SYS/BIOS GA Release Notes


SYS/BIOS is a GA of SYS/BIOS. CCS users must use CCSv8.0.0 or higher.

Please read the SYS/BIOS User’s Guide for help installing and setting up your environment to use SYS/BIOS


The following documentation is provided with this release. These documents are also available via the CCS Eclipse help table of contents.

License and manifest.

Additional online sources of documentation.

Release notes from previous releases are also available in the release notes archive directory.

What’s New

SYS/BIOS GA Release (this release).

Defects Fixed in SYS/BIOS (Fixes since SYS/BIOS

JIRA Issue ID Summary
SYSBIOS-1061 Update A53F.xdc to AM65X
SYSBIOS-1054 Support Enable Cache Boolean Flag in the HAL
SYSBIOS-1052 C28 Dispatcher alignment issue
SYSBIOS-1048 Benchmark Support for Thumb2 mode on R5F
SYSBIOS-1047 Remove dead code from family.arm.m3.Timer
SYSBIOS-999 Implement Thumb2 mode on R5F for non-safety usecase on AM65x
SYSBIOS-965 Provide SYS/BIOS example projects for CCSv9
SYSBIOS-963 Need block-based Cache APIs for C7x
SYSBIOS-841 add MPAX APIs for C6x to SYS/BIOS
SYSBIOS-839 Provide MMU support in C7x

Upgrade and Compatibility Information


SYS/BIOS 6.73, 6.70, 6.55, 6.53, 6.52, 6.51, 6.50, 6.46 and 6.45

Migrating GCC Projects Built with SYS/BIOS v6.50 or older to SYS/BIOS v6.52

Host Support

Supported Operating Systems:


Minimum Required Software Versions:

Required Hardware

Device Support

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Validation Information

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Known Issues


For a full description of Benchmarks please see the appendices in the SYS/BIOS 6 User’s Guide.


All releases have 4 digits ( This includes GA and pre-releases (engineering, alpha/EA, beta, etc.). Pre-releases are denoted with a suffix (e.g. or

This product’s version follows a version format,, where M is a single digit Major number, mm is 2 digit minor number, pp is a 2 digit patch number, and bb is an unrestricted set of digits used as an incrementing build counter.

To support multiple side-by-side installations of the product, the product version is encoded in the top level directory (e.g. bios_6_30_00_00).

Subsequent releases of patch upgrades will be identified by the patch number, ex. SYS/BIOS with directory bios_6_30_01_15. Typically, these patches only include critical bug fixes.

Please note that version numbers and compatibility keys are NOT the same. For an explanation of compatibility keys, please refer to the Upgrade and Compatibility Information section.

Technical Support and Product Updates

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