package ti.targets

Package of targets for TI code generation tools

The modules in this package implement the xdc.bld.ITarget interface; this interface "wraps" the compiler tool-chain with an abstract interface that enables these tools to to be used by the XDC Build Engine.
XDCspec declarations sourced in ti/targets/package.xdc
requires xdc.bld;
package ti.targets [1, 0, 3] {
    interface ITarget;
    // A TI specific extension to the base xdc.bld.ITarget3 interface
    module C28;
    // TI C28 default runtime model (little endian)
    module C28_float;
    // TI C28 large model little endian with floating point support (fpu32)
    module C28_large;
    // TI C28 large model little endian
    module C66;
    // TI C66 little endian (COFF)
    module C66_big_endian;
    // TI C66 big endian (COFF)
    module C674;
    // TI C674 default runtime model (little endian)
    module C674_big_endian;
    // TI C674 big endian
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