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Build date: 07012010

This is the Beta 1 release of the DVSDK 3.01 product and supports OMAP3525 and OMAP3530 platforms. This DVSDK, coupled with the
Platform Support Package for Linux, gives developers the ability to evaluate the hardware and software capabilities of the OMAP3525 and OMAP3530 platforms.

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DVSDK_3_01_00 Product Downloads
Title Description Size
Digital Video Software Development Kit [DVSDK]
dvsdk_3_01_00_10_releasenotes.pdf DVSDK Release Notes 272K
dvsdk_3_01_00_10_swmanifest.pdf DVSDK Software Manifest 44K
dvsdk_3_01_00_10_Setup.bin DVSDK Installer 390500K
Linux Platform Support Package [PSP]
Linux PSP Link Linux PSP GIT
OMAP3525/OMAP3530 DVSDK Collateral
cs1omap3530_release_notes.htm OMAP35x TSPA Codec Server Release Notes 120K
cs1omap3530_setupLinux_1_01_00-prebuilt-dvsdk3.01.00.10.bin Linux Installer for TSPA Codec Server for OMAP3525 and OMAP3530 28132K
ms1omap3530_release_notes.htm OMAP35x Non-TSPA Mega Codec Server Release Notes 92K
Unlocked ms1omap3530_setupLinux_1_00_00-prebuilt-dvsdk3.01.00.10.bin Linux Installer for Non-TSPA Mega Codec Server for OMAP3525 and OMAP3530 32600K
data_dvsdk_3_01_00_10.tar.gz DVSDK Demonstration Multimedia Files-containing audio and video clips 358360K
overlay_dvsdk_3_01_00_10.tar.gz DVSDK OMAP3525/3530 Demo Overlay 362372K
nfs_dvsdk_3_01_00_10.tar.gz Complete DVSDK file system including Pre-built DVSDK Binaries [overlay] and self starting DVSDK demos - suitable for NFS mount 373540K
rootfs_dvsdk_3_01_00_10.jffs2 Complete DVSDK file system including Pre-built DVSDK Binaries [overlay] and self starting DVSDK demos - JFFS2 file system format [NAND flash] 66568K
uImage-omap35x-evm.bin Kernel uImage for OMAP3525 and OMAP3530 2348K
u-boot-omap35x-evm.bin U-Boot Image for OMAP3525 and OMAP3530 212K
DVSDK Dependencies
codesoucery_tools Code Sourcery Toolchain [Lite Version]
TI-C6x-CGT-v6.1.12.bin Code Generation Tools 75956K
Add-ons: Graphics
Graphics SDK v3.01.00.06 Link 3D Graphics Software Development Kit
Add-ons: Low Power Audio Playback Demos
OMAP3x DVSDK Audio Power Benchmark Numbers Audio Power Benchmarks on OMAP35x EVM
ReleaseNotes- Release Notes
dvsdk_powerdemos_swmanifest.pdf DVSDK Low Power Demos Software Manifest 28K
powerdemos_setupLinux_3_01_00_07.bin Low Power Audio Playback Installer 37796K
Add-ons: SD card Image for Out of the Box Demos
MLO MLO File for boot from SD card 20K
boot_lcd.scr source file for bootargs to display using on-board LCD 4K
boot_dvi.scr source file for bootargs to display using external monitor using DVI interface 4K
sdimage_dvsdk_3_01_00_10.tar.gz SD card image for DVSDK 3.01 Demos 1574604K
md5 Checksums Checksum for the downloads 4K
Older DVSDK 3.X Releases
Archived Releases Archived Releases

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