C28x large model Timing Benchmarks

ti.platforms.ezdsp28335 (compiler version: 6.2.5)

Benchmark Cycles (1)
Interrupt Latency 156 (2)
Hwi_restore() 24
Hwi_disable() 18
Hwi dispatcher prolog 241
Hwi dispatcher epilog 171
Hwi dispatcher 416
Hardware Interrupt to Blocked Task 656
Hardware Interrupt to Software Interrupt 474
Swi_enable() 98
Swi_disable() 15
Post Software Interrupt Again 36
Post Software Interrupt without Context Switch 135
Post Software Interrupt with Context Switch 264
Create a New Task without Context Switch 3080
Set a Task Priority without a Context Switch 227
Task_yield() 254
Post Semaphore, No Waiting Task 61
Post Semaphore No Task Switch 231
Post Semaphore with Task Switch 306
Pend on Semaphore, No Context Switch 63
Pend on Semaphore with Task Switch 361
Clock_getTicks() 14

(1) The benchmark application was built using BIOS.LibType_Custom with the following BIOS.customCCOpts settings: "-v28 -DLARGE_MODEL=1 -ml -mo --program_level_compile -o3".

Timings were obtained using the ezdsp28335 development board.

(2) The C28x targets also supports zero latency interrupts. See ti.sysbios.family.c28.Hwi cdocs for details.