In order for prep-hdd to work correctly all of the following files must be available locally. Please download the following files to a single directory or local URL location. 

Files to download:

Linux Kernel Restore Filesarago-demo-image-dm6467t-evm.tar.gz
A/V Data for DVEVM. Contains both sound and video media filesdata_dm6467.tar.gz
DVSDK Application Restore Filesoverlay_dm6467.tar.gz!
HDD Prep Scriptprep-hdd
HDD Restore Scriptrestore-hdd

Bring up the board using a NFS file system

Once complete, run the prep-hdd script on the DaVinci EVM board:

prep-hdd <full_path_to_where_files_were_downloaded>

For example if the restore files are to be restored from a file system:

prep-hdd /tmp/downloads

or assuming the restore files exist on a web server under downloads:


Answer yes when prompted. The complete restore will take about 45 minutes.

If the date is not set correctly you will get warnings about file timestamps being in the future (tar: filexxx: time stamp 2008-01-26 04:13:47 is 128286337 s in the future). You can either ignore these warnings or set the device date/time to current date/time ('date MMDDHHMMYYYY').

See the DVEVM Getting Started Guide for more detailed instructions on restoring the EVM hard disk drive.

Once above procedure is complete, the board had to be rebooted from HDD (use root=/dev/hda1 in bootargs).

! Rename dvsdk_3_10_00_11_overlay_dm6467.tar.gz to overlay_dm6467.tar.gz