package xdc.shelf    

Container for third party jars required by XDCtools

The following jars are part of this package: [ more ... ]
XDCspec declarations sourced in xdc/shelf/package.xdc
package xdc.shelf [1, 0, 0] {
The following jars are part of this package:
Jar Version License From Description
js.jar 1.6R6 MPL 1.1 (note) Java implementation of JavaScript 1.5
antlr.jar 3.1.1 BSD LR parser generator used to implement the RTSC IDL
tar.jar 2.5 Public Domain tar file reader
In addition to the jars above, XDCtools requires the following third-party software:
Name Version License From Description
gmake 3.81 GPL v2 command run by the `xdc` command to create and build packages
J2SE Runtime Environment(JRE) 1.5.0_22 Sun Microsystems, Inc. Binary Code License Agreement XDCtools core functionality is implemented in Java. Also required by the Rhino JavaScript engine shipped with XDCtools.
Although the following tools are not required, they are optionally shipped with XDCtools distributions to ensure consistent behavior across various development platforms.
Exe Version License From Description
zip, unzip 2.3 and 5.50 info-zip command line utilities to zip and unzip package releases
tar 1.13 GPL v2 command line utilities to archive package directories
sh cygwin 1.5.25-15 GPL v2 (Windows only) korn shell compatible shell used by GNU make
All other files that are part of XDCtools are licensed under either EPL v1.0 or dual-licensed under EDL v1.0.
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