DVSDK: Product Download Pages

The DVSDK (Digital Video Software Development Kit) provides system software and demonstration applications for TI DSPs and SoCs used in multimedia applications.

For full product overview, go to Software Folder: Linux DVSDKs for DaVinci Devices

DVSDK Product Download Pages
Linux DVSDK 4_xx Support for devices: OMAPL138, OMAP3530. TMS320DM365, TMS320DM368 and TMS320DM3730.
Linux DVSDK (v3.10)  DM6467T and DM365 Devices
DVSDK 3.00 OMAP35x devices: DVSDK, related software and documentation
Linux DVSDK (v2.10) DM365 Devices -- PREVIOUS VERSION
Linux DVSDK (v2.05)  DM357 Devices – PRODUCTION VERSION

This software requires U.S. Government export approval. This link will take you to www.ti.com/requestfreesoftware. Within approx. 24-48 business hours, you will receive an Acitvation ID and download instructions from TI's myRegistered Software system.
Linux DVSDK (v2.00) DM644x, DM646x and DM355 Devices – PRODUCTION VERSION
WinCE DVSDK 1.00 WinCE DVSDK 1.00 with collateral files