so that the RTA tool can convert the log event timestamps into seconds. This log occurs during module startup
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