OSAL Product Releases

OSAL Overview

The OSAL (Operating System Abstraction Library) provides ports of the XDC Runtime to High Level Operating Systems (HLOS) like Linux. It also redistributes the XDC Runtime sources and build scripts enabling end users to rebuild in their environments. Finally, it provides pre-configured sources appropriate for each supported OS, so the XDC tools are not required.

Currently, the OSAL is primarily an internal utility product used by Codec Engine, Framework Components and other TI products. The OSAL product is quite new, and therefore subject to significant changes from release to release. The intent is to make it a standalone product, and therefore users are welcome to build upon it, but please understand and anticipate that the first few releases may change signficantly and compatibility may not be preserved.

See the TI Wiki for more details on the OSAL and XDC Runtime.

Download Information

Click on the products in the table below to download or to view more detailed information on the available releases, including the product release notes.

OSAL Product Downloads (newer on top)
OSAL 1.24
  • - Added better QNX support in examples. Removed HeapStdAlign etc packages.
OSAL 1.23
OSAL 1.22
OSAL 1.21
OSAL 1.20

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