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Build date: 2010-07-26 14:03:49

This is the final product release of the DaVinci Software Development Kit (DVSDK) v3.10 for the DaVinci DM365, DM355 and DM6467T platforms. This DVSDK Software release, coupled with the Platform Support Package for Linux, gives developers the ability to evaluate the hardware and software capabilities of the DaVinci platforms listed above. Developers will be able to evaluate the ARM Linux programming environment and easily utilize the powerful hardware support of the DaVinci SOC for audio, video, speech and image codecs. Compared with the previous DVSDK 2.x releases on these platforms, this release adds the following main features:
  • Migration to open source Linux kernel version 2.6.32-rc2
  • Support 1 GHz DM6467T platform and enable H.264 BP Decoder @ 1080p60
  • Update all software components to latest version
See the Release Notes for more information.
Software Defects
A list of software defects can be found
here. If prompted for login/password, please close the browser window and click on the link again.
  • Arago is a tool that is used internally at TI to create the software source tarballs. At this time, it is not available for external users. The exception is the PSP component, in which Arago is available to the customer as a build and integration framework. The PSP online documentation (Release Notes, User Guide) provides further information.
  • This DVSDK release does not explicitly support the older DM6467 EVM platform, however it has been sanity tested to ensure that there are no critical stability issues. See the DM6467 Getting Started Guide for specific instructions to build the software for the DM6467 EVM. The PSP package has been validated at the component level on both the DM6467 and DM6467T EVM platforms. The latest production-quality software for this EVM is DVSDK version


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DVSDK_3_10_00 Product Downloads
Title Description Size
Digital Video Software Development Kit
No Login dvsdk_3_10_00_19_releasenotes.pdf DVSDK Release Notes 260K
No Login dvsdk_3_10_00_19_swmanifest.pdf DVSDK Software Manifest 132K
No Login dvsdk_3_10_00_19_Setup.bin DVSDK Installer 441764K
Linux Platform Support Package
PSP_03.01_Release_Notes PSP Release Notes for DM365/DM355
PSP_03.02_Release_Notes PSP Release Notes for DM6467/DM6467T
No Login linux-davinci-staging.tar.gz PSP Linux Kernel Source 82500K
No Login linuxlibs-2009.11-armv5te.tar.gz PSP Precompiled Libraries 4124K
No Login u-boot-davinci.tar.gz PSP U-Boot Source for DM365/DM355 11728K
No Login u-boot-dm646x.tar.gz PSP U-Boot Source for DM6467T/DM6467 11992K
No Login flash-utils-davinci.tar.gz Source: Serial Flash, NAND Writer and UBL Utilities for DM365/DM355 1820K
No Login board-utils-davinci.tar.gz Images: Serial Flash, NAND Writer and UBL Utilities for DM365/DM355 944K
No Login flash-utils-dm646x.tar.gz Source: Serial Flash, NAND Writer and UBL Utilities for DM6467T 968K
No Login board-utils-dm646x.tar.gz Images: Serial Flash, NAND Writer and UBL Utilities for DM6467T 184K
No Login examples-davinci.tar.gz PSP Examples 7692K
DM6467T Collateral
No Login cs2dm6467_1_00_00_10_releasenotes.pdf Codec Server Release Notes for DM6467/DM6467T 104K
No Login cs2dm6467_1_00_00_10_Setup.bin Codec Server Linux Installer for DM6467/DM6467T 43568K
No Login dvsdk_3_10_00_19_overlay_dm6467.tar.gz DVSDK DM6467T Demo Overlay 4104K
No Login data_dm6467.tar.gz DM6467T A/V Clips 1410868K
No Login data_dm6467_extra.tar.gz Extra Clips for DM6467T 1392724K
No Login uImage-dm6467t-evm.bin uImage for DM6467T 2024K
No Login arago-demo-image-dm6467t-evm.tar.gz Root File System for DM6467T 12240K
No Login u-boot-dm6467t-evm.bin U-Boot Image for DM6467T 160K
DM365 Collateral
No Login dvsdk_3_10_00_19_overlay_dm365.tar.gz DVSDK DM365 Demo Overlay 3016K
No Login data_dm365.tar.gz DM365 A/V Clips 90304K
No Login uImage-dm365-evm.bin uImage for DM365 2096K
No Login arago-demo-image-dm365-evm.tar.gz Root File System for DM365 11852K
No Login u-boot-dm365-evm.bin U-Boot Image for DM365 152K
DM355 Collateral
No Login dvsdk_3_10_00_19_overlay_dm355.tar.gz DVSDK DM355 Demo Overlay 2932K
No Login data_dm355.tar.gz DM355 A/V Clips 40220K
No Login uImage-dm355-evm.bin uImage for DM355 2076K
No Login arago-demo-image-dm355-evm.tar.gz Root File System for DM355 11876K
No Login u-boot-dm355-evm.bin U-Boot Image for DM355 152K
codesoucery_tools Code Sourcery
No Login Restore Instructions Instructions for reformatting and restoring DaVinci Hard Drives 4K
No Login prep-hdd DM6467T Disk Prep Utility 4K
No Login restore-hdd DM6467T Disk Restore Utility 4K
Locked Codegen Tools Codegen 6.1.12 [DM6467/DM6467T only] 75956K
No Login MD5 Checksums 4K

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