metaonly module

Select the device-specific family modules

This module selects target-specific implementation modules required by the various SYS/BIOS packages. These modules are mainted in "family" packages which may also contain modules that are specific to a particular family; for example, cache or power management modules.
XDCscript usage meta-domain sourced in ti/sysbios/family/Settings.xdc
Settings.getDefaultBootModule()  // module-wide

returns the family-specific Boot module

XDCscript usage meta-domain
Settings.getDefaultBootModule() returns String
Settings.getDefaultCacheDelegate()  // module-wide

returns the family-specific CacheSupport module delegate

XDCscript usage meta-domain
Settings.getDefaultCacheDelegate() returns String
Settings.getDefaultClockTickPeriod()  // module-wide

returns the family-specific Clock tickPeriod

XDCscript usage meta-domain
Settings.getDefaultClockTickPeriod() returns UInt32
Settings.getDefaultHwiDelegate()  // module-wide

returns the family-specific Hwi module delegate

XDCscript usage meta-domain
Settings.getDefaultHwiDelegate() returns String
Settings.getDefaultIntrinsicsSupportDelegate()  // module-wide

returns the family-specific IntrinsicsSupport module delegate

XDCscript usage meta-domain
Settings.getDefaultIntrinsicsSupportDelegate() returns String
Settings.getDefaultMmuModule()  // module-wide

returns the family-specific Mmu module

XDCscript usage meta-domain
Settings.getDefaultMmuModule() returns String
Settings.getDefaultTaskSupportDelegate()  // module-wide

returns the family-specific TaskSupport module delegate

XDCscript usage meta-domain
Settings.getDefaultTaskSupportDelegate() returns String
Settings.getDefaultTimerDelegate()  // module-wide

returns the family-specific Timer module delegate

XDCscript usage meta-domain
Settings.getDefaultTimerDelegate() returns String
Settings.getDefaultTimerSupportDelegate()  // module-wide

returns the family-specific Timer Support module delegate

XDCscript usage meta-domain
Settings.getDefaultTimerSupportDelegate() returns String
Settings.getDefaultTimestampDelegate()  // module-wide

returns the family-specific Timestamp module delegate

XDCscript usage meta-domain
Settings.getDefaultTimestampDelegate() returns String
Settings.getFamilyName()  // module-wide

Get SYS/BIOS device family name

XDCscript usage meta-domain
Settings.getFamilyName() returns String
Settings.getFamilySettingsXml()  // module-wide

Returns the path to the family-specific Grace page

XDCscript usage meta-domain
Settings.getFamilySettingsXml() returns String
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