package ti.sdo.ipc.gates

Inter processor communication

Contains modules are that OS independent and support streaming messaging between therads or processors.
XDCspec declarations sourced in ti/sdo/ipc/gates/package.xdc
package ti.sdo.ipc.gates [1, 0, 0, 0] {
    module GateAAMonitor;
    // Multiprocessor gate that utilizes an atomic access monitor (AAM)
    module GateHWSem;
    // Multiprocessor gate that utilizes a hardware semaphore
    module GateHWSpinlock;
    // Multiprocessor gate that utilizes a hardware spinlock
    module GateMPSupportNull;
    // Module to plug GateMP proxies
    module GatePeterson;
    // IGateMPSupport gate based on the Peterson algorithm
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