1.      Prior to installing CCS, assumption is that you have access to a zip program, such as Winzip (free download available at

2.      Download “” in a folder of your choice (e.g., My Documents\myti).

3.      Double-click on “”; the file will open with the zip program (e.g., WinZip).  

a.         Select all files then click on Extract on the menu bar.

b.         Select all of the following options

                                          i.     All files/folders in archive

                                         ii.     Overwrite existing files

                                        iii.     Use folder names

c.         Deselect all of the following options

                                          i.     Open Explorer Window

                                         ii.     Skip older files

d.         On the ‘Extract To’ bar, enter the pathname to the folder where you want the files extracted to (e.g., My Documents\myti).

e.         Click on ‘Extract’

4.      Now, download the “” file into the same folder as “” (e.g., My Documents\myti).

5.      Double-click on “”; now follow the exact same steps is in  3 above, including sub-steps a through e.


1.      Run “setup_CCS_5.0.2.00006.exe” and follow the installation instructions.