SYS/BIOS Release Notes

This release note is divided into the following sections:

Introduction, Documentation, What's New, Upgrading And Compatibility Information, Host Support, Dependencies, Device Support, Validation Information, Known Issues, Benchmarks, Versioning, Technical Support And Product Updates,


SYS/BIOS is a release of SYS/BIOS 6.32.00.

SYS/ BIOS is a real-time operating system that provides pre-emptive deterministic multithreading. The SYS/BIOS 6.x releases introduce a completely new SYS/BIOS kernel and toolset. The SYS/BIOS 6.x releases include numerous major enhancements, including completely new kernel APIs. They also include compatibility layers and tooling to facilitate easy porting of applications developed on DSP/BIOS 5.x releases.

A number of tools and libraries that were provided as an integrated part of DSP/BIOS 5.x releases must now be downloaded separately to obtain a functional solution. It is essential for even experienced DSP/BIOS users to refer to the Getting Started Guide and to the Upgrading and Compatibility Information section for further details.

Please read the Getting Started Guide for help installing and setting up your environment to use SYS/BIOS

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The following documentation is provided with this release. These documents are also available via teh CCS Eclipse help table of contents.

License and manifest.
Additional online sources of documentation.

Release notes from previous releases are also available in the release notes archive directory.

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What's New

SYS/BIOS Release (this release).

Defects Fixed in SYS/BIOS (Fixes since SYS/BIOS
ID                               Headline
SDOCM00081682   gptimer: Timer_setPeriodMicroSecs is slightly off calculating TLDR value based on desired clock period
SDOCM00081681   (Parent) dmtimer: Timer_setPeriodMicroSecs is slightly off calculating TLDR value based on desired clock period
SDOCM00081645   put 28x interrupt vectors in const/FLASH and copy to 0xd00 at runtime to allow easy FLASH boot
SDOCM00081609   update rtdx to use .text:rtdx_text and .ebss:rtdx_data (for 28x) (or .far:rtdx_data for 6x)
SDOCM00081580   BIOS 6 examples build but do not run for 28x devices with external memory
SDOCM00081549   BIOS HeapBuf and Mailbox to use Hwi_disable/restore rather than Gate_enterSystem/Gate_leaveSystem.
SDOCM00081404   update BIOS and IPC custom builds to avoid "unused variable i" (etc) warnings
SDOCM00081403   (Child) dmtimer: Timer_setPeriodMicroSecs is slightly off calculating TLDR value based on desired clock period
SDOCM00081264   update BIOS.xs to allow BIOS profile to be "release" whill allowing other content to still use "whole_program" profile
SDOCM00081221   MSP430 - Change the default clock source when a timer is dedicated for timestamping to be ACLK
SDOCM00081201   Comment out the blinking of the LED in the MSP430-specific examples
SDOCM00081200   MSP430 interrupt stubs should call Hwi begin/end hooks before/after logging of LM_begin/LD_end
SDOCM00081017   Create separate configuation and build chapter in user guide
SDOCM00081012   2806x support is missing from BIOS 6.x conversion package
SDOCM00081010   Setting Power.idle to false for MSP430 causes build failure
SDOCM00080920   Problems rebuilding sysbios after installation
SDOCM00080890   (Child) configuring FatFS for no ramdisk causes warning
SDOCM00080854   BIOS 6: Heap manager module gates should be the same as gate BIOS uses for rts lock
SDOCM00080833   Provide an MSP430 Hwi-module config that globally turns on Hwi logging for all interrupts
SDOCM00080794   Should inline Hwi_enable(), Hwi_disable() and Hwi_restore() for MSP430
SDOCM00080782   fat filesystem utils (bios_6_31_00_18\packages\ti\sysbios\fatfs\utils\bin) are not supported on the windows platform
SDOCM00080746   update Agent.xdc to use 'Ptr' instead of Stream_Handle to break hard dependency on Stream.
SDOCM00080744   custom build option needs to display the sub-options in Grace view w/o needing the refresh step
SDOCM00080700   Group MSP and Stellaris devices in delegate HTML table
SDOCM00080673   Should ship a barebones SYS/BIOS example that will build for all supported MSP430 devices
SDOCM00080671   c28x .taskStackSection should be renamed as a subsection of a compiler section.
SDOCM00080665   add validation to the build flow to make sure config parameters make sense for inst/non-inst libraries
SDOCM00080614   Clock-tick related fields in ROV can show stale data when doing dynamic tick suppression
SDOCM00080609   review 28x Boot module and include BIOS/ Grace "Device Support" page for 28x
SDOCM00080464   optimize Hwi enter/exit stubs for MSP430 to use single function or file level optimization
SDOCM00079912   For MemoryProtection module, UMC_P0_BADDR is incorrect for DM647/8 device
SDOCM00079697   genx examples need to be fix to not get the GateMutex badContext assert
SDOCM00078956   BIOS 6: Verify 28x Generic Platform
SDOCM00078950   BIOS 6: Prepare Stellaris specific BIOS wiki page
SDOCM00078887   MSP430/Hwi module should warn if Log statements are enabled, but Diags bits are set to always off
SDOCM00078675   Load's ROV view needs enhancing (wrt Task and Swi)
SDOCM00071672   28x should be supported with generic platform similar to MSP430 (BIOS side of bugzilla  Bug 317539)
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Upgrading and Compatibility Information

SYS/BIOS 6.x releases have many significant changes from DSP/BIOS 5.x.  It is important to understand the information below in order to successfully use SYS/BIOS 6.x and to migrate applications from DSP/BIOS 5.x.

SYS/BIOS software downloads




The '' and 'ti.sdo.utils' packages are no longer provided with SYS/BIOS

The ti.sysbios.ipc package and its modules have been deprecated

The module has been deprecated

Placing of sections using MEM configs is no longer supported (ie MEM.TEXTSEG is unsupported)

The configuration item is no longer supported

SYS/BIOS no longer contains all the tools and objects you will need

Migrating DSP/BIOS 5.x applications to SYS/BIOS 6.x back to top

Host Support

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Device Support

Click here  for the list of supported devices.
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Validation Information

Click here for the list of compilers used to build and validate this release (scroll down to Supported Targets section).

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Known Issues

The following issues are known to affect this release:

ID                              Headline
SDOCM00081912    BIOS needs to support Flash boot on Concerto
SDOCM00081684    DM8168:  Timer0 interrupts at twice expected frequency
SDOCM00074130    ROV should reference kernel object names versus object addresses
SDOCM00069043    BIOS 6.x must support Concerto (dual-core M3/28x) including changes to timestamp.   Work is mostly complete on this but complete validation is still in progress.  There will be a 6.32.02 patch release in mid-July after validation on Concerto hardware has been completed.
SDOCM00068360    No data displayed in RTA Exec Graph when attaching to running target
SDOCM00064397    RTA crashes CCS 4.1 after a few reset/reload with USB emulator

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    For a full description of Benchmarks please see the appendices in the SYS/BIOS 6 User's Guide. back to top


All releases have 4 digits ( This includes GA and pre-releases (engineering, alpha/EA, beta, etc.). Pre-releases are denoted with a suffix (e.g. or

This product's version follows a version format,, where M is a single digit Major number, mm is 2 digit minor number, pp is a 2 digit patch number, and b is an unrestricted set of digits used as an incrementing build counter.

To support multiple side-by-side installations of the product, the product version is encoded in the top level directory (e.g. bios_6_30_00_00).

Subsequent releases of patch upgrades will be identified by the patch number, ex. SYS/BIOS with directory bios_6_30_01_15. Typically, these patches only include critical bug fixes.

Please note that version numbers and compatibility keys are NOT the same. For an explanation of compatibility keys, please refer to the 'Upgrade and Compatibility Information' section.

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Technical Support and Product Updates

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Last updated: June 16, 2011 Build Ver: Rev: h38