package ti.sdo.ipc.transports
XDCspec declarations sourced in ti/sdo/ipc/transports/package.xdc
package ti.sdo.ipc.transports [1, 0, 0, 0] {
    module TransportNullSetup;
    module TransportShm;
    // Shared-memory MessageQ transport that uses ListMP to queue messages
    module TransportShmCirc;
    // Transport for MessageQ that uses a circular buffer to queue messages
    module TransportShmCircSetup;
    // Manages the setup of TransportShmCirc instances
    module TransportShmNotify;
    // Transport for MessageQ that acts on shared memory
    module TransportShmNotifySetup;
    // Manages the setup of TransportShmNotify instances
    module TransportShmSetup;
    // Manages the setup of TransportShm instances
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