Release Notes for Code Composer Studio™ v5.1.0

These release notes contain valuable information which may not be included in other product documentation. This information will assist you in the use of Code Composer Studio™.
The release notes are divided into four sections:

General Information

CCSv5.1.0 uses an unmodified Eclipse Indigo (version 3.7) and CDT 8.0.
They are packaged together under “Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers” package available from Additional plug-ins or 3rd party tools may be installed that are compatible with Indigo release.

For additional information and support, please go to: 


On Windows:

  1. Run ccs_setup_5.1.0.xxxxx.exe
  2. Choose where you want to install
  3. Select the components you wish to install

On Linux:

  1. Run ccs_setup_5.1.0.xxxxx.bin
  2. Choose where you want to install
  3. Select the components you wish to install
  • Note: To facilitate the installation of emulation drivers, it is necessary to run part of the installation process as root.  You may either run the whole install as root, or install the drivers after CCS installation has completed.  
    If you decide to not run the whole CCS installation as root, you can navigate to the <Install-Folder>/ccsv5/install_scripts folder, and run the “” script as root.
  • For more information on Linux installation, please see


  1. Go to
  2. Follow step-by-step instructions

Managing Your License:

  1. CCS requires a valid license to be used.  There are a number of free license options, you will be given the opportunity to create one of the free licenses when you first run CCS. 
  2. Note that you are not able to use a CCSv4 license with CCSv5; it requires a CCSv5 license.
  3. Web interface for managing your licenses: 
    Use it if you want to see expiry info, or move the license to a different machine.

New in CCSv5.1.0

·        General Enhancements

Improved User Interface
Improved installation process, downloading only required components
Integration of Eclipse Indigo 3.7 and CDT 8.0
Program Reload/Rebuild usability enhancements
Multi-instance memory view (side by side view)
Improved perspectives
New Project Wizard (reduced from 5 pages to 1 page)
Added ability to launch graph from variable and expression window
Symbol browser support
History for memory browser
Pin and clone support
Improved Stability and Performance
Integration of XPCOM v1.9.2  (includes latest bug fixes, improved performance and compatibility with the internal Eclipse browser)
Reduced by over 80% memory footprint when loading large .out file
Debug launch and source lookup improvements
Improvements to TI Reporting Tool to collect workspace log information
XDS100v2 performance improvement for Cortex, C28x, and C55x
Multiple improvements made to device XML and connection XML files
Numerous stability & usability improvements 
Several bug fixes
TI Resource Explorer
Tool to browse and import code examples,  read device documentation and navigate device-specific online resources, directly from CCS.  
TI Resource Explorer is available directly from welcome page by clicking on Browse Examples. 
Available for MSP430 (MSP430Ware), Stellaris (StellarisWare), and C2000 (controlSUITE).
System Analyzer 1.0
A real-time tool that provides correlated analysis and visibility into single and multi-core systems.
Significant performance improvement to Execution Graph
For more information, see  
C6eZflo 2.0
A graphical development tool that creates working C6000 DSP applications from an intuitive block diagram view
For more information, see 
Other Added Features
Image Analyzer support for tiled image
Trace Decoder ETB Support
DSS scripting support for Trace Analyzer
Support for all C28x devices
ITM support for Sonata
Supported on WindowsXP / Windows7 / Linux
For more information, see
Cortex-R4F / Hercules
Support for all Cortex-R4F
Support for Hercules 
Supported on WindowsXP / Windows7 
Limitation: Linux support Q1'2012
New MSP430 debug stack (MSP430.DLLv3) included for faster and more stable operation 
Important note: CCSv5.1 will automatically update the MSP-FET430UIF debugger with new software.
Updated debuggers won’t work with older IDEs.
Therefore, CCSv5.1 includes a utility to downgrade the interface to be functional with older IDE versions again in 
Start -> All Programs -> Texas Instruments -> MSP-FET430UIF Debug Interface -> MSP-FET430UIF v3 to v2 Downgrade
Support for the CC430F614x, F514x and F512x series
Support for MSP430G2230 and G2210
Support for Grace
Significantly improved Code Generation Tools (CGT4.0) with: 
Improved FRAM support: noinit and persistent
64-bit data type support 
#pragma location for simple variable placement at specific addresses
Packed data types
Supported on WindowsXP / Windows7 
Cycle Counter and Trace/sequencer not functional
Breakpoints not supported in RUN FREE mode
Register breakpoints not functional for CPUX devices (MSP430F2xx and F4xx devices with >64kB Flash)
Update of older MSP-FET430UIF interface (rev 1.3) requires power cycle of interface during update. 
Linux support Q1'2012
See for detailed information.
Support for all C55x devices
C55x content to support C55x registers.
Supported on WindowsXP / Windows7 / Linux
C6000 / OMAP
Added support for C66x and TI81xx
OMAP5: JTAG debug support for all cores.
Open integration with third-party Prism (from Critical Blue) and Poly-Platform (from PolyCore Software).
For more information, see
Supported on WindowsXP / Windows7 / Linux


·        Compilers

o  Updated compilers to latest available revisions

o  Added Diagnostic Message Extended Documentation (DMED):
DMED links selected diagnostics messages (error, warning) to extended help for especially difficult-to0understand diagnostic messages.

·        SYS/BIOS

o  Updated version SYS/BIOS 6.32 and related components

·        Third Party Emulators

o  Updated software revisions from Spectrum Digital and Blackhawk


Component Versions

Components Version
C6eZflo (Windows) (Linux)
Compiler -  ARM  4.9.1
Compiler -  C2800  6.0.2
Compiler -  C5400   4.2.0
Compiler -  C5500  4.4.0
Compiler -  C6000  7.3.1
Compiler -  MSP430  4.0.1
Data Visualization Tools (Windows) (Linux)
Debug Server
Emulation - Blackhawk
Emulation - C2000
Emulation - Debug / Trace 5.0.520.1
Emulation - Hercules
Emulation - Keystone1
Emulation - MSP430
Emulation - nowFlash
Emulation - Spectrum Digital
Emulation - Stellaris 8132
IDE  5.1.0.N201110281600


Bug Fixes

Id Component CCS
SDSCM00037910 DVT 4.1.3 ALL In "Toggle measurement marker mode", points disappear when moving marker all the way to the left
SDSCM00038127 DVT 4.2.0 ALL ROV path issue with standard make projects
SDSCM00038982 DVT 5.0.1 ALL Preference page not working
SDSCM00039159 DVT 4.2.0 ALL CPU Load default range is too large
SDSCM00040278 DVT 4.2.3 ALL Refresh on Halt does not work if Image Analyzer window is left open between debug sessions
SDSCM00040464 DVT 5.0.3 ALL Trace Analyzer function profile shows wrong number of function calls
SDSCM00040466 DVT 5.0.3 ALL No error alerting user that trace decoder needs symbols (CPU trace)
SDSCM00040467 DVT 5.0.3 ALL STM Graph keeps legend buttons from previous data sets
SDSCM00040468 DVT 5.0.3 ALL Micro-seconds comma in wrong place
SDSCM00040473 DVT 5.0.3 ALL No progress info for function profiling
SDSCM00040474 DVT 5.0.3 ALL Difficult to grab bottom of graph highlight buttons to change number of buttons visible
SDSCM00040475 DVT 5.0.3 ALL No progress info for trace display
SDSCM00041049 DVT 5.1.0 ALL Launching a graph on an expression doesn’t handle it right.
SDSCM00037244 Emulation 4.1.3 ALL Global Breakpoints do not work
SDSCM00037923 Emulation 4.1.3 ALL Emulation installer hangs on Windows XP SP3 32-bit machine while installing xds560 driver
SDSCM00039172 Emulation 4.2.1 ALL CCS generates data verification error when programming to information memory on G2xx2 devices
SDSCM00039198 Emulation 4.2.1 ALL Clock is not available for TMS570 devices
SDSCM00039742 Emulation 4.2.2 ALL Error message provided when IP address is invalid should state that the IP address is invalid
SDSCM00039843 Emulation 4.2.2 ALL Errors when connecting to ARM926 devices with XDS100v2
SDSCM00039975 Emulation 4.2.3 ALL C5000 CCS register plug-in - CCSv4/v5 - not showing IO mapped registers correctly
SDSCM00040405 Emulation 4.2.3 ALL Installation from CP Tracer Update Manager site did not update DVT
SDSCM00041473 Emulation 5.1.0 ALL Gel makes variables view incorrectly displays double types
SDSCM00041823 Emulation 5.1.0 ALL Problems with CIO on A8 cores when cache is enabled
SDSCM00001333 IDE 3.1.0 ALL File Open window defaults to the "out" directory once Load Symbols is used to choose a file in the "out" directory
SDSCM00033391 IDE 4.0.0 ALL 90 day eval extension is not presented at end of 30 day eval
SDSCM00033414 IDE 4.0.0 ALL Can't use CCs Core Edition without Internet access
SDSCM00034393 IDE 4.0.2 ALL Indexer does not properly index all includes
SDSCM00034832 IDE 4.1.0 ALL Uninstallation of CCSv4.x does not complete properly
SDSCM00034930 IDE 4.0.2 ALL Active build-configuration is unnecessarily built in dependent project
SDSCM00035255 IDE 4.1.0 ALL Need scripting console function to set active build configuration
SDSCM00035358 IDE 4.1.1 ALL Ability to specify startup javascript file on CCS launch
SDSCM00035750 IDE 4.1.1 ALL Import project wizard should warn about project name conflict and allow changing the name of it
SDSCM00036076 IDE 4.1.1 ALL If a macro is undefined we should get an error not just have it replaced by a blank string
SDSCM00036298 IDE 4.2.0 ALL GLib-WARNING g_set_prgname() called multiple times
SDSCM00036324 IDE 4.1.3 ALL #define tooltips do not display in C files
SDSCM00036637 IDE 4.2.0 ALL Would like a tooltip that is able to show structure members when hovering in editor
SDSCM00037017 IDE 4.1.2 ALL Change CCSv4 default install directory to something outside 'C:\Program Files'
SDSCM00037055 IDE 4.1.2 ALL Opening a pdf should default to using the system editor
SDSCM00037128 IDE 4.1.3 ALL Reqest for Import and Export for Watch view
SDSCM00037165 IDE 4.1.2 ALL Adding a large array to the expressions view makes CCS hang
SDSCM00037519 IDE 4.1.3 ALL *.out files do not appear under the 'Binaries' node if the *.out file is generated outside the project folder
SDSCM00037615 IDE 5.0.0 ALL In plugin installation mode gmake is installed in CCS base components directory rather than eclipse
SDSCM00037616 IDE 5.0.0 ALL Master installer installs Eclipse base in plugin installation mode
SDSCM00037618 IDE 4.1.3 ALL A dll is generated every time CCS starts in the windows temp directory
SDSCM00037624 IDE 5.0.0 ALL Non standard debugger options do not have "Remember my settings" button
SDSCM00037625 IDE 5.0.0 ALL Enumerated values do not display enumerations, just numeric representation
SDSCM00038047 IDE 4.2.0 ALL Scripting console does not automatically execute js scripts if CCS installed in 64-bit default dir (i.e. Progr... (x86))
SDSCM00038120 IDE 5.0.0 ALL History missing from address field in the memory view
SDSCM00038140 IDE 4.2.0 ALL Copying projects using "Copy/Paste" does not preserve setting for files excluded from build
SDSCM00038173 IDE 5.0.0 ALL Include paths from RTSC content shows up twice in the "Includes" folder
SDSCM00038174 IDE 5.0.0 ALL Projects with RTSC nature are annotated with a yellow warning marker  in the C/C++ Projects view
SDSCM00038191 IDE 4.2.0 ALL Advanced reset options are not available from DSS
SDSCM00038202 IDE 4.2.0 ALL help for eval command should show that it requires the expression to be in quotes
SDSCM00038292 IDE 4.1.3 ALL Project import wizard should detect that a project has dependent projects and import these as well
SDSCM00038382 IDE 5.0.0 ALL Long compile-commands fail for source-file paths containing spaces
SDSCM00038419 IDE 4.2.2 ALL Project build should report an error if a project with RTSC nature does not have any configuration file
SDSCM00038421 IDE 4.2.0 ALL Link resource from another project using macro.ini does not resolve correct
SDSCM00038528 IDE 5.0.0 ALL BH installer not run on Linux
SDSCM00038658 IDE 5.1.0 ALL plug-in installation option needs to verify minimum Eclipse version is present
SDSCM00038670 IDE 4.2.0 ALL Recognize *.inc as a C header file by default
SDSCM00038700 IDE 4.2.0 ALL Search does not search header files outside of the project
SDSCM00038775 IDE 4.2.2 ALL Integrate TestServer as a DSS example
SDSCM00039005 IDE 5.0.1 ALL editor syntax checker incorrectly highlights code containing specific keywords as syntax errors
SDSCM00039161 IDE 4.2.0 ALL Problems view fails to show errors in the scope of projects that contain linked source files located in the workspace
SDSCM00039267 IDE 5.0.1 ALL Error text not displayed in console for GEL failures
SDSCM00039275 IDE 5.0.2 ALL Installer doesn't set eclipsedir correctly when the checkbox is unchecked.
SDSCM00039288 IDE 5.0.1 ALL Download of Target Content installs in different path than full install
SDSCM00039326 IDE 5.0.2 ALL Log file should only be written duing update and install
SDSCM00039330 IDE 5.0.2 ALL Installer should detect if target destination is not empty
SDSCM00039363 IDE 5.0.1 ALL [CDT] Batch Project Clean and then project build does not wait for all projects to be cleaned.
SDSCM00039364 IDE 5.0.1 ALL Support the use of response files with CCS install
SDSCM00039365 IDE 5.0.1 ALL CCS installation constantly steals focus
SDSCM00039421 IDE 5.0.3 ALL Importing a project always touches the .cproject file
SDSCM00039509 IDE 5.0.2 ALL Breakpoint selection should match the type of debugger launched
SDSCM00039514 IDE 4.2.1 ALL [CDT] Both Debug and Release configurations of dependent projects are built even though only one config is set to be built
SDSCM00039529 IDE 5.0.1 ALL Project ->Show Build Settings : CCS Build  does not change device variant
SDSCM00039558 IDE 5.0.2 ALL CCS exists when installing on a non-supported windows os in silent mode
SDSCM00039577 IDE 5.1.0 ALL buildProject scripting console command fails
SDSCM00039606 IDE 4.2.2 ALL Message "Invalid file format" should explain what the problem really is
SDSCM00039611 IDE 4.2.0 ALL Error: Target is disconnected from trace control when cpu disconnected after a receiver has been associated
SDSCM00039631 IDE 5.0.2 ALL Changing compiler resets the build command
SDSCM00039652 IDE 5.0.3 ALL Makefile generation performance regression
SDSCM00039658 IDE 4.2.1 ALL Would like some status notification to let user know when GEL is running
SDSCM00039660 IDE 4.2.1 ALL Need ability to stream build messages to a file
SDSCM00039661 IDE 4.2.1 ALL Need ability to know which target config file was used to start this current debug session
SDSCM00039682 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Imported projects options should not be modified.
SDSCM00039685 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Improve wording ot OFS error message
SDSCM00039749 IDE 5.0.3 ALL Unable to add custom dropins folder unless specified folders are writeable
SDSCM00039771 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Importing a CCS v3.3 project file builds ok, but fails when a selected file is built
SDSCM00039793 IDE 4.2.2 ALL Clicking "Restore Default" in the project settings of a BIOS project resets it to a non-BIOS project
SDSCM00039801 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Says that there are errors in project when there are not
SDSCM00039802 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Can't properly configure a simulator target in the project wizard
SDSCM00039814 IDE 4.2.2 ALL Update site does not get added for MSP430 compiler
SDSCM00039823 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Unable to set breakpoints in files that are in a linked folder
SDSCM00039824 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Build fails if linked file added to project that has the same name as a previously deleted file
SDSCM00039830 IDE 4.2.3 ALL Library project is not rebuilt after making changes to header files
SDSCM00039913 IDE 4.2.2 ALL If a clearcase vob is unmounted, then project is not refreshed (after VOB is re-mounted)
SDSCM00039953 IDE 4.2.3 ALL CCS does entire project rebuild when file specific build options are changed to "default" settings for that project
SDSCM00039956 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Would like an ability to exclude project dependencies in specific build configurations
SDSCM00040000 IDE 5.1.0 ALL *.s files is not recognized as a source file to build
SDSCM00040001 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Project wizard hangs when using device filter
SDSCM00040091 IDE 5.1.0 ALL gconf does not open from CCS project view
SDSCM00040139 IDE 5.1.0 ALL CCSV5: Build Selected file(s): Results in error
SDSCM00040160 IDE 5.1.0 ALL CCSv5 IDE component versions should match the product version
SDSCM00040193 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Install dialog does not refresh during installation
SDSCM00040211 IDE 4.2.3 ALL Changing the text encoding to UTF-16 at a project level causes a build error with the makefile
SDSCM00040261 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Target Voltage view should only be installed if the user has installed support for MSP430
SDSCM00040263 IDE 5.1.0 ALL MMU Page table view should only be installed if the user installs a device family it is applicable to
SDSCM00040500 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Linux OS Aware driver is not populated on Linux platforms
SDSCM00040525 IDE 5.1.0 ALL When importing selective multiple projects, checking the box "Copy Projects to workspace" ends up selecting all projects
SDSCM00040549 IDE 4.2.3 ALL When doing memory save, just typing a file name rather than browsing does not generate file properly
SDSCM00040562 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Changing the device variant resets the version of code generation tools
SDSCM00040609 IDE 4.2.3 ALL Installer should not say that Windows 7 Enterprise is unsupported
SDSCM00040616 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Capabilities is missing from the Preferences menu due to plug-in not being installed
SDSCM00040694 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Cannot launch debugger  more than once on Windows 7 for builds
SDSCM00040697 IDE 5.1.0 ALL 64-bit ubuntu users likely to end up with unusable 5.1.0 M6 installation
SDSCM00040716 IDE 5.1.0 ALL DVT graph button should not be present in Edit perspective
SDSCM00040764 IDE 5.1.0 ALL On Linux First launch after install results in exception thrown in console
SDSCM00040820 IDE 4.2.4 ALL Outline View: functions with a 'this' argument are not shown
SDSCM00040822 IDE 4.2.3 ALL CCS build interface does not correctly handle program mode compilation option in BIOS projects
SDSCM00040823 IDE 4.2.3 ALL Enabling program mode compilation in a BIOS project with source files in sub-folders generates several errors
SDSCM00040879 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Cannot add a new DSP/BIOS config file in a non-BIOS project
SDSCM00040921 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Desktop shortcut for Blackhawk Bh560v2 utility relies on an inexisting JRE installed
SDSCM00041076 IDE 5.1.0 ALL  crashes in Property::notifyParent() during Linux DSS test runs on HW
SDSCM00041129 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Changing CGT version for an imported project from a version not installed to a valid one pops up error dialog
SDSCM00041252 IDE 4.2.4 ALL nowflash and Hercules update sites don't exist so you get errors when checking for updates
SDSCM00041291 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Eclipse Update changes CCS v5.1 M6  behaviour
SDSCM00041311 IDE 5.1.0 ALL CCS crashes expanding nodes in the Modules view
SDSCM00041324 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Need field in build properties to specify output file name (-o) for library projects
SDSCM00041346 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Enabling shared memory crashes CCS on program load
SDSCM00041413 IDE 5.1.0 ALL US: Should be possible to create a new target configuration file from the context menu of a project
SDSCM00041414 IDE 5.1.0 ALL US: Project Import Wizard should have an Examples option/link that goes to the resource explorer
SDSCM00041416 IDE 5.1.0 ALL US: Resource Explorer should be available from the View menu
SDSCM00041418 IDE 5.1.0 ALL US: Need menu item to get to compiler options
SDSCM00041419 IDE 5.1.0 ALL US: Need an "Examples" menu item on the project menu
SDSCM00041479 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Connect action is disabled if termiante very fast
SDSCM00041502 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Problems Window not refreshing properly
SDSCM00041548 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Keep or rename macros.ini file after importing into CCS5
SDSCM00041563 IDE 5.1.0 ALL GEL evaluates numeric expression differently depending the regional and language setting of the PC.
SDSCM00041567 IDE 5.1.0 ALL CCS hangs if you close the project that is currently being debugged.
SDSCM00041568 IDE 5.1.0 ALL CCS installer does not have check box for user to select if they want to add TI content into existing Eclipse installation
SDSCM00041572 IDE 5.1.0 ALL DSS 'GettingStarted.htm" file still has references to "Code Composer Studio v4 Beta 3"
SDSCM00041578 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Executables in xdctools folder which are required to build any BIOS program are installed without execute permissions
SDSCM00041611 IDE 5.1.0 ALL remove -g from Release build configurations
SDSCM00041713 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Scrolling in the Flash settings window is slow
SDSCM00041804 IDE 5.1.0 ALL System Reset shortcut is not in ccsv5.1
SDSCM00041826 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Can't set breakpoints by double-clicking in the source line in the editor for linked files
SDSCM00041830 IDE 5.1.0 ALL source file path returned by OFS is incorrect if the source folder and the compilation folder are different.
SDSCM00041838 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Changing to "All Configurations' on Compiler /  Includes page triggers an exception
SDSCM00041879 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Need to restart CCS for it to accept license
SDSCM00041906 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Importing a readonly project asks to make project writable, but project fails to import correctly and needs to be re-imported
SDSCM00041947 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Linux version of CCS does not launch with user privileges
SDSCM00042041 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Module view does not show the correct text and data base addersses when two or more symbol files are loaded.
SDSCM00042050 IDE 5.1.0 ALL CCS does not warn when CGT version used for build is different than the one with which project was created
SDSCM00042066 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Error message when using a license that is for an older version does not tell you what the problem is
SDSCM00042123 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Install New Software Fails for Target Content
SDSCM00042127 IDE 5.1.0 ALL If a symbol file is too large ( > 0.4 GB), OFS may incorrectly load a dwarf/elf sym as an ARM code16/32 marker symbol.
SDSCM00042136 IDE 5.1.0 ALL Codegen update site is incorrectly titled "MSP430 Compiler Help Updates"
SDSCM00039360 Trace 5.0.2 ALL Trace related files written to the installation folder
SDSCM00039938 Trace 5.0.3 ALL crash TraceJNI!Java_com_ti_xds560trace_JChannelServer_SetProgresshandler during IDE test runs on dm6467
SDSCM00040089 Trace 5.1.0 ALL Unable to set watchpoints unless a new workspace is created
SDSCM00040406 Trace 4.2.3 ALL TurboNyquist did not populate Trace Control with traceable elements
SDSCM00040718 Trace 5.1.0 ALL Trying to launch a debug session results in an error stating that cToolsIF.dll is not present
SDSCM00041411 Trace 5.1.0 ALL US: Setting watchpoint on 28x does not show action as remain halted
SDSCM00041412 Trace 5.1.0 ALL US: Context menu for setting watchpoints and other hardware breakpoints missing with 28x
SDSCM00039209 Emulation 5.0.1 ARM Cortex A8 CCS fails to throw an error and hangs indefinitely when trying to load code to non-configured memory
SDSCM00039726 IDE 5.1.0 ARM Cortex A8 Update Linux driver to support kernel 2.6.37
SDSCM00027780 Emulation 3.3.0 ARM Cortex M3 Cortex UDIV and SDIV instructions not disassembled in CCS
SDSCM00035280 Emulation 3.3 SR9 ARM Cortex M3 CCS doesn't indicate status change on slave processor after GEL Restart_Cores()
SDSCM00035113 IDE 4.0.2 ARM Cortex M3 CCS project build not tracking file dependencies correctly in specific use case
SDSCM00039361 IDE 4.2.0 ARM Cortex M3 Boards with M3 core can potientially cause a 5 second delay per core due to license check
SDSCM00039488 IDE 4.2.0 ARM Cortex M3 Long double 64-bit variables do not display correctly in watch window
SDSCM00041531 IDE 5.1.0 ARM Cortex M3 Treat the Stellaris ICDI emulator as an XDS100
SDSCM00041765 IDE 5.1.0 ARM Cortex M3 Driverlib from Stellarisware does not import and build properly in CCSv5
SDSCM00016334 IDE 3.3.0 C2800 Loading the workspace does not activate Context Sensitive Stepping toolbar automatically
SDSCM00035113 IDE 4.0.2 C2800 CCS project build not tracking file dependencies correctly in specific use case
SDSCM00036324 IDE 4.1.3 C2800 #define tooltips do not display in C files
SDSCM00038397 IDE 4.2.0 C2800 Exclude file from build setting is not preserved on linker command file when changing compiler versions
SDSCM00038733 IDE 4.2.1 C2800 RAM is not restored after flash API is done flashing
SDSCM00039565 IDE 5.1.0 C2800 Code analysis doesn't recognize "cregister"
SDSCM00039872 IDE 5.1.0 C2800 C2800 XML device files are missing from a full installation of CCS for Linux
SDSCM00039903 IDE 4.2.3 C2800 COFF file generated by saving Flash memory via Memory Save cannot be loaded via Load Program
SDSCM00040524 IDE 5.1.0 C2800 C28x breakpoints are disabled after terminating debug session and relaunching
SDSCM00041821 Trace 4.2.4 C2800 CCS takes long time to connect to target
SDSCM00017625 IDE 3.3.0 C55X Component Manager doesn't display Product Info for CCS3.3
SDSCM00005390 IDE 3.2.0 C6000 F1 on highligted text in Editor does not bring up help on that topic
SDSCM00041149 IDE 5.1.0 C6000 Installer does not allow de-selecting C6000 Code Generation Tools
SDSCM00039168 DVT 4.1.0 C6474 CPU Load graph does not maintain its display attributes between debug sessions
SDSCM00039753 Emulation 4.2.2 C64x C6457 and TCI6484 support for CCS
SDSCM00038313 DVT 4.1.3 C64x Plus Trace Analyzer disassembly incorrect for overlays
SDSCM00041259 Emulation 5.0.3 C64x Plus Physically disconnecting JTAG cable hangs CCS
SDSCM00039229 Emulation 4.2.1 C66xx Disassembly output incorrect for C66x
SDSCM00039871 Emulation 4.2.3 C66xx Cannot start debugger due to problem loading TPI disassembly DLL
SDSCM00038243 IDE 4.2.0 C66xx Save Memory feature does not take into account the type size
SDSCM00039980 IDE 4.2.3 C672x Memory view does not show cache checkboxes on TCI 6486 simulator or 6472 EVM.
SDSCM00040273 DVT 4.2.3 c674x RTA window does not update after terminating and relaunching debug session
SDSCM00035452 IDE 4.1.1 c674x IRawMemoryRange and IRegister should return Java long instead of Java int
SDSCM00040569 IDE 5.1.0 c674x Toggling show cache coloring in memory browser has no effect
SDSCM00040570 IDE 5.1.0 c674x Show physical view is present on the memory view toolbar for C674x and should not be
SDSCM00038312 DVT 4.1.3 CGEM Trace Analyzer crashes in symbol look up for overlay section
SDSCM00039163 DVT DVT 1.0 CGEM Units in X axis of CPU Load graph switch to ticks even if the RTA Time Unit is set to Time
SDSCM00029375 Simulation 4.0.0 DA830 DA830 CA Simulator fails to properly reset McASP (CCSv4 M6 / Build
SDSCM00029685 Simulation 4.0.0 DA830 DA830 CA simulator (in CCSv4 M6, Build hangs during simulation.
SDSCM00038769 Emulation 4.2.0 MSP430 Disassembly view is incorrect on F5438 after a function call
SDSCM00040004 Emulation 4.2.3 MSP430 CC430 would not manually modify RAM content during debug session
SDSCM00040755 Emulation 4.2.4 MSP430 Missing USCI_Bx_Interrupt Control (UCBxICTL) registers from the CCS Register view
SDSCM00040785 Emulation 4.2.4 MSP430 Missing USCI_Bx Interrupt Vector (UCBxIV) registers from the CCS Register view
SDSCM00030001 IDE 3.1.0 MSP430 CCE Project view does not show ISR functions so there is no quick way to go to ISR definition via Project view
SDSCM00033501 IDE 4.0.0 MSP430 Outline View does not always show the correct things when conditional compiles/defines depend on another file
SDSCM00039826 IDE 4.2.3 MSP430 Clarify that DSS flash API does not apply to MSP430
SDSCM00040260 IDE 5.1.0 MSP430 Target Voltage view should be listed on the view menu
SDSCM00041314 IDE 5.1.0 MSP430 Update 'blinkmsp430" template to use msp430.h
SDSCM00041446 IDE 5.1.0 MSP430 US: Add Blink template to Project Wizard
SDSCM00042214 IDE 5.1.0 MSP430 MAVRK is not working with the free bundle license
SDSCM00039752 IDE 4.2.2 OMAP OMAPL137 and OMAPL138 device XML files are broken
SDSCM00040607 IDE 5.1.0 OMAP Selecting Application Processors needs to install C6000 support
SDSCM00042111 IDE 5.1.0 OMAP OMAP installation missing xml files
SDSCM00039371 Trace 4.2.1 OMAP ETB device definitions not present for OMAP3730
SDSCM00040607 IDE 5.1.0 OMAP3430 Selecting Application Processors needs to install C6000 support
SDSCM00041917 Trace 5.1.0 OMAP3430 CCS intermittently crashes on terminate
SDSCM00033292 DVT 4.0.0 OMAP4430 Timestamp coulumn name is the Trace Analyzer is not appropriate
SDSCM00040607 IDE 5.1.0 OMAP4430 Selecting Application Processors needs to install C6000 support
SDSCM00039847 Emulation 5.0.2 TI816x Device xml files ti816x*.xml incorrectly list CPU as C64XP instead of C674X
SDSCM00039895 Emulation 5.0.2 TI816x Linux version of tixds100v2CortexM.xml contains reference to Windows version of driver hance fails during connection
SDSCM00039898 Emulation 5.0.2 TI816x Connecting to TI816x EVM with XDS510USB emulator results in GTI errors
SDSCM00034660 IDE 4.1.0 TMS470 CCS4.1 build doesnt execute if you forget a dependent library
SDSCM00039869 IDE 5.1.0 TMS470 TMS470 and TMS570 XML device files are missing from a full installation of CCS for Linux
SDSCM00033292 DVT 4.0.0 Wrigley3G Timestamp coulumn name is the Trace Analyzer is not appropriate


Known Issues

Id Component CCS
Headline Additional Details Workaround (if applicable)
IDE 5.1.0 ALL file specific post build step causes error When specifying a file specific post build step, an error occurs when building: Errors occurred during the build. Errors running builder 'CDT Builder' on project 'hello'. java.lang.NullPointerExcepti  
IDE 5.1.0 ALL source level debugging assembly code is not working.    
IDE 5.1.0 ALL Linker - Cmd mapping should be introduced when a user changes defaults for RTSC projects.    
IDE 5.1.0 ALL ASM [Wxxxx] warning options treated as errors in problems view Warning [W9999] is displayed as an error in the problems tab.  
IDE 5.1.0 ALL DSS: Specify a log file size limit Option to specify a log file size limit. The file can “rollover” or create a new file with a new name (keep the old file). This is related to 42183 and is an alternate solution to the same problem (hu  
IDE 5.1.0 ALL If a symbol file is too large ( > 0.4 GB), OFS may incorrectly load a dwarf/elf sym as an ARM code16/32 marker symbol.    
IDE 5.1.0 ALL Changes made to debug properties in the launch config dialog are not applied to the active debug sessions    
IDE 5.1.0 ALL Add Tools main menu in CCS Edit perspective Tools menu is only available in CCS Debug perspective  
IDE 5.1.0 ALL Problems view spawns an invalid warning: "Build variable InputDirRelPath cannot be resolved" If a project has the variable ${InputDirRelPath} in any of the parameters, the Problems view shows the invalid warning "Build variable InputDirRelPath cannot be resolved", despite the variable resolve Just ignore the warning.
IDE 5.1.0 ALL Paths to linked files are sometimes not resolved correctly during migration from v4 to v5 Paths to linked files are not resolved correctly during migration from v4 to v5, if the original project file had paths with backslashes instead of forward slashes.  
IDE 5.1.0 ALL In a project with custom build directories, builder fails to detect changes to a header file outside of the workspace If a project has custom output directories set in the compiler options (Build --> C6000 Compiler --> Directory Specifier), any changes to a header file are not detected by the builder. Build a C file that includes the modified header file separately: right-click on the file and select Build Selected File(s). Then build the project. All the other C files that depend on the header wi
IDE 5.1.0 ALL Unable to view structure contents in the Expressions view when defined with the packed attribute Unable to view structure contents in the Expressions view, when defined with the packed attribute, with the following error: "Error: cannot load from non-primitive location".  
IDE 5.1.0 ALL Saving a .tcf file in gconf fails if it is modified externally by a CCS build If a .tcf file (gconf) remains open during a project build and is modified by it, any attempts to save the opened .tcf file fail with the following error message: CScriptPane::XScriptPaneEventSink::S Simply close the Gconf before building a project
IDE 5.1.0 ALL Add better error messages for out of memory condition in symbol manager    
IDE 5.1.0 ALL After installing CCS, starting the setup program again causes "Program Compatibility Assistant" dialog    
IDE 5.1.0 ALL Update manager generates errors and does not work Update manager generates errors and does not work as expected.  
IDE 5.1.0 ALL Importing project should shrink the Editor area If I import a project from the project menu it does not make the Project Explorer visible. The resource explorer and grace welcome still take up the whole screen so I cannot see that my project was i Double click on a tab in the editor area to make it smaller
IDE 5.1.0 ALL US: StellarisWare examples are not expanded properly in the Resource Explorer StellarisWare should be fully expanded to show the examples in Resource Explorer  
IDE 5.1.0 ALL US: Project properties is disabled even when there is a project highlighted When you look at the project explorer there is a project highlighted, but when you to to the project menu, properties (and many other) menu items are disabled. You need to click again in the project explorer on the project and then the menu items are enabled.
IDE 5.1.0 ALL System Reset does not have a hot key binding System Reset does not have a hot key binding. This existed in v4 as ALT+S. In v5, it is missing and there is no entry in the 'Command' list under 'General->Keys'  
IDE 5.1.0 ALL [CDT] Unnecessary builds in CCS5 when using command line builds for different configurations    
IDE 4.2.3 ALL Installer fails if user folder is linked to another location If your user folder or temp folder is symbolically linked to a different location (called a Junction) you will get an error when you install CCS. Change your temporary folder to be a different folder that is not linked.
IDE 5.1.0 ALL DVT graph button should be disabled if the features are not available In the Debug perspective there is a button to open DVT analysis views. If you click on this button before launching a debug session it brings up an error box saying that the chosen operation is not a  
IDE 5.1.0 ALL For header files outside the project folder double clicking on compile errors in the Problems view does not jump to error When a compilation error occurs in a header file that is outside the project (e.g. system header file or even user header file located outside project folder), double clicking on compile errors in the  
IDE 5.1.0 ALL MMU Page table view should be listed on the view menu The MMU Page Table View should be listed on the view menu.  
  IDE 5.1.0 ALL NullPointerException when renaming project Sometimes when renaming an imported project you will get a dialog complaining of a null pointer exception.  
IDE 5.1.0 ALL Import wizard should prompt user to change compiler version if needed If I am importing a project that uses a different version of the compiler than what I have installed the wizard should inform me. This is especially important when the version is really difference, i  
IDE 5.1.0 ALL On the new menu some CCS items appear under General instead of CCS If you go to the new menu there are CCS specific items that are located under General instead of New. DSP/BIOS v5.x Configuration File Target Configuration File Under CCS there is only CCS Project  
IDE 5.0.1 ALL [CDT] switching active build configuration touches .cproject file, there are no changes being made to the file Switching projects' active build configuration modifies .cproject files timestamp, causing it to be checkout if version controlled.  
IDE 5.0.1 ALL Update sites for CCSv5 on Linux download windows installers When you check for updates within CCSv5 Linux it finds updates for the compilers. However the installer packages that it downloads are for Windows which obviously won't work. The update sites (CCS, Contact TI via the E2E forums and request a Linux version of the compiler installer that you need.
IDE 5.0.1 ALL [CDT] Project always rebuilds when the active configuration is switched When you switch the active configuration (ex. from Debug to Release) and then do a build, it will always rebuild, even if there have been no changes to the project.  
IDE 5.0.1 ALL Need excluded files filter for the Project Explorer In the Project Explorer, which will be the default project view in CCSv5 instead of the C/C++ Projects View, there is a list of predefined filters. We need to have a filter that will hide files that  
DVT 4.2.3 ALL After creating two single time graphs, restarting CCS causes one of them to become line graph After creating two single time graphs, restarting CCS causes one of them to become a line graph.  
DVT 4.2.1 ALL Profiling help topic is missing screen captures When you open the help for profiling it has some red X's where the help references a screen capture but the screen capture is missing. There is one in function profiling and one in code coverage.  
DVT 4.2.0 ALL Image Analyzer Help should not be buried under tasks Currently it is very hard to find the image analyzer help in CCS as it is not in a feature section and instead buried in the tasks section. While having help in the tasks section is good we need feat  
DVT 4.2.0 ALL STS and CPU Load views should indicate that they are not supported in stop mode RTA Some functionality is not supported when running stop-mode RTA. Such as the statistics and CPU load views. Ideally we should disable the menu items for these if the application was not built to supp  
IDE 5.1.0 ARM Cortex M3 USB host and device stellarisware projects do not import correctly into CCS USB host and device stellarisware projects from Stellarisware package 8049 do not import correctly into CCS 5.1.  
IDE 5.1.0 ARM Cortex M3 The project wizard adds a linker CMD file when a SYSBIOS example project template is used When creating a project for a device that has a linker CMD file (Stellaris, C2800, some C5500), the wizard automatically adds this file to the project. However, if a BIOS example template is selecte Simply remove the file TMS320F28335.cmd from the project
IDE 5.1.0 ARM Cortex M3 Location of utility tiobj2bin has been moved which in turn causes post build step in Stellarisware to fail Location of utility tiobj2bin has been moved in the installation which in turn causes post build step in Stellarisware to fail.  
IDE 4.2.1 ARM Cortex M3 Stellaris device files need to set the value of the Access Port Designator to 0x02000000 In CCS the default value for the Access Port Designator is 0x02000003, however for Stellaris to work it needs to be set to 0x02000000. Instead of users having to figure out how to set this we could i Go to the advance tab in target setup. Select the Cortex M3. Change the Access Port Designator value to 0x02000000
Emulation 4.2.3 ARM Cortex R4 Memory mapping for LIN peripheral register in GEL file needs updating Memory mapping for LIN peripheral register in TMS570 GEL file needs to be updated to a length of 0x200 instead of 0x100.  
Simulation 4.2.4 ARM Cortex R4 Disassembly view of Cortex R4 Functional Simulator BE32 shows incorrect instructions due to incorrect endianness Disassembly view of Cortex R4 Functional Simulator BE32 shows incorrect instructions due to incorrect endianness  
IDE 4.2.4 C2800 Flash programmer fails with "cannot write to target" when set to erase "Necessary Sectors Only" Flash programmer for C28 on F28M35H52C1 fails with "cannot write to target" when flash settings are set to erase "Necessary Sectors Only"  
IDE 5.1.0 C2800 The project wizard adds a linker CMD file when a SYSBIOS example project template is used When creating a project for a device that has a linker CMD file (Stellaris, C2800, some C5500), the wizard automatically adds this file to the project. However, if a BIOS example template is selecte Simply remove the file TMS320F28335.cmd from the project
IDE 5.1.0 C2800 CCS v4 allows usage of 1 hardware breakpoint less than CCS 3.3 for BIOS programs CCS v4.0x allows user to set only 1 hardware breakpoint when debugging BIOS programs in Flash  
DVT 5.1.0 C64x Plus Code Coverage coloring does not work for files that do not have a CCS Project Line coloring works if coverage is done for an executable from a CCS Project. Does not work E.g. if a .out file is directly loaded and coverage performed (will not see the coloring in the source file  
IDE 5.0.1 C64xx Importing CCS 3.3 project results in Java errors In certain cases, importing a CCS 3.3 project into CCS5 may result in Java errors.  
IDE 4.2.4 HD-Davinci Verification errors on program load for DM6446 CSL example for DM6446 EVM loads fine using CCSv3.3 but fails with a data verification error on v4. The same program and startup GEL files were used in both cases. Turing off data verification in v4 allowed the program to load.
IDE 5.1.0 MSP430 CCS expressions view does not correctly display long variables for MSP430X devices CCS expressions view does not correctly display long variables stored in registers for MSP430X devices  
Emulation 5.1.0 MSP430 MSP 430 Write Register Breakpoint does not work Register Write Breakpoints are not functional for MSP430F2xx and MSP430F4xx derivatives with >64kB Flash memory. None, the problem will be addressed in next CCSv5.1 service release.
IDE 4.2.1 OMAP4430 erroneous data reported in CCS trace for statistical collector    
IDE 5.1.0 C66x ASM [Wxxxx] warning options treated as errors in problems view Warning [W9999] is displayed as an error in the problems tab.  
Emulation 5.1.0 ALL OMAP5430 WIR mode on GP device (using CCSv5 M7) for CortexA15 CPU1    
Emulation 5.1.0 ALL XDS100 conflicts with USB to Serial cables It is possible for there to be a conflict between XDS100 and Serial to USB cables.  
Emulation 4.2.3 ALL Installation from CP Tracer Update Manager site caused CCS to not launch configuration    
Emulation 4.2.1 MSP430 CCS reports incorrect cycles for POPM.A PUSHM.A instructions When viewing the clock in CCS it reports an incorrect number of cycles for POPM.A and PUSHM.A instructions. It reports them as 1 cycle.  
Emulation 4.2.0 ALL XDS100: When PID/VID is not programmed the emulation error message should state what the likely problem is Not every vendor has been good about making sure the EEPROM on the FTDI chips are properly programming. As part of a CCS service release we started checking that they are programmed with the proper v  
Simulation 5.1.0 ALL Incorrect processor ID in driver xml file causes device to show up twice in project wizard If you have a device file with at C674x core and it has options for the project wizard it shows up twice in the project wizard. Pick either device and it works fine
Simulation 5.1.0 C66x Second Launch of C6678 Device Cycle Approximate Simulator locks CCS In CCS v5.1 M6 it was found that launching a target configuration a second time locks up CCS. After launching a debug session and terminating it, returning to launch the configuration again causes C Close CCS before a second launch of the configuration
Simulation 5.1.0 C66x C6678 Device Functional Simulator is missing a dll file The C6678 Device Functional Simulator has been found to be missing a dll in CCS 5.1 release M6. The error message shown is: TMS320C66x_1: Can't Initialize Target CPU: Could not open the DLL ../../../ N/A


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