Release Notes for Code Composer Studio™ v5.4.0

These release notes contain valuable information which may not be included in other product documentation. This information will assist you in the use of Code Composer Studio™.
The release notes are divided into four sections:

General Information

CCSv5.4.0 uses an unmodified Eclipse Indigo (version 3.8) and CDT 8.0.
They are packaged together under “Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers” package available from Additional plug-ins or 3rd party tools may be installed that are compatible with Indigo release.

For additional information and support, please go to: 


On Windows:

  1. Run ccs_setup_5.4.0.xxxxx.exe
  2. Choose where you want to install
  3. Select the components you wish to install

On Linux:

  1. Run ccs_setup_5.4.0.xxxxx.bin
  2. Choose where you want to install
  3. Select the components you wish to install
  • Note: To facilitate the installation of emulation drivers, it is necessary to run part of the installation process as root.  You may either run the whole install as root, or install the drivers after CCS installation has completed.  
    If you decide to not run the whole CCS installation as root, you can navigate to the <Install-Folder>/ccsv5/install_scripts folder, and run the “” script as root.
  • For more information on Linux installation, please see


  1. Go to
  2. Follow step-by-step instructions

Managing Your License:

  1. CCS requires a valid license to be used.  There are a number of free license options, you will be given the opportunity to create one of the free licenses when you first run CCS. 
  2. Note that you are not able to use a CCSv4 license with CCSv5; it requires a CCSv5 license.
  3. Web interface for managing your licenses: 
    Use it if you want to see expiry info, or move the license to a different machine.

New in CCSv5.4.0

·        Important Notes

o  Attention users of BeagleBone (revision A5 and newer) and AM335x Starter Kit (Rev 1.2B): these boards have modified XDS100 embedded emulators that require the use of the standard device driver provided by FTDI.
   Also, the supplied GEL file pre-configured for SK_AM335x board was not designed to be used by the initial production revision (Rev 1.2B).

o  NDK users: you’d need to apply a new NDK after you have installed this version of CCS.

o  Customers using scripting on Linux may need to correct a bash syntax error in to allow parameters to be passed correctly. Please refer to forum thread for details.

·        General Enhancements

o  Now supporting Windows 8 host.

o  Enhancements to IDE:

·         Added ability to save registers to a file.

·         GCC Support (Sitara)

·         Bug  fixes to the integrated FLASH program loader; added capability to load .TXT files

o  Enhancements to GUI Composer:

·         Additional new widget properties

·         Chromium engine on Windows

·         Ability to specify pre/post processing functions

·         Control data display format

·         Performance optimizations

·         Version support              

o  GCC Compiler Support for Sitara™/Cortex-A8:

·         GCC Bare Metal compiler included (Linaro) – Version 4.7

·         Integrated build / debug with GCC on Cortex-A8:

·         CCS Project Build support for Sitara™ devices

·         CCS Debug support (stop mode)

·         SYS/BIOS support

·         Includes relevant linker command files and device XML files

·         Includes semi-hosting file I/O support

·         Known limitation: do not use -( and -) options on Linux, as it will cause build failures.  Instead, please use --start-group and --end-group


o  Simulation:

·         Introduction of 66AK2H12 device functional simulator configurations

·         Bug fixes on Keystone 1 simulators

o  Emulation / Debugger:

·         ETB/TBR performance enhancements

·         Increase to XDS Pro performance with improvement to reduce the signal noise level

·         Full Cortex-M0 debug support

·         Linux C64x debug support

·         Support for Tiva ARM MCU platform (Tiva-C series TM4C123x ARM Cortex-M4)  

·         Support for CC2538, with the following two limitations:

           ·      Project templates add a target configuration ccxml file specifying a connection to XDS100v3; this will override other connection set by the user.
·      If auto-run options are disabled in Debug Configuration, it will still run to _c_int00 symbol after Flash load

o  Hardware Trace:

·         Significant improvements to usability. Reduced the number of steps to access functionality from 20+ to just 4.

·         Ship number of Analysis Configuration to cover common use-cases

·         Function Profiling

·         Stall Profiling Analysis

·         Cache Event Analysis

·         Memory Throughput and Access Analysis

·         PC Trace

·         Power and Clock Analysis (OMAP)

·         Enabled use-case customization

·         Improved performance across the board by >10x

·         Decoding and display data

·         Export Data

·         Find, Filter and Sort

·         Graph display

·         Reduce amount of temporary data storage on hard drive (25x reduction) & memory (5x)

·         Addressed number of critical usability feedbacks

·         Simplified Trace Viewer by eliminating paging

·         Remember user settings across CCS sessions

·         Improved progress/feedback/and ability to cancel long operations

·         Allow automatically launch and synchronize analysis views with log view


o  SYS/BIOS 6.35:

·         The BIOS.libType "LibType_Debug" configuration behavior has changed.   This option now builds a debug version of the code as part of building the user's application.  See the SYS/BIOS User's Guide for more information.

·         The Cortex-A15 gcc libraries are now built to support hard-floating point (-mfloat-abi=hard).  The target name is 'gnu.targets.arm.A15F'.  The soft-floating point library (gnu.targets.arm.A15) is no longer provided.

·         Cortex-A8 gcc libraries (gnu.targets.arm.A8F) with hard-floating point (-mfloat-abi=hard) are now supported.  

·         MSP430/COFF support has been removed.  All MSP430 users must move to the ELF object file format.

·         The Stellaris Cortex-M4 Clock module now supports "Clock.TickMode_DYNAMIC" which allows unnecessary timer ticks to be suppressed to save power.

o  XDCTools 3.25:

·         Removed C54x and C55x targets from ti.targets

·         Removed legacy platforms as well as legacy BIOS 5 tconf support

o  Grace 2.10:

·     Added support for MSP430G2x44 and MSP430G2x55 devices, including support for the following Grace views:


Comparator A+



GPIO support

Interrupt manager support

·         Known Limitation: if you are developing software for MSP430FR59xx family devices, using the version of Grace included with this release of CCS will result in build errors. 
            Please update your installation of Grace to version 2.10.01 by selecting Help → Check For Updates.


o  MSP430:

·         New support for:

MSP430G2xx4 series full support

MSP430G2xx5 series full support

MSP430TCH5E support

·         Fixes:

MSP-FET430UIF peak current detection behavior less sensitive now

Fixed issues that caused crashes under Linux when closing debug session

Info A Memory Lock now functional

MSP430 support files now include BSD license headers

·         New Features:

eZ-FET series emulator support

·         Known Limitations:

Downgrade from DLLv3.2.5.3 to v2 firmware may take up to two minutes
        No known workaround

Legacy MSP-FET430UIF JTAG interfaces (v1.3) do not support F5529 and F6137 in SBW mode on TI target socket board/evaluation modules
        Workaround: switch to 4 wire JTAG mode or use newer MSP-FET430UIF interface

Error message "Can't set Vcc" occurs upon debug session launch

        Workaround: power cycle (unplug/re-connect) debug interface and launch debug session again


·        Bug Fixes

Id Component Affected
SDSCM00045351 DVT ALL RTOS Analyzer does not survive a reload program
SDSCM00045353 DVT ALL System Analyzer welcome pops up and says my app is not instrumented when it is
SDSCM00045424 DVT ALL RTOS Analyzer is slow to close
SDSCM00045516 DVT ALL Trace Viewer Preferences Page generates an error
SDSCM00045618 DVT ALL Setting the graph description property does not affect its tab title
SDSCM00045657 DVT ALL NullPointerException when closing CCS with debug perspective open
SDSCM00038360 Emulation ALL ECOM does not support using two different types of xds560 emulators in a single CCS session
SDSCM00041300 Emulation ALL XDS100 conflicts with USB to Serial cables
SDSCM00042334 Emulation ALL Need to be able to see CP15 registers
SDSCM00044274 Emulation ALL Realtime difficult to use with reset and program load
SDSCM00045552 Emulation ALL Relaunching Debug Session Hangs with XDS100v1 connections
SDSCM00045576 Emulation ALL Spectrum Digital XDS PRO Trace connection files should only be installed when installing Spectrum Digital support
SDSCM00045928 Emulation ALL XDS200 support shows wrong device list in ccs
SDSCM00046055 Emulation ALL Need a native PRU driver for XDS560/200
SDSCM00046056 Emulation ALL PRU resets on connect
SDSCM00046057 Emulation ALL Ability to read PRU memory and registers while PRU is running
SDSCM00039819 IDE ALL Would like to save the state of target registers to a file
SDSCM00040138 IDE ALL [CDT] No warning to user when changes to project try to write to .project file but is unable to due to read-only permissions
SDSCM00040737 IDE ALL Installer fails if user folder is linked to another location
SDSCM00041417 IDE ALL US: StellarisWare examples are not expanded properly in the Resource Explorer
SDSCM00045348 IDE ALL Command line build does not return an error if an invalid Build Configuration is specified
SDSCM00045399 IDE ALL Pre-build steps are not completely executed before main build when using parallel build
SDSCM00045415 IDE ALL Load Program: Disable 'OK' button if valid program is not selected (like it was in 5.1)
SDSCM00045434 IDE ALL Welcome page in resource explorer does not appear after a restart
SDSCM00045440 IDE ALL Rebuilding a project does not rebuild index for updating macro expansions
SDSCM00045489 IDE ALL OFS does not parse GCC ELF ARM object files correctly and does not follow the ARM/Thumb address rule correctly.
SDSCM00045541 IDE ALL can not disable line numbering
SDSCM00045588 IDE ALL Memory browser loses symbols when resized
SDSCM00045603 IDE ALL Need terminal command to delete a project from a workspace
SDSCM00045659 IDE ALL ConfigParser::DetermineDeviceConfigFile() returning boolean values, when it is expecting a string
SDSCM00045784 IDE ALL Resource Explorer launchpad filter applies to the entire tree
SDSCM00045851 IDE ALL When a DSP/BIOS5 project is imported the XDC_CG_ROOT variable that is used as the path to tconf is not set
SDSCM00045905 IDE ALL When adding a package to resource explorer it should look for the xml file to control the display
SDSCM00045906 IDE ALL Improve awareness of ability to add package to resource explorer
SDSCM00045943 IDE ALL CCS reports error "Import failed for project because its meta-data cannot be interpreted" when importing project
SDSCM00045945 IDE ALL Command-line utility to build imported CCSv3.3 project fails with errors
SDSCM00045953 IDE ALL switching between targets exclude from build not toggling properly
SDSCM00045956 IDE ALL tiobj2bin folder within \ccsv5\utils should be installed irrespective of which processors are selected for custom install
SDSCM00045965 IDE ALL TI command eval doesn't work for string literal
SDSCM00046063 IDE ALL install failure not detected on older RHEL distro
SDSCM00046093 IDE ALL Resource Explorer checks build box when you specific debug configuration
SDSCM00046130 IDE ALL Using --obj_directory option when creating project using command line has no effect since automatic mode is always set
SDSCM00046203 IDE ALL Web install does not work on Win8
SDSCM00046230 IDE ALL 2 target configurations present after importing StellarisWare project
SDSCM00046254 IDE ALL Need to restart CCS to continue after connection error
SDSCM00046288 IDE ALL [headless projectBuild] ClassCircularityError for projects whose .out file is external to the project root
SDSCM00046322 IDE ALL isWithinCCS() API always returns true
SDSCM00046401 IDE ALL Expressions view not properly accessing memory
SDSCM00046616 IDE ALL incompatible libstdc++ gets loaded on second and subsequent CCS launch on some Linux distributions
SDSCM00046698 IDE ALL Files with file specific options are passed to batch compile command (as with --program_level_compile) when they shouldn't
SDSCM00046893 IDE ALL Welcome page does not appear if PC has no network connection
SDSCM00046956 IDE ALL tiobj2bin folder within \ccsv5\utils should be installed irrespective of which processors are selected for custom install
SDSCM00041589 Simulation ALL C6xxx Example Instability
SDSCM00044173 Trace ALL CCS application shuts down when hibernation code running on the device is terminated
SDSCM00045896 IDE ARM 7 Emulator tiabi option is deprecated in the ARM5.0 compiler and needs to map to ti_arm9_abi
SDSCM00046258 IDE ARM Cortex A8 Folder names for ARM compiler installations are not consistent
SDSCM00046371 IDE ARM Cortex A8 For Cortex A15 and A9, the status bar does not report the correct secure state of the core
SDSCM00045907 IDE ARM Cortex M3 Auto-discover StellarisWare in Resource Explorer
SDSCM00046241 IDE ARM Cortex R4 Expressions view forgets that it is in continuous refresh mode
SDSCM00046609 DVT ARM926 Trace Use Case does not work on OMAPL138 unless you manually connect ETB first
SDSCM00045336 IDE ARM926 Changing compiler version turns on little endian code option
SDSCM00045826 DVT C2800 Using RTOS Analyzer menu item in JTAG RunMode results in data collection halting after few seconds
SDSCM00046796 DVT C2800 Error log is generated when starting up RTOS Analyzer
SDSCM00045594 IDE C2800 Cannot program flash for the second device in an hetero multi-target configuration
SDSCM00045820 IDE C2800 CCS crashes when launching System Analyzer in RunMode with C28x device
SDSCM00046164 IDE C2800 C2000 Flash programming with 5.3 is ~5x slower than in 5.2.1
SDSCM00045899 IDE C66xx Adding a GCC library project as dependency to TI SYSBIOS project results in build errors and other problems
SDSCM00046176 IDE C66xx CCS Crashes when Adding Symbols for relocatable file
SDSCM00038216 Emulation MSP430 Breakpoints set in one address are being mirrored in all FLASH memory banks.
SDSCM00038769 Emulation MSP430 Disassembly view is incorrect on F5438 after a function call
SDSCM00042038 Emulation MSP430 MSP 430 Write Register Breakpoint does not work
SDSCM00044818 IDE MSP430 MSP430 clock control settings
SDSCM00045779 IDE MSP430 Project import doesn't migrate all settings
SDSCM00045788 IDE MSP430 MSP430 clock control settings - GUI
SDSCM00045890 IDE MSP430 MSP430 codegen - byte dropped
SDSCM00046925 IDE MSP430 SYS/BIOS should not be selected by default for MSP430


New in CCSv5.3.0

·        General Enhancements

o  New Feature: GUI Composer

GUI Composer is a tool for creation of custom user interfaces that interact with your target application.

An example might be a motor control system that is made up of a board with a micro-controller unit (MCU), a motor and a software software application running on the MCU to control operations of the motor.
A custom user interface running on the host computer (e.g., personal computer) completes the entire solution by exposing and demonstrating parameters/capabilities of the MCU and target application.

Another example might be in a testing scenario where a simplified user interface is provided to a non-expert tester to perform validation tasks.

o  Grace 2.0:

Added new functionality such as new navigation bar and code snippets, and support for peripheral views.

o  Emulators:

Added support for XDS560v2 Pro Trace on Windows, and XDS2xx (JTAG only) on Windows and Linux.

o  MSP430:

o  New support for:

MSP430F6779 series full support
MSP430F6659 series full support

o  Fixes:

EDI: fixed issue that code download could result in EDI parity corruption notification
MSP430SL5438A device access now functional
Wolverine series: fixed various debug issues
Improved download speed for FRAM devices
MSP430FR57xx series: Fixed wrong ram size definitions in support files and MSP430.DLL
Implemented signification MSP-FET430UIF update stability enhancements
Various stability enhancements

o  New Features:

        MSP430 EEM trace support

o  Known Limitations:

Downgrade from DLLv3.2.5.3 to v2 firmware may take up to two minutes
        No known workaround
Legacy MSP-FET430UIF JTAG interfaces do not support F5529 and F6137 in SBW mode
        Workaround: switch to 4 wire JTAG mode or use newer MSP-FET430UIF interface

·        Bug Fixes

Id Component Affected
SDSCM00043783 Emulation ALL IERR register not visible for C64xx devices
SDSCM00044168 Emulation ALL Crash when connecting to XDS100
SDSCM00044575 Emulation ALL CCS will hang when loading *.out files greater than 1MB using Blackhawk XDS560 class emulators
SDSCM00035949 IDE ALL Add "Restart on symbol only load" option
SDSCM00037768 IDE ALL Memory Save option should allow different data types to .dat files
SDSCM00039578 IDE ALL EASY: Need a simple, obvious way to manually enter in additional compiler options
SDSCM00041425 IDE ALL Importing project should shrink the Editor area
SDSCM00042297 IDE ALL Emulation Updates Trigger Errors
SDSCM00042382 IDE ALL Resource Explorer (import wizard) needs to handle dependent RTSC products
SDSCM00042725 IDE ALL Add additional display formats for registers in the register view - wait for cdt 9.0 see bugzilla 371012
SDSCM00042781 IDE ALL CCS should have a tool to display all build options in a concise and user-friendly manner
SDSCM00042946 IDE ALL Add option to project command line utility to set the active project build configuration
SDSCM00043063 IDE ALL Switching stackframe in breadcrumb mode causes 'Run to line' to disappear in the editor
SDSCM00043146 IDE ALL Would like a macro for the device name set in the project
SDSCM00043161 IDE ALL Include terminal plugins as part of installation
SDSCM00043165 IDE ALL Allow configurable keyword for CEditor
SDSCM00043371 IDE ALL Non obvious behaviour of "Browse" button in Import Existing CCS/Eclipse Project screens
SDSCM00043384 IDE ALL Installation fails to run on Ubuntu 11.10 64bit
SDSCM00043435 IDE ALL Active target configuration settings not kept
SDSCM00043568 IDE ALL Corrupted register database error message needs to say how to resolve the problem
SDSCM00043570 IDE ALL fsclean doesn't work on Linux
SDSCM00043582 IDE ALL Request for CCS build interface to automatically not apply the --exceptions option to .c source files
SDSCM00043588 IDE ALL would like headless project build,created, import commands to run without DISPLAY configured on linux
SDSCM00043954 IDE ALL GEL_MemoryLoad() length option does not have any effect
SDSCM00044160 IDE ALL CCS installation into a directory path with a comma fails
SDSCM00044188 IDE ALL Need ability to verify program at any time
SDSCM00044262 IDE ALL loadti does not work when invoked with the launch method
SDSCM00044509 IDE ALL Automatically open *.js in the text editor
SDSCM00044510 IDE ALL Clicking on a breakpoint in the breakpoint view will open a new copy of the associated source file in the editor
SDSCM00044532 IDE ALL ELF symbols in .bss section is not relocated when the corresponding ELF segment is relocated.
SDSCM00044534 IDE ALL Test Connection disabled if 10 or more devices in config
SDSCM00044545 IDE ALL Symbol_normal:FileNameIsEquivalent does not work for symlinks on CCS
SDSCM00044576 IDE ALL CCS crashes when GEL Timer is not stopped when shutting down the debug session
SDSCM00044713 IDE ALL File resolution contains additional slash at the end of directory path (bp not working)
SDSCM00044774 IDE ALL EULA missing from CCS install
SDSCM00044820 IDE ALL CCS does not clear out errors in Problems view when building project even if the errors are no longer valid
SDSCM00044842 IDE ALL CCSv5.2 does not respect excluded files from legacy 3.3 projects
SDSCM00044889 IDE ALL Project Explorer Import not picking up certain error types
SDSCM00044920 IDE ALL CCS General/General properties tab does not keep settings like other tabs
SDSCM00044927 IDE ALL syntax error erroneously occurring in the editor
SDSCM00045081 IDE ALL Hidden Directories no longer excluded from build
SDSCM00045082 IDE ALL Regression - adding a second .cfg file into project no longer excludes it from build
SDSCM00044161 Trace ALL Crash when clicking on stop in trace display
SDSCM00044458 Trace ALL CCSv5.2.0: Cannot configure watchdog timer AET job on a C6000 target
SDSCM00044722 Trace ALL Trace scripting's getTraceData will fail if called too soon after stop recording with XDSPRO
SDSCM00044249 Emulation ARM Cortex R4 CCS 5.2 shows incorrect disassembly with SD 510 USB emulators with Big Endian Cortex R4 cores
SDSCM00044221 IDE ARM Cortex R4 CCS Loader fails to load code to the TMS570 EEPROM memory area
SDSCM00044926 IDE ARM Cortex R4 Source association not working for some asm files on ARM
SDSCM00042462 IDE C2800 Need to be able to display registers as floating point - wait for cdt 9.0 see bugzilla 371012
SDSCM00044276 IDE C2800 Using GEL to write a float value to a floating point register, the value cannot be correctly written.
SDSCM00038721 IDE C5500 Remove "Generic 55x device" and "Generic 55x+ device" from the device list in the project wizard
SDSCM00038721 IDE C55x Plus Remove "Generic 55x device" and "Generic 55x+ device" from the device list in the project wizard
SDSCM00044475 IDE C64xx Missing _TMS320C6X internal macro
SDSCM00044867 IDE C64xx Using Memory browser view to display an object contained in concatenated namespaces causes CCS to crash
SDSCM00044328 Simulation C66xx c6678 and c6616's simulator driver failing to initialize on ubuntu 12.04
SDSCM00043540 IDE MSP430 Re-enable Trace Buffer Support on MSP430
SDSCM00043918 IDE MSP430 ULP Advisor is too intrusive on workflow, disabling the dialogs needs to be global not per project
SDSCM00044133 IDE MSP430 double types not displayed properly in the Locals/Expressions view for hexadecimal formats
SDSCM00044279 IDE MSP430 Use of __TI_COMPILER_VERSION__ results in code incorrectly being grayed out
SDSCM00044866 IDE MSP430 Crashes happen from time to time when 'disable' is called, which traces down to []  GTI_WRITEREG_WITH_STAT


New in CCSv5.2.1

·        General Enhancements

o  Added support for MSP430FR5969, F5949, F6659 and SL5438A, and for cycle counter.

o  Also corrected DLL database entry for minimum Flash write voltage on MSP430F471x devices;
Fixed issue when using MSP430FR5739 and CC430F6147 series that breakpoints after LPMx.5 wake-up events were missed;
Fixed single stepping issues when using MSP430L092;
Fixed DCO calibration defect, where the original DCO setting was not restored after debug break (device running slower after read);
Fixed disassembly window issues on MSP430FR5969 series.

o  MSP430 Limitations:
On devices with FLL, clock control does not allow to keep clock running while device is halted and clock is sourced by the FLL.
Run Free not supported when using FR5739 or CC430F6417 series with LPMx.5: the devices will stop code execution after LPMx.5 wake-up event in Run Free mode.
assembly projects using ELF as default ABI are not compatible with current MSP430 code examples; this results in an error message that no entry point was found.
      As a workaround, use COFF output format instead of ELF (Project Properties -> General -> Output format -> COFF).

·        Bug Fixes

Id Component Affected
SDSCM00043475 DVT ALL Allow CCS project to be specified as search path for source look up
SDSCM00041269 IDE ALL [CDT] Unnecessary builds in CCS5 when using command line builds for different configurations
SDSCM00042145 IDE ALL Debug view should sort groups
SDSCM00042180 IDE ALL How to access to additional breakpoint properties is not clear (Breakpoint Properties page)
SDSCM00042182 IDE ALL Expressions/Variables view: Global option to default displaying ‘unsigned char’ as a decimal
SDSCM00042271 IDE ALL source level debugging assembly code is not working.
SDSCM00042351 IDE ALL Lightweight installer should ping download site before initiating downloads and report access status
SDSCM00043134 IDE ALL File shows thumb tack icon indicating file specific options even when none has been set
SDSCM00043248 IDE ALL Installer can not handle double byte/accented/special characters giving no warning or error
SDSCM00043340 IDE ALL Files that are written when project properties (e.g. Debug settings) are modified need to be checked out
SDSCM00043351 IDE ALL Console View Error highlighting does not match
SDSCM00043356 IDE ALL Web installer fails if McAfee is installed, CCS hangs
SDSCM00043510 IDE ALL Licensing should allow for immediate switch to full license
SDSCM00043553 IDE ALL Migrating a CCSv3 project to CCSv5 can trigger a message specific to CCSv4
SDSCM00043577 IDE ALL Debug launch progress dialog should state that the first launch takes longer
SDSCM00043589 IDE ALL Not all warnings are showing up in the problems view
SDSCM00043715 IDE ALL Typo in Resource Explorer main page
SDSCM00043886 IDE ALL Changing build options on folder-level writes to the project-level
SDSCM00043956 IDE ALL GEL_MemoryLoad parameter "bitsize" is documented as optional, but an error is thrown if it is omitted
SDSCM00044079 IDE ALL CCS editor shows "Syntax error" for interrupt keyword in C++ files
SDSCM00044103 IDE ALL [CDT] Change to header file does not trigger rebuild on legacy imported project(s)
SDSCM00044132 IDE ALL JLink support in CCS: Stepping out does not work properly
SDSCM00044146 IDE ALL editor syntax checker incorrectly highlights code containing specific keywords as syntax errors
SDSCM00044152 IDE ALL CCSv5.2.0 should be installable into Eclipse 3.7.0
SDSCM00044169 IDE ALL Linker errors do not disappear from the problems view after being fixed
SDSCM00044256 IDE ALL Error markers don't get cleared in '-pm' compilation mode
SDSCM00044338 IDE ALL Explicitly specify which unzip to use when installing
SDSCM00042728 IDE ARM Cortex M3 Emulator page in installer should list "Stellaris ICDI emulator" when Stellaris is being installed
SDSCM00044224 IDE ARM Cortex M3 Performing a Step Return after stepping into a function causes interrupts to not be re-enabled
SDSCM00044247 IDE ARM Cortex M3 Missing files to allow use of Stellaris M4
SDSCM00043250 IDE C2800 Debugger does not allow setting breakpoints in some cases when debugging overlay code
SDSCM00043420 IDE C66xx sizeof(MyClass) in CCSv5.1.0 (TOOL_376)
SDSCM00043591 IDE MSP430 Despite available option, can not launch debug without connecting to target
SDSCM00043592 IDE MSP430 Program load error message indicate that the cause was GEL
SDSCM00044044 IDE MSP430 CCSv5.1 watch window fails to display variables in > 64kB range for MSP430 devices
SDSCM00044083 IDE MSP430 Attach to running target not functional
SDSCM00041379 Simulation  ALL Second launch of C6670 device cycle approximate simulator causes CCS to disappear
SDSCM00044154 Trace  ALL Trace Control UI does not open on Linux


New in CCSv5.2.0

·        All Cores

o Complete project wizard support with example linker CMD files for the following device families: C54x, C55x, C670x, C671x, C641x, C642x, C645x, C647x, C674x, DM64x, DM643x, DM644x, DM35x, DM36x, DM37x, DM814x, DM816x, OMAPL1x, AM17x, AM18x, AM335x, AM350x, AM351x, AM37x, AM387x, AM389x, OMAP34x, OMAP35x, OMAP36x, C6A816x.

o The target configuration editor now allows selecting all variants of the device families above.

o The target configuration editor now allows selecting all community boards (BeagleBoard, BeagleBoard xM, BeagleBone, PandaBoard, PandaBoard ES), OMAP4 development kits (Blaze 4430 and 4460), all LogicPD, Lyrtech, Mistral and Spectrum Digital development boards. They include the board GEL file that performs complete hardware initialization.

o  Added trace GEL files for DM814x, DM816x, AM335x, AM387x, AM389x, C6A816x device families.

o  Sync groups for use in SMP devices. Cores can be grouped into a synch group and have debug operations applied to them

o  Flash device support for TMS320F2805x.



o Compatibility break:  a target configuration file (.ccxml) created with one of the production versions of CCSv5 that uses OMAPL138, OMAP4430 or OMAP4460 will fail to be launched by the debugger. To repair this, simply double-click the target configuration file (.ccxml) inside CCS, select the tab “Basic” and simply uncheck and re-check the device selected. The reason for the break is the addition of certain auxiliary cores (PRU to OMAPL; PTM to OMAP4).

o If a target configuration file (.ccxml) for the BeagleBone was created using CCSv5.2 Beta 3, it will need to be repaired following the method above.


·        MSP430

o  Support on Windows and Linux, including SYS/BIOS, ELF, ULP Advisor, and Flash differential download

o  Now fully supports MSP430G2210

o  Fuse blow for MSP430F1xx, F2xx and F4xx functional

o  Fixed missing device support (479x, 478x, BT5190, new revisions of 1122, 1132)

o  Writing to BSL failed if device was reset after erase (or MSP430_EraseCheck was called)

o  Fixed a bug when writing to FRAM devices with enabled MPU (FR57xx)

o  Fixed a bug that caused erasing and writing to Flash to fail on MSP430F413

o  Port handling changed to work around a problem where a port could not be reopened after closing

o  Added fix for a bug that could cause RAM corruption when reading CPU registers on 5xx/6xx devices

o  UIF now starts up supplying 3V to target

 Known Limitations:

o  On devices with FLL, clock control does not allow to keep clocks running while the device is halted if the clock is sourced from the FLL


Detailed specifications may be found at:

·        System Analyzer 1.01

o  Added support for Concerto:

* added C28x support (note that M3 is already supported)

* transport supported for this device are: UART, USB and JTAG stop-mode

* only single core on Windows host is supported for UART transport

o  Enhanced Task Load graph to show overall loading for entire run

o  Added numerous usability improvements including:

* recovery of system analyzer on reload/restart/reset for JTAG transports

* simplified user interface with better defaults, terminology, controls, etc

     Note that oonly single core on Windows host is supported for UART transport

·        Trace Analyzer

o  Added Exclusive-Only Function Profiler to Trace Analyzer.
This provides accurate profile results in multi-threaded environment (unlike the previous Inclusive+Exclusive Profiler).
User can still access the old profiler by changing the Preference.

·        Simulators

o Added C6657 Device Simulator

o Improved scalability of C66x simulators for large applications

o For more information please refer to the Simulation Wiki page

·        Compilers

o  Updated compilers to latest available revisions

·        Target Content

o  Updated version SYS/BIOS 6.33 and related components

o  Added XDCTools support for the TMS320C6671 device and the TMS320TCI6614 EVM platform, plus bug fixes.


·        Grace 1.10

o  Updated to fix some customer reported bugs and to extend support to projects that build executables in ELF format.

·        Third Party Emulators

o  Updated software revisions from Spectrum Digital and Blackhawk.

·        Bug Fixes

Id Component Affected
SDSCM00038738 DVT ALL Image Analyzer and Trace Analyzer Help should not be buried under tasks
SDSCM00038981 DVT ALL Graphs do not remember the the folder when you save the setup to a directory
SDSCM00040055 DVT ALL After creating two single time graphs, restarting CCS causes one of them to become line graph
SDSCM00042887 DVT ALL Rename ROV menu item
SDSCM00043042 DVT ALL Image Analyzer does not work in Linux
SDSCM00043071 DVT ALL go_trace_profiling.bat throws NoClassDefFoundError
SDSCM00034172 Emulation ALL Windows driver locations are not consistent for XDS100 and XDS560
SDSCM00037938 Emulation ALL The CCS v4.1.3 installation does not install the MSP_430 Application UART driver properly
SDSCM00038607 Emulation ALL XDS100: When PID/VID is not programmed the emulation error message should state what the likely problem is
SDSCM00042509 Emulation ALL Disassembly window does not display memory contents correctly in CortexA devices
SDSCM00042515 Emulation ALL CCS shuts down when attempting to come out of low power mode on F28x devices
SDSCM00042828 Emulation ALL XDS100v3 defaults to cJTAG which causes connection issues with most devices
SDSCM00042844 Emulation ALL REP register not available in Register View for C6678
SDSCM00038683 IDE ALL [CDT] Project always rebuilds when the active configuration is switched
SDSCM00039552 IDE ALL Optimizer option drop-down menu in Project C/C++ Build settings should explicitly have an entry that indicates it is disabled
SDSCM00041269 IDE ALL [CDT] Unnecessary builds in CCS5 when using command line builds for different configurations
SDSCM00041760 IDE ALL Add better error messages for out of memory condition in symbol manager
SDSCM00042184 IDE ALL DSS: Specify a log file size limit
SDSCM00042367 IDE ALL Popup Help Doesn't Line-Wrap
SDSCM00042371 IDE ALL CCS freezes when a compiler tool discovery path has an old unsupported compiler version
SDSCM00042372 IDE ALL Support all "build options" of XDC builder that can be configured in GUI from command line project create
SDSCM00042456 IDE ALL Breakpoint marker tooltip needs to be more descriptive
SDSCM00042582 IDE ALL Adding a virtual folder throws a warning when it should not
SDSCM00042621 IDE ALL Problems view should not throw errors for target configuration files (.ccxml) linked to projects
SDSCM00042670 IDE ALL TI816x and TI814x files missing when just installing DaVinci support
SDSCM00042687 IDE ALL Build fails for imported v3 and v4 project when building with -pm
SDSCM00042796 IDE ALL File saved using memory save is not in the directory mentioned in the CCS message
SDSCM00042808 IDE ALL __FILE__ and __LINE__ are not recognized by the dynamic syntax checker
SDSCM00042836 IDE ALL Projects created with old versions of CCSv4 (pre and 4.0.x releases) fail to properly import into CCSv5.1
SDSCM00042885 IDE ALL Need to automatically discover packages in C:\TI
SDSCM00042886 IDE ALL SYS/BIOS templates before DSP/BIOS templates
SDSCM00042888 IDE ALL When a .cfg file is active in the editor build actions are disabled
SDSCM00042924 IDE ALL __cregister not recognized by the editor syntax checker
SDSCM00042927 IDE ALL License Monitor heartbeat
SDSCM00042959 IDE ALL Renaming .asm source files results in "missing separator" gmake error
SDSCM00042970 IDE ALL CCS editor shows unexplainable syntax error for macro
SDSCM00043008 IDE ALL Add Modules view to the View menu
SDSCM00043011 IDE ALL Memory browser view should allow loading ELF executable files
SDSCM00043012 IDE ALL loadJSFile("c:\foo.js",true) doesn't store the second parameter to eclipse preference
SDSCM00043019 IDE ALL Editor generates syntax error for va_arg
SDSCM00043041 IDE ALL Renaming a RTSC project in workspace with spaces results in java exception and renamed project cannot be built
SDSCM00043321 IDE ALL Project always rebuild up to date files on an incremental build
SDSCM00043350 IDE ALL Dependency settings lost when changing build configurations, even if apply selected
SDSCM00043373 IDE ALL Makefiles are regenerated even when there are no resource or configuration changes
SDSCM00043466 IDE ALL Code Composer Help content has not been updated for v5. It is still for v4.
SDSCM00043553 IDE ALL Migrating a CCSv3 project to CCSv5 can trigger a message specific to CCSv4
SDSCM00043569 IDE ALL fsclean does not have correct permissions set on Linux
SDSCM00043779 IDE ALL Changing Optimization level for one file affects other files
SDSCM00043802 IDE ALL Installer can not handle spaces in a path
SDSCM00043886 IDE ALL Changing build options on folder-level writes to the project-level
SDSCM00043955 IDE ALL Errors show up in problems view even after rebuilding with no errors
SDSCM00040416 Trace ALL Would like to drain TI_ETB with EDMA (on Nyquist) while TI-ETB is actively capturing data
SDSCM00043016 IDE ARM Cortex A8 Target configuration support for AM/DM37xx
SDSCM00042646 IDE ARM Cortex M3 Request for CPU reset to not be performed when connecting to Stellaris devices
SDSCM00043234 IDE ARM Cortex M3 Incorrect variables values when debugging g++ output
SDSCM00043196 IDE ARM Cortex R4 Erase flash option "Necessary Sectors Only (For Program Load)" does not work for Hercules TMS570LS3137
SDSCM00011412 Emulation C2800 CCS hangs on File -> Data -> Save for lengths above 0x4000
SDSCM00042785 IDE C2800 Changing the file specific option in one source file of a project changes it in other source files as well
SDSCM00038932 IDE C64xx Importing CCS 3.3 project results in Java errors
SDSCM00043140 IDE C66xx Events for the profile clock are mis-assigned on C66x
SDSCM00033419 IDE MSP430 Blank Project Properties Issue
SDSCM00042523 IDE MSP430 Expressions/variables view does not correctly display long long variables
SDSCM00042928 IDE MSP430 Unsupported Linker Options remain after switching devices
SDSCM00040337 IDE OMAP Adding a start GEL file to OMAP L138 configuration corrupts ccxml fileWh


New in CCSv5.1.1

·        Bug Fixes

Id Component CCS
SDSCM00040336 Emulation 4.1.3 ALL Memory read error on executing GEL file on ARM9 when using an XDS100v2 emulator w/OMAP L138
SDSCM00042599 Emulation 5.1.0 ALL The "Test Connection" button is inactive with XDS100v2 for Linux.
SDSCM00042610 Emulation 5.1.0 ALL Test Connection button points to dbgjtag.exe in CCS for Linux
SDSCM00042654 Emulation 5.1.0 ALL Stellaris Cortex M4F devices not available when using XDS emulators
SDSCM00039515 IDE 5.0.1 ALL [CDT] switching active build configuration touches .cproject file, there are no changes being made to the file
SDSCM00040952 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Request to control the verbosity of the CDT builder
SDSCM00040990 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Need to be able to import a target configuration
SDSCM00041910 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Saving a .tcf file in gconf fails if it is modified externally by a CCS build
SDSCM00041913 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Unable to view structure contents in the Expressions view when defined with the packed attribute
SDSCM00041937 IDE 5.1.0 ALL In a project with custom build directories, builder fails to detect changes to a header file outside of the workspace
SDSCM00042006 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Problems view spawns an invalid warning: "Build variable InputDirRelPath cannot be resolved"
SDSCM00042082 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Changes made to debug properties in the launch config dialog are not applied to the active debug sessions
SDSCM00042134 IDE 5.1.0 ALL If a symbol file is too large ( > 0.4 GB), OFS may incorrectly load a dwarf/elf sym as an ARM code16/32 marker symbol.
SDSCM00042360 IDE 5.1.0 ALL loadti does not accept arguments to main that begin with a '-'
SDSCM00042373 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Url used by CCS Linux for 90 day eval license is incorrect
SDSCM00042396 IDE 5.1.0 ALL DVT Function Profiling scripting example exports incorrect profling data
SDSCM00042397 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Adding a GNU Toolchain to the compiler tool discovery path for CCS Projects does not "stick" across CCS invocations
SDSCM00042411 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Error parser should not reference Resource Explorer
SDSCM00042420 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Error parser should be UI independent; including should not reference Resource Explorer
SDSCM00042433 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Installing updates into existing install should continue even newer component versions are present
SDSCM00042442 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Project Import generates an assertion
SDSCM00042507 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Add a command line tool to discover/install embedded software products
SDSCM00042543 IDE 5.1.0 ALL far keyword not recognized by dynamic syntax checker
SDSCM00042609 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Installing IAR causes CCS's VC++2005 Redistributable to be uninstalled
SDSCM00042899 Scripting 5.1.0 ALL Path to find JAVA in dss.bat is incorrect
SDSCM00042283 Trace 5.1.0 ALL Trace description file missing for AM35xx
SDSCM00042647 Trace 5.1.0 ALL ctools.dll causes Debug Crashes
SDSCM00041766 Emulation 4.2.4 ARM Cortex M3 Request for Stellaris GEL files to map ROM memory range so it can be viewed in CCS disassembly view
SDSCM00042313 IDE 5.1.0 ARM Cortex M3 Replace "TMS470" references in project properties dialog with "ARM"
SDSCM00042361 DVT 5.1.0 C66xx System Analyzer Logs view may show empty records, cause IndexOutOfBounds or OutOfMemoryError


New in CCSv5.1.0

·        General Enhancements

Improved User Interface
Improved installation process, downloading only required components
Integration of Eclipse Indigo 3.7 and CDT 8.0
Program Reload/Rebuild usability enhancements
Multi-instance memory view (side by side view)
Improved perspectives
New Project Wizard (reduced from 5 pages to 1 page)
Added ability to launch graph from variable and expression window
Symbol browser support
History for memory browser
Pin and clone support
Improved Stability and Performance
Integration of XPCOM v1.9.2  (includes latest bug fixes, improved performance and compatibility with the internal Eclipse browser)
Reduced by over 80% memory footprint when loading large .out file
Debug launch and source lookup improvements
Improvements to TI Reporting Tool to collect workspace log information
XDS100v2 performance improvement for Cortex, C28x, and C55x
Multiple improvements made to device XML and connection XML files
Numerous stability & usability improvements 
Several bug fixes
TI Resource Explorer
Tool to browse and import code examples,  read device documentation and navigate device-specific online resources, directly from CCS.  
TI Resource Explorer is available directly from welcome page by clicking on Browse Examples. 
Available for MSP430 (MSP430Ware), Stellaris (StellarisWare), and C2000 (controlSUITE).
System Analyzer 1.0
A real-time tool that provides correlated analysis and visibility into single and multi-core systems.
Significant performance improvement to Execution Graph
For more information, see  
C6eZflo 2.0
A graphical development tool that creates working C6000 DSP applications from an intuitive block diagram view
For more information, see 
Other Added Features
Image Analyzer support for tiled image
Trace Decoder ETB Support
DSS scripting support for Trace Analyzer
Support for all C28x devices
ITM support for Sonata
Supported on WindowsXP / Windows7 / Linux
For more information, see
Cortex-R4F / Hercules
Support for all Cortex-R4F
Support for Hercules 
Supported on WindowsXP / Windows7 
Limitation: Linux support Q1'2012
New MSP430 debug stack (MSP430.DLLv3) included for faster and more stable operation 
Important note: CCSv5.1 will automatically update the MSP-FET430UIF debugger with new software.
Updated debuggers won’t work with older IDEs.
Therefore, CCSv5.1 includes a utility to downgrade the interface to be functional with older IDE versions again in 
Start -> All Programs -> Texas Instruments -> MSP-FET430UIF Debug Interface -> MSP-FET430UIF v3 to v2 Downgrade
Support for the CC430F614x, F514x and F512x series
Support for MSP430G2230 and G2210
Support for Grace
Significantly improved Code Generation Tools (CGT4.0) with: 
Improved FRAM support: noinit and persistent
64-bit data type support 
#pragma location for simple variable placement at specific addresses
Packed data types
Supported on WindowsXP / Windows7 
Cycle Counter and Trace/sequencer not functional
Breakpoints not supported in RUN FREE mode
Register breakpoints not functional for CPUX devices (MSP430F2xx and F4xx devices with >64kB Flash)
Update of older MSP-FET430UIF interface (rev 1.3) requires power cycle of interface during update. 
Linux support Q1'2012
See for detailed information.
Support for all C55x devices
C55x content to support C55x registers.
Supported on WindowsXP / Windows7 / Linux
C6000 / OMAP
Added support for C66x and TI81xx
OMAP5: JTAG debug support for all cores.
Open integration with third-party Prism (from Critical Blue) and Poly-Platform (from PolyCore Software).
For more information, see
Supported on WindowsXP / Windows7 / Linux


·        Compilers

o  Updated compilers to latest available revisions

o  Added Diagnostic Message Extended Documentation (DMED):
DMED links selected diagnostics messages (error, warning) to extended help for especially difficult-to0understand diagnostic messages.

·        SYS/BIOS

o  Updated version SYS/BIOS 6.32 and related components

·        Third Party Emulators

o  Updated software revisions from Spectrum Digital and Blackhawk


Component Versions

Software Components Version
Eclipse 3.8.0.SR1
Code Composer Plugins 5.4.0.N201304301100
Debug Server
C2800  6.1.3
C5400  4.2.0
C5500  4.4.1
C6000  7.4.2
MSP430  4.1.5
ARM  5.0.4
GCC ARM 4.7.2012.12
On-line Documentation
Device Support  
C54xx  1.0.3
C55xx  1.0.9
C6000  1.0.8
C6000 Multicore  1.0.4
DaVinci  1.1.1
Integra  1.0.7
OMAP  1.0.6
Sitara  1.1.4
Other 1.0.6
Debugger / Emulation  
C2000 Flash
TI Debug/Trace
Stellaris  10114.0.0
Tiva-C Series 10691.0.0
Tiva-E Series 10494.0.0
Spectrum Digital
Analysis Tools  
Data Visualization Tools 
Unified Interface Architecture
RTOS Tools  
Other Tools  
TI Simulators
Graphical Modeling Framework 1.5.0
Qt 1.6.1
TM-Terminal 3.3.2
Xulrunner 10.4.0
MSVC 2012 11.0.51106.1
MSVC 2008  9.0.30729.17
MSVC 2005 6.0.2900.2180


Known Issues

Id Component Affected
Headline Additional Details Workaround (if applicable)
SDSCM00043761 DVT ALL The "Display Data Size" parameter of the graph tool seems limited to 512 Setting a value greater than 512 for the "Display Data Size" distorts the displayed data in the graph display. Use a value smaller than 512
SDSCM00043762 DVT ALL The format display for Y axis does not show 64-bit values correctly When displaying graphs with 64-bit data, the Y axis shows invalid data when using Display Format as General, Decimal or Scientif... Use Hexadecimal format instead.  Right-click on the graph view and select Display Properties --> Axes --> Y-axis --> set the val...
SDSCM00045320 DVT ALL Show Coverage option in CodeGen Coverage DVT view does not work The show Coverage option in CodeGen Coverage DVT view does not work. The tooltip description says it will highlight coverage inf...  
SDSCM00046280 DVT ALL Image Analyzer does not process 8bit data read in big endian for RGB correctly Ther is a problem with viewing RGB data with 8bit Data Read. See forum post for details. Customer was able to workaround this using 32bit Data Read. See Forum Post for details:
SDSCM00046965 DVT ALL Analysis (DVT) table views are slow to scroll on Linux When displaying a large amount of data (> 500 000 records) the DVT table view can be slow scrolling. This affects features such ... There are no known workarounds to this issue.
SDSCM00043147 Emulation ALL TMS570LS3137 device xml files are missing Access Port Designation setting Device files for TMS570LS3137 is missing Access Port Designation setting. It should be set to 0x02000100. Without this setting, ... In the 'Advanced' tab of the Target Configuration editor, set the Access Port Designation setting to 0x02000100 (make sure the C...
SDSCM00043910 Emulation ALL MSP430 REGISTER view descriptions for SR.SCG0 and SR.SCG1 incorrect in CCSv5.1    
SDSCM00044322 Emulation ALL Disassembly shows branch to wrong label    
SDSCM00044689 Emulation ALL When connecting OMAP5430 using cjtag on first try you have an Icepick error that occurs    
SDSCM00044691 Emulation ALL OMAP5430 CJTAG connection. First memory access is performing a consol error display on console.    
SDSCM00044821 Emulation ALL CCSv5 is loading emulation DLLs from v3.3 CCSv5 is loading emulation DLLs from CCSv3.3.  Remove any references to CCSv3 from the system path
SDSCM00044859 Emulation ALL CCS hangs when coming out of Windows 7 'Sleep' mode when using XDS560 PCI CCS hangs when coming out of Windows 7 'Sleep' mode when connected to a target with the XDS560 PCI.  Issue does not seem to happ...  
SDSCM00045482 Emulation ALL CCSv5.1 f2811.gel typo    
SDSCM00045778 Emulation ALL CP14 register set of Cortex A8 core is not implemented The file ccsv5/ccs_base/common/targetdb/Modules/cortexA8_NotVisible.xml does not have CP14 registers defined.  Cortex A7, A9 and... N/A. 
SDSCM00038571 IDE ALL Need excluded files filter for the Project Explorer In the Project Explorer, which will be the default project view in CCSv5 instead of the C/C++ Projects View, there is a list of ...  
SDSCM00040028 IDE ALL Import wizard should prompt user to change compiler version if needed If I am importing a project that uses a different version of the compiler than what I have installed the wizard should inform me...  
SDSCM00040045 IDE ALL NullPointerException when renaming project Sometimes when renaming an imported project you will get a dialog complaining of a null pointer exception.  
SDSCM00040262 IDE ALL MMU Page table view should be listed on the view menu The MMU Page Table View should be listed on the view menu.  
SDSCM00040708 IDE ALL For header files outside the project folder double clicking on compile errors in the Problems view does not jump to error When a compilation error occurs in a header file that is outside the project (e.g. system header file or even user header file l...  
SDSCM00040717 IDE ALL DVT graph button should be disabled if the features are not available In the Debug perspective there is a button to open DVT analysis views.  If you click on this button before launching a debug ses...  
SDSCM00041325 IDE ALL Library projects for non-default build configurations must have 'lib' for the Artifact Extension Library projects for non-default build configurations must have 'lib' for the Artifact Extension. The default 'Debug' and 'Relea...  
SDSCM00041406 IDE ALL US: Project properties is disabled even when there is a project highlighted When you look at the project explorer there is a project highlighted, but when you to to the project menu, properties (and many ... You need to click again in the project explorer on the project and then the menu items are enabled.
SDSCM00042329 IDE ALL Support ISA aware dynamic support for view menu The MMU Page Table View should be listed on the view menu.  
SDSCM00043134 IDE ALL File shows thumb tack icon indicating file specific options even when none has been set If you right-click on a source file in a project, go into Properties (or Build Options) and simply click OK (instead of Cancel),...  
SDSCM00043464 IDE ALL Differentiate between Standard Eclipse / CDT help and CCS IDE help Standard Eclipse and CDT help content has screenshots and instructions that contradict CCS specific documentation. We should rem...  
SDSCM00044371 IDE ALL CCS5.2.0.00069_linux crash shortly after startup when welcome screen displayed - Resource explorer/browser collides ds' xul    
SDSCM00044374 IDE ALL CCS Editor: The parallel instruction syntax ('ll') is considered as a syntax for commenting for assembly files The parallel instruction syntax ('ll') is considered as a syntax for commenting for assembly files with the CCS editor. Hence th...  
SDSCM00044793 IDE ALL Any user interface features contributed by a RTSC product (BIOS, XDAIS, etc) cannot be rolled back to a lower version Whenever an existing RTSC-based component is downgraded, the user interface does not recognize the previous version and fails to... At this moment there is no workaround other than reinstall the tool and add the RTSC component separately (if the required versi...
SDSCM00045301 IDE ALL CCS refresh compiler options GUI for each new compiler patch release (only currently for major/minor releases) CCS currently only refreshes the compiler options GUI for each major or minor compiler release (X or Y changing in compiler vers...  
SDSCM00045487 IDE ALL Request to add support for creating virtual folders when using command line project create Request to add option for creating virtual folders when using command line to create projects  
SDSCM00045764 IDE ALL Renaming linked files causes invalid duplicate links in another workspace that is sharing the same file When the file is renamed in CCS (hence updating the .project file), the rename is not getting handled properly by other workspac... Remove the project from the workspaces that exhibit the issue and re-import it. This will correctly update the Project Explorer ...
SDSCM00045853 IDE ALL RTSC Product Discovery should allow you to not be reminded for specific products When you run CCS it brings up a dialog that shows all the RTSC products that it has discovered that are not currently configured...  
SDSCM00045895 IDE ALL Uninstaller hangs When trying to uninstall CCSv5 using the uninstaller (either Windows Add/Remove programs or running the exe directly), The unins...  
SDSCM00045932 IDE ALL Linux: CCS crash when install GUI app or export app from GUI Composer    
SDSCM00045990 IDE ALL Building project using keyboard shortcut does not honor settings of dependent projects If "Build Project" is bound to a keyboard shortcut like F7, there is a bug where invoking Build Project via keystroke results in...  
SDSCM00046042 IDE ALL CCS should automatically create the CGT built-in macros according to the project settings CCS environment does not properly recognize all the built-in macros of the compiler tools, thus causing confusion when browsing ... N/A.
SDSCM00046736 IDE ALL Eclipse won't start when there are unusual characters in the platform path Eclipse and hence CCS will not start if a folder contains #!$ characters in the path. As a workaround CCS installer is detecting... Don't use a User or Install path that includes characters like # or $.
SDSCM00046779 IDE ALL Product Autodiscover shut off    
SDSCM00047039 IDE ALL Project fails to link after creating "Source Folder"s Add a folder that is a "Source Folder" under another "Source Folder" leads to linking errors. Create regular folders instead of "Source" folders
SDSCM00041210 Simulation ALL C6678 Device Functional Simulator is missing a dll file The C6678 Device Functional Simulator has been found to be missing a dll in CCS 5.1 release M6.  The error message shown is: TMS... N/A
SDSCM00041211 Simulation ALL Second Launch of C6678 Device Cycle Approximate Simulator locks CCS In CCS v5.1 M6 it was found that launching a target configuration a second time locks up CCS.   After launching a debug session ... Close CCS before a second launch of the configuration
SDSCM00043153 Simulation ALL Debug Server Scripting creates EP trace files with duplicate .ept extensions Whenever EP trace on a simulator is enabled, it creates a file with extension .ept in the same directory as the executable.  How... N/A
SDSCM00043725 Simulation ALL 674 simulator does not flush out pipeline when debugger writes to the PC This issue potentially can occur on any C6000 based simulator and not just C674 simulator. Before doing reload, do a reset in order to workaround this issue.
SDSCM00043926 Simulation ALL TCI6616 simulator cache tag-RAM viewer displays zero L2 Cache lines when L2CFG.mode == 0x7   L2CFG.mode = 0x7 and L2CFG.mode == 0x6 both configure the cache to 1MB. A workaround is to configure the L!CFG.mode to 0x6. The ...
SDSCM00044351 Simulation ALL A functionality bug in Nyquist Cycle Approximate Simulator when SPLOOP buffer is enabled    
SDSCM00045262 Simulation ALL C674x Simulator crashes CCS    
SDSCM00044490 Trace ALL Need to load installed libbz2.dll and not the first one found on the windows path   Remove the other version of the library from the windows path
SDSCM00045277 Trace ALL ETB is not working on DM365 and DM368 The necessary files to make ETB work are not present. Instructions and the missing files are available here:
SDSCM00046966 DVT ARM Cortex A8 Trace Analyzer delta cycle count is one row off on ARM targets On all ARM targets the delta cycle shown in Trace Analyzer Log view is off by 1 row. The delta cycle for the current record is a... To know how many cycles is spent on the current instruction, look at the delta cycle shown for the previous instruction.
SDSCM00045827 DVT ARM Cortex M3 Using JTAGRunMode with stairstep example on LM4F232 results in "trouble reading memory block" error RTA does not work reliably when using JTAGRunMode on LM4F232 and results in "trouble reading memory block" errors.  
SDSCM00041464 IDE ARM Cortex M3 The project wizard adds a linker CMD file when a SYSBIOS example project template is used When creating a project for a device that has a linker CMD file (Stellaris, C2800, some C5500), the wizard automatically adds th... Simply remove the file TMS320F28335.cmd from the project
SDSCM00045031 IDE ARM Cortex M3 CCS loaders on Concerto should restore clock settings after loading a program    
SDSCM00046163 IDE ARM Cortex M3 Helloworld template does not work for Stellaris The hello world template in the project wizard is not compatible with Stellaris devices as they require additional initializatio... There is a hello world project as part of StellarisWare that uses the UART.  Note that you will need to use a program like TeraT...
SDSCM00046393 IDE ARM Cortex M3 Unable to connect to Stellaris Launchpad on Linux Not able to connect to the Stellaris Launchpad on Ubuntu 12.04.  
SDSCM00046884 IDE ARM Cortex M3 Breakpoint on a single source line causes the debugger to break twice before resuming execution Breakpoint on a single source line causes the debugger to break twice at the same line before resuming execution  
SDSCM00046465 Emulation ARM Cortex R4 Hardware watchpoint set on a 32-bit variable halts the CPU for 16-bit access width when it should not Hardware watchpoint set on a 32-bit variable halts the CPU also for 16-bit access width  
SDSCM00046183 Simulation ARP32 CCS 5.3 crashes when simulator is brought up after a session is terminated in win7    
SDSCM00046754 Simulation ARP32 C6800 Crash on Connect->Termintate->(again) Connect - Duplicate of SDSCM00046183    
SDSCM00044049 DVT C2800 Execution graph cuts off the symbol names Execution graph does not display full symbol names, it seems to be cut off after a certain number of characters.  
SDSCM00034673 IDE C2800 CCS v4 allows usage of 1 hardware breakpoint less than CCS 3.3 for BIOS programs CCS v4.0x allows user to set only 1 hardware breakpoint when debugging BIOS programs in Flash  
SDSCM00041464 IDE C2800 The project wizard adds a linker CMD file when a SYSBIOS example project template is used When creating a project for a device that has a linker CMD file (Stellaris, C2800, some C5500), the wizard automatically adds th... Simply remove the file TMS320F28335.cmd from the project
SDSCM00045031 IDE C2800 CCS loaders on Concerto should restore clock settings after loading a program    
SDSCM00046162 IDE C2800 Hide hello world template for C2000 devices that don't have enough memory The helloworld template needs to be hidden for devices that it will not work on due to limited memory availability.  
SDSCM00046908 Emulation C6416 CCS hangs for long moments when debugging BIOS programs with RTDX enabled CCS will hang for long moments when debugging a BIOS program with RTDX enabled. It is very noticeable when loading programs/symb... Disable RTDX
SDSCM00041366 DVT C64x Plus Emulator Code Coverage coloring does not work for files that do not have a CCS Project Line coloring works if coverage is done for an executable from a CCS Project.  Does not work E.g. if a .out file is directly loa...  
SDSCM00046183 Simulation C66XP CCS 5.3 crashes when simulator is brought up after a session is terminated in win7    
SDSCM00046754 Simulation C66XP C6800 Crash on Connect->Termintate->(again) Connect - Duplicate of SDSCM00046183    
SDSCM00045253 Simulation C6713 CCS crashes when enabling multiple L1P and L1D events for code coverage on a C6713 simulator CCS crashes when enabling multiple L1P and L1D events for code coverage on a C6713 simulator. The crash occurs after the profile...  
SDSCM00045780 IDE MSP430 Full Verification of Code Download to MSP430 BSL fails    
SDSCM00046166 IDE MSP430 Helloworld template doesn't work for common MSP devices On small MSP devices like Gxxxx devices that do not have much memory it is not possible to build a program using the hello world... Don't use printf on these devices.
SDSCM00046440 IDE MSP430 Bitfield Structure Debugger Display Issue - Incorrect Index Shown    


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