Release Notes for Code Composer Studio™ v5.1.1 (Service Release)

These release notes contain valuable information which may not be included in other product documentation. This information will assist you in the use of Code Composer Studio™.
The release notes are divided into four sections:

General Information

CCSv5.1.0 uses an unmodified Eclipse Indigo (version 3.7) and CDT 8.0.
They are packaged together under “Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers” package available from Additional plug-ins or 3rd party tools may be installed that are compatible with Indigo release.

For additional information and support, please go to: 


On Windows:

  1. Run ccs_setup_5.1.1.xxxxx.exe
  2. Choose where you want to install
  3. Select the components you wish to install

On Linux:

  1. Run ccs_setup_5.1.1.xxxxx.bin
  2. Choose where you want to install
  3. Select the components you wish to install
  • Note: To facilitate the installation of emulation drivers, it is necessary to run part of the installation process as root.  You may either run the whole install as root, or install the drivers after CCS installation has completed.  
    If you decide to not run the whole CCS installation as root, you can navigate to the <Install-Folder>/ccsv5/install_scripts folder, and run the “” script as root.
  • For more information on Linux installation, please see


  1. Go to
  2. Follow step-by-step instructions

Managing Your License:

  1. CCS requires a valid license to be used.  There are a number of free license options, you will be given the opportunity to create one of the free licenses when you first run CCS. 
  2. Note that you are not able to use a CCSv4 license with CCSv5; it requires a CCSv5 license.
  3. Web interface for managing your licenses: 
    Use it if you want to see expiry info, or move the license to a different machine.

New in CCSv5.1.1

·        General Enhancements

o  Bug fixes.

New in CCSv5.1.0

·        General Enhancements

Improved User Interface
Improved installation process, downloading only required components
Integration of Eclipse Indigo 3.7 and CDT 8.0
Program Reload/Rebuild usability enhancements
Multi-instance memory view (side by side view)
Improved perspectives
New Project Wizard (reduced from 5 pages to 1 page)
Added ability to launch graph from variable and expression window
Symbol browser support
History for memory browser
Pin and clone support
Improved Stability and Performance
Integration of XPCOM v1.9.2  (includes latest bug fixes, improved performance and compatibility with the internal Eclipse browser)
Reduced by over 80% memory footprint when loading large .out file
Debug launch and source lookup improvements
Improvements to TI Reporting Tool to collect workspace log information
XDS100v2 performance improvement for Cortex, C28x, and C55x
Multiple improvements made to device XML and connection XML files
Numerous stability & usability improvements 
Several bug fixes
TI Resource Explorer
Tool to browse and import code examples,  read device documentation and navigate device-specific online resources, directly from CCS.  
TI Resource Explorer is available directly from welcome page by clicking on Browse Examples. 
Available for MSP430 (MSP430Ware), Stellaris (StellarisWare), and C2000 (controlSUITE).
System Analyzer 1.0
A real-time tool that provides correlated analysis and visibility into single and multi-core systems.
Significant performance improvement to Execution Graph
For more information, see  
C6eZflo 2.0
A graphical development tool that creates working C6000 DSP applications from an intuitive block diagram view
For more information, see 
Other Added Features
Image Analyzer support for tiled image
Trace Decoder ETB Support
DSS scripting support for Trace Analyzer
Support for all C28x devices
ITM support for Sonata
Supported on WindowsXP / Windows7 / Linux
For more information, see
Cortex-R4F / Hercules
Support for all Cortex-R4F
Support for Hercules 
Supported on WindowsXP / Windows7 
Limitation: Linux support Q1'2012
New MSP430 debug stack (MSP430.DLLv3) included for faster and more stable operation 
Important note: CCSv5.1 will automatically update the MSP-FET430UIF debugger with new software.
Updated debuggers won’t work with older IDEs.
Therefore, CCSv5.1 includes a utility to downgrade the interface to be functional with older IDE versions again in 
Start -> All Programs -> Texas Instruments -> MSP-FET430UIF Debug Interface -> MSP-FET430UIF v3 to v2 Downgrade
Support for the CC430F614x, F514x and F512x series
Support for MSP430G2230 and G2210
Support for Grace
Significantly improved Code Generation Tools (CGT4.0) with: 
Improved FRAM support: noinit and persistent
64-bit data type support 
#pragma location for simple variable placement at specific addresses
Packed data types
Supported on WindowsXP / Windows7 
Cycle Counter and Trace/sequencer not functional
Breakpoints not supported in RUN FREE mode
Register breakpoints not functional for CPUX devices (MSP430F2xx and F4xx devices with >64kB Flash)
Update of older MSP-FET430UIF interface (rev 1.3) requires power cycle of interface during update. 
Linux support Q1'2012
See for detailed information.
Support for all C55x devices
C55x content to support C55x registers.
Supported on WindowsXP / Windows7 / Linux
C6000 / OMAP
Added support for C66x and TI81xx
OMAP5: JTAG debug support for all cores.
Open integration with third-party Prism (from Critical Blue) and Poly-Platform (from PolyCore Software).
For more information, see
Supported on WindowsXP / Windows7 / Linux


·        Compilers

o  Updated compilers to latest available revisions

o  Added Diagnostic Message Extended Documentation (DMED):
DMED links selected diagnostics messages (error, warning) to extended help for especially difficult-to0understand diagnostic messages.

·        SYS/BIOS

o  Updated version SYS/BIOS 6.32 and related components

·        Third Party Emulators

o  Updated software revisions from Spectrum Digital and Blackhawk


Component Versions

Components Version
Compiler -  ARM  4.9.1
Compiler -  C2800  6.0.2
Compiler -  C5400   4.2.0
Compiler -  C5500  4.4.0
Compiler -  C6000  7.3.1
Compiler -  MSP430  4.0.1
Data Visualization Tools
Debug Server
Emulation - Blackhawk
Emulation - C2000
Emulation - Debug / Trace 5.0.569.0  Windows
Emulation - Hercules
Emulation - Keystone1
Emulation - MSP430
Emulation - nowFlash
Emulation - Spectrum Digital
Emulation - Stellaris 8132
IDE  5.1.0.N201201061800
Simulation Windows


Bug Fixes

Id Component CCS
SDSCM00040336 Emulation 4.1.3 ALL Memory read error on executing GEL file on ARM9 when using an XDS100v2 emulator w/OMAP L138
SDSCM00042599 Emulation 5.1.0 ALL The "Test Connection" button is inactive with XDS100v2 for Linux.
SDSCM00042610 Emulation 5.1.0 ALL Test Connection button points to dbgjtag.exe in CCS for Linux
SDSCM00042654 Emulation 5.1.0 ALL Stellaris Cortex M4F devices not available when using XDS emulators
SDSCM00039515 IDE 5.0.1 ALL [CDT] switching active build configuration touches .cproject file, there are no changes being made to the file
SDSCM00040952 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Request to control the verbosity of the CDT builder
SDSCM00040990 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Need to be able to import a target configuration
SDSCM00041910 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Saving a .tcf file in gconf fails if it is modified externally by a CCS build
SDSCM00041913 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Unable to view structure contents in the Expressions view when defined with the packed attribute
SDSCM00041937 IDE 5.1.0 ALL In a project with custom build directories, builder fails to detect changes to a header file outside of the workspace
SDSCM00042006 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Problems view spawns an invalid warning: "Build variable InputDirRelPath cannot be resolved"
SDSCM00042082 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Changes made to debug properties in the launch config dialog are not applied to the active debug sessions
SDSCM00042134 IDE 5.1.0 ALL If a symbol file is too large ( > 0.4 GB), OFS may incorrectly load a dwarf/elf sym as an ARM code16/32 marker symbol.
SDSCM00042360 IDE 5.1.0 ALL loadti does not accept arguments to main that begin with a '-'
SDSCM00042373 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Url used by CCS Linux for 90 day eval license is incorrect
SDSCM00042396 IDE 5.1.0 ALL DVT Function Profiling scripting example exports incorrect profling data
SDSCM00042397 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Adding a GNU Toolchain to the compiler tool discovery path for CCS Projects does not "stick" across CCS invocations
SDSCM00042411 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Error parser should not reference Resource Explorer
SDSCM00042420 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Error parser should be UI independent; including should not reference Resource Explorer
SDSCM00042433 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Installing updates into existing install should continue even newer component versions are present
SDSCM00042442 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Project Import generates an assertion
SDSCM00042507 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Add a command line tool to discover/install embedded software products
SDSCM00042543 IDE 5.1.0 ALL far keyword not recognized by dynamic syntax checker
SDSCM00042609 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Installing IAR causes CCS's VC++2005 Redistributable to be uninstalled
SDSCM00042899 Scripting 5.1.0 ALL Path to find JAVA in dss.bat is incorrect
SDSCM00042283 Trace 5.1.0 ALL Trace description file missing for AM35xx
SDSCM00042647 Trace 5.1.0 ALL ctools.dll causes Debug Crashes
SDSCM00041766 Emulation 4.2.4 ARM Cortex M3 Request for Stellaris GEL files to map ROM memory range so it can be viewed in CCS disassembly view
SDSCM00042313 IDE 5.1.0 ARM Cortex M3 Replace "TMS470" references in project properties dialog with "ARM"
SDSCM00042361 DVT 5.1.0 C66xx System Analyzer Logs view may show empty records, cause IndexOutOfBounds or OutOfMemoryError


Known Issues

Id Component CCS
Headline Additional Details Workaround (if applicable)
SDSCM00038605 DVT 4.2.0 ALL STS and CPU Load views should indicate that they are not supported in stop mode RTA Some functionality is not supported when running stop-mode RTA.  Such as the statistics and CPU load views.  Ideally we should d...  
SDSCM00038738 DVT 4.2.0 ALL Image Analyzer Help should not be buried under tasks Currently it is very hard to find the image analyzer help in CCS as it is not in a feature section and instead buried in the tas...  
SDSCM00039329 DVT 4.2.1 ALL Profiling help topic is missing screen captures When you open the help for profiling it has some red X's where the help references a screen capture but the screen capture is mi...  
SDSCM00040055 DVT 4.2.3 ALL After creating two single time graphs, restarting CCS causes one of them to become line graph After creating two single time graphs, restarting CCS causes one of them to become a line graph.  
SDSCM00042046 DVT 5.1.0 ALL Add Tools main menu in CCS Edit perspective Tools menu is only available in CCS Debug perspective  
SDSCM00042557 DVT 5.1.0 ALL Image analyzer should implement higher than 8-bit per channel on RGB modes The Image Analyzer should be able to properly recognize images with higher dynamic range.  Currently it supports 8-bit per chann... N/A.
SDSCM00038607 Emulation 4.2.0 ALL XDS100: When PID/VID is not programmed the emulation error message should state what the likely problem is Not every vendor has been good about making sure the EEPROM on the FTDI chips are properly programming.  As part of a CCS servic...  
SDSCM00039615 Emulation 4.2.1 ALL CCS reports incorrect cycles for POPM.A PUSHM.A instructions When viewing the clock in CCS it reports an incorrect number of cycles for POPM.A and PUSHM.A instructions.  It reports them as ...  
SDSCM00040412 Emulation 4.2.3 ALL Installation from CP Tracer Update Manager site caused CCS to not launch configuration    
SDSCM00041300 Emulation 5.1.0 ALL XDS100 conflicts with USB to Serial cables It is possible for there to be a conflict between XDS100 and Serial to USB cables.  
SDSCM00042844 Emulation 5.1.0 ALL REP register not available in Register View for C6678 When connected to a C6678 or any C66 device the REP register is not visible.  
SDSCM00038571 IDE 5.0.1 ALL Need excluded files filter for the Project Explorer In the Project Explorer, which will be the default project view in CCSv5 instead of the C/C++ Projects View, there is a list of ...  
SDSCM00038683 IDE 5.0.1 ALL [CDT] Project always rebuilds when the active configuration is switched When you switch the active configuration (ex. from Debug to Release) and then do a build, it will always rebuild, even if there ...  
SDSCM00040028 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Import wizard should prompt user to change compiler version if needed If I am importing a project that uses a different version of the compiler than what I have installed the wizard should inform me...  
SDSCM00040045 IDE 5.1.0 ALL NullPointerException when renaming project Sometimes when renaming an imported project you will get a dialog complaining of a null pointer exception.  
SDSCM00040262 IDE 5.1.0 ALL MMU Page table view should be listed on the view menu The MMU Page Table View should be listed on the view menu.  
SDSCM00040708 IDE 5.1.0 ALL For header files outside the project folder double clicking on compile errors in the Problems view does not jump to error When a compilation error occurs in a header file that is outside the project (e.g. system header file or even user header file l...  
SDSCM00040717 IDE 5.1.0 ALL DVT graph button should be disabled if the features are not available In the Debug perspective there is a button to open DVT analysis views.  If you click on this button before launching a debug ses...  
SDSCM00040737 IDE 4.2.3 ALL Installer fails if user folder is linked to another location If your user folder or temp folder is symbolically linked to a different location (called a Junction) you will get an error when... Change your temporary folder to be a different folder that is not linked.
SDSCM00041269 IDE 5.1.0 ALL [CDT] Unnecessary builds in CCS5 when using command line builds for different configurations    
SDSCM00041406 IDE 5.1.0 ALL US: Project properties is disabled even when there is a project highlighted When you look at the project explorer there is a project highlighted, but when you to to the project menu, properties (and many ... You need to click again in the project explorer on the project and then the menu items are enabled.
SDSCM00041417 IDE 5.1.0 ALL US: StellarisWare examples are not expanded properly in the Resource Explorer StellarisWare should be fully expanded to show the examples in Resource Explorer  
SDSCM00041425 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Importing project should shrink the Editor area If I import a project from the project menu it does not make the Project Explorer visible.  The resource explorer and grace welc... Double click on a tab in the editor area to make it smaller
SDSCM00041461 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Update manager generates errors and does not work Update manager generates errors and does not work as expected.  
SDSCM00041649 IDE 5.1.0 ALL After installing CCS, starting the setup program again causes "Program Compatibility Assistant" dialog    
SDSCM00042212 IDE 5.1.0 ALL ASM [Wxxxx] warning options treated as errors in problems view Warning [W9999] is displayed as an error in the problems tab.   
SDSCM00042270 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Linker - Cmd mapping should be introduced when a user changes defaults for RTSC projects.    
SDSCM00042280 IDE 5.1.0 ALL file specific post build step causes error When specifying a file specific post build step, an error occurs when building:  Errors occurred during the build. Errors runnin...  
SDSCM00042297 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Emulation Updates Trigger Errors Emulator Updates currently trigger problems in CCS. Do not install the updates until a fix is implemented.
SDSCM00042329 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Support ISA aware dynamic support for view menu The MMU Page Table View should be listed on the view menu.  
SDSCM00042367 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Popup Help Doesn't Line-Wrap    
SDSCM00042473 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Problems view fails to show a syntax error. Waiting for 42579 to be fixed before IDE can fix the problem. Problems view fails to properly display a missing bracket syntax error in a C source file.   This issue may be due to the fact t... N/A.
SDSCM00042582 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Adding a virtual folder throws a warning when it should not Adding a virtual folder to a project throws a warning when it should not.     "This project contains unresolved buildable linked...  
SDSCM00042621 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Problems view should not throw errors for target configuration files (.ccxml) linked to projects If a target configuration file (.ccxml) is linked to a project through a Path Variable, the Problems View (and the Project Manag... Add the file using hardcoded path instead.
SDSCM00042670 IDE 5.1.0 ALL TI816x and TI814x files missing when just installing DaVinci support Today in CCSv5.1.0 if you install support for DaVinci only you do not get the device files for TI816x and TI814x which are the r... Download and unzip the DaVinci device support package from the CCS download page.
SDSCM00042750 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Linux installer gets stuck if identical target content components are already installed On Linux if you already have a version of a target contect package such as IPC that is exactly the same as what CCS is trying to... Uninstall the existing copy of IPC first or tell CCS not to install IPC.
SDSCM00042808 IDE 5.1.0 ALL __FILE__ and __LINE__ are not recognized by the dynamic syntax checker These are replaced by the preprocessor with the name of the file and the line number and thus are valid.  However the dynamic sy... Ignore the question mark
SDSCM00042818 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Project dependency is not set properly when done via Properties->Project References Project dependency is not set properly when done via Properties->Project References Add the project reference from Properties->CCS Build->Dependencies
SDSCM00042836 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Projects created with old versions of CCSv4 (pre and 4.0.x releases) fail to properly import into CCSv5.1 Although the projects are imported correctly and build fine, the Project Properties do not display the "CCS General" and "CCS Bu... Import the project into a newer CCSv4.2.x version and then import it to CCSv5.1
SDSCM00042885 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Need to automatically discover packages in C:\TI The default installation directory for many target content packages is C:\TI.  We should automatically discover RTSC products in... Point CCS to the in installation directory.
SDSCM00042886 IDE 5.1.0 ALL SYS/BIOS templates before DSP/BIOS templates Currently the DSP/BIOS 5 templates show up before the SYS/BIOS templates in the project wizard.  In fact the SYS/BIOS templates ...  
SDSCM00042888 IDE 5.1.0 ALL When a .cfg file is active in the editor build actions are disabled When you have a .cfg file as the active file in editor the build button is disabled.  The .cfg file is part of the project so th... Open another file in the project.
SDSCM00042924 IDE 5.1.0 ALL __cregister not recognized by the editor syntax checker The editor does not recognize __cregister as a valid keyword and reports a syntax error.  It does recognize cregister fine. Ignore the error.  It does not impact compilation.
SDSCM00042927 IDE 5.1.0 ALL License Monitor heartbeat CCS needs to be run as administor or else lack of access to certain folders can cause a java error from the license manager. Run as administrator.
SDSCM00042959 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Renaming .asm source files results in "missing separator" gmake error For a CCSv4 project imported in CCSv5, renaming source files may result in "missing separator" gmake error  
SDSCM00042960 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Changes to source files (location, name etc) causes the project to no longer find the files properly After importing CCSv4 project into CCSv5, making changes to source file locations may cause the project to no longer find the fi...  
SDSCM00042970 IDE 5.1.0 ALL CCS editor shows unexplainable syntax error for macro CCS editor sometimes shows unexplainable syntax errors for some macros.  
SDSCM00041210 Simulation 5.1.0 ALL C6678 Device Functional Simulator is missing a dll file The C6678 Device Functional Simulator has been found to be missing a dll in CCS 5.1 release M6.  The error message shown is: TMS... N/A
SDSCM00041211 Simulation 5.1.0 ALL Second Launch of C6678 Device Cycle Approximate Simulator locks CCS In CCS v5.1 M6 it was found that launching a target configuration a second time locks up CCS.   After launching a debug session ... Close CCS before a second launch of the configuration
SDSCM00041861 Simulation 5.1.0 ALL Incorrect processor ID in driver xml file causes device to show up twice in project wizard If you have a device file with at C674x core and it has options for the project wizard it shows up twice in the project wizard. Pick either device and it works fine
SDSCM00042742 Trace 5.1.1 ALL CCS locks up when using Pro Trace and XDS560V2 simultaneously    
SDSCM00041464 IDE 5.1.0 ARM Cortex M3 The project wizard adds a linker CMD file when a SYSBIOS example project template is used When creating a project for a device that has a linker CMD file (Stellaris, C2800, some C5500), the wizard automatically adds th... Simply remove the file TMS320F28335.cmd from the project
SDSCM00042646 IDE 5.1.0 ARM Cortex M3 Request for CPU reset to not be performed when connecting to Stellaris devices Request for CPU reset to not be performed when connecting to Stellaris devices  
SDSCM00042728 IDE 5.1.0 ARM Cortex M3 Emulator page in installer should list "Stellaris ICDI emulator" when Stellaris is being installed When you select Stellaris in the device family listing it will install support for the Stellaris ICDI emulator.  However this is...  
SDSCM00040875 Emulation 4.2.3 ARM Cortex R4 Memory mapping for LIN peripheral register in GEL file needs updating Memory mapping for LIN peripheral register in TMS570 GEL file needs to be updated to a length of 0x200 instead of 0x100.  
SDSCM00042185 Simulation 4.2.4 ARM Cortex R4 Disassembly view of Cortex R4 Functional Simulator BE32 shows incorrect instructions due to incorrect endianness Disassembly view of Cortex R4 Functional Simulator BE32 shows incorrect instructions due to incorrect endianness  
SDSCM00034673 IDE 5.1.0 C2800 CCS v4 allows usage of 1 hardware breakpoint less than CCS 3.3 for BIOS programs CCS v4.0x allows user to set only 1 hardware breakpoint when debugging BIOS programs in Flash  
SDSCM00041464 IDE 5.1.0 C2800 The project wizard adds a linker CMD file when a SYSBIOS example project template is used When creating a project for a device that has a linker CMD file (Stellaris, C2800, some C5500), the wizard automatically adds th... Simply remove the file TMS320F28335.cmd from the project
SDSCM00042703 IDE 5.1.0 C2800 C2000 Device Support Feature needs to be renamed When you check for updates in CCS you may see an update called "C2000 Emulators".  This feature name is not clear.  The updated ...  
SDSCM00041366 DVT 5.1.0 C64x Plus Emulator Code Coverage coloring does not work for files that do not have a CCS Project Line coloring works if coverage is done for an executable from a CCS Project.  Does not work E.g. if a .out file is directly loa...  
SDSCM00038932 IDE 5.0.1 C64xx Importing CCS 3.3 project results in Java errors In certain cases, importing a CCS 3.3 project into CCS5 may result in Java errors.  
SDSCM00042212 IDE 5.1.0 C66xx ASM [Wxxxx] warning options treated as errors in problems view Warning [W9999] is displayed as an error in the problems tab.   
SDSCM00042245 IDE 4.2.4 HD-Davinci Verification errors on program load for DM6446 CSL example for DM6446 EVM loads fine using CCSv3.3 but fails with a data verification error on v4. The same program and startup... Turing off data verification in v4 allowed the program to load.
SDSCM00042038 Emulation 5.1.0 MSP430 MSP 430 Write Register Breakpoint does not work Register Write Breakpoints are not functional for MSP430F2xx and MSP430F4xx derivatives with >64kB Flash memory. None, the problem will be addressed in next CCSv5.1 service release.
SDSCM00042469 IDE 5.1.0 MSP430 Trouble when activating CCS 5.1 license    
SDSCM00042523 IDE 5.1.0 MSP430 Expressions/variables view does not correctly display long long variables Expressions/variables view does not correctly display long long variables on MSP430 devices.  
SDSCM00042928 IDE 5.1.0 MSP430 Unsupported Linker Options remain after switching devices Not all options are checked and removed if changing devices to a device which does not support the option.  Only MSP430 tested. ... Currently manually verifying and checking such linker and compiler options.
SDSCM00039679 IDE 4.2.1 OMAP4430 erroneous data reported in CCS trace for statistical collector    
SDSCM00042370 IDE 5.1.0 OMAP4430 CCSv5.1M8.5 : spurious “program file not found” pop up window when ETB used as trace event receiver    
SDSCM00042968 IDE 5.1.1 TMS470 RESET problem is DS_LOG    
SDSCM00042973 IDE 5.1.0 TMS470 ELF loader doesn't zero-initialize difference between "file size" and "mem size"    


For up-to-date status information, go to:

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