package framework_components_3_22_02_08    

The Framework Components product package

This package is a "bundle" of several Framework Components packages.
XDCspec declarations sourced in framework_components_3_22_02_08/package.xdc
requires ti.sdo.fc.dskt2;
requires ti.sdo.fc.dman3;
requires ti.sdo.fc.acpy3;
requires ti.sdo.fc.ecpy;
requires ti.sdo.fc.utils;
requires ti.sdo.fc.memutils;
requires ti.sdo.fc.ires;
requires ti.sdo.fc.examples;
requires ti.sdo.fc.rman;
requires ti.sdo.fc.edma3;
requires ti.sdo.fc.scpy;
requires ti.sdo.fc.hdintc;
requires khronos.opencl;
requires ti.sdo.opencl;
requires ti.sdo.utils.trace;
requires ti.sdo.rcm;
requires ti.sdo.tiler;
package framework_components_3_22_02_08 [1, 0, 0] {
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