metaonly module ti.sdo.ipc.Build
XDCscript usage meta-domain sourced in ti/sdo/ipc/Build.xdc
var Build = xdc.useModule('ti.sdo.ipc.Build');
module-wide config parameters
    Build.libDir//  = String null;
module-wide functions
    Build.getAsmFiles// Get the library Asm source files(String target) returns Any
    Build.getCFiles// Get the library C source files(String target) returns String
config Build.libDir  // module-wide
XDCscript usage meta-domain
Build.libDir = String null;
Build.getAsmFiles()  // module-wide

Get the library Asm source files

XDCscript usage meta-domain
Build.getAsmFiles(String target) returns Any
Build.getCFiles()  // module-wide

Get the library C source files

XDCscript usage meta-domain
Build.getCFiles(String target) returns String
Build.getDefs()  // module-wide

Get the compiler -D options necessary to build

XDCscript usage meta-domain
Build.getDefs() returns String
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