CC26xx Boot Support

C synopsis target-domain sourced in ti/sysbios/family/arm/cc26xx/Boot.xdc
Boot_getBootReason()  // module-wide

Gets the reason for the most recent boot of the CPU

C synopsis target-domain
UInt32 Boot_getBootReason();
The reset reason, as reported by the SysCtrlResetSourceGet() DriverLib API.
Module-Wide Built-Ins

C synopsis target-domain
Types_ModuleId Boot_Module_id();
// Get this module's unique id
Bool Boot_Module_startupDone();
// Test if this module has completed startup
IHeap_Handle Boot_Module_heap();
// The heap from which this module allocates memory
Bool Boot_Module_hasMask();
// Test whether this module has a diagnostics mask
Bits16 Boot_Module_getMask();
// Returns the diagnostics mask for this module
Void Boot_Module_setMask(Bits16 mask);
// Set the diagnostics mask for this module
Configuration settings sourced in ti/sysbios/family/arm/cc26xx/Boot.xdc
metaonly config Boot.common$  // module-wide

Common module configuration parameters

Configuration settings
Boot.common$ = Types.Common$ undefined;
All modules have this configuration parameter. Its name contains the '$' character to ensure it does not conflict with configuration parameters declared by the module. This allows new configuration parameters to be added in the future without any chance of breaking existing modules.
metaonly config Boot.customerConfig  // module-wide

Include a default customer configuration (CCFG) structure, default is false

Configuration settings
Boot.customerConfig = Bool false;
Set to true to link in the default CCFG data structure in driverlib.
metaonly config Boot.trimDevice  // module-wide

Trim device flag; determines if SetupTrimDevice() is called at boot, default is true

Configuration settings
Boot.trimDevice = Bool true;
Set to false to disable the Boot module from trimming the device. The device *must* be trimmed for proper operation. If the Boot module doesn't do this, the application must explicitly call SetupTrimDevice().
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