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Build date: Mar-30-2012

The BIOS C6SDK is a software development kit that supports the C6748/OMAP-L138 EVM and L138/C6748 LCDK platforms. The following components are included with the SDK installation:

  • Finger printing and Face Detect demo using SYS/BIOS, StarterWare and DSP libraries
  • SYS/BIOS 6.3.33
  • Updated with CCSv5.1
  • Updated Code Gen Tools 7.3.1
  • Libraries — DSPlib, Image lib and Math lib
  • C6 Benchmarks
  • Network development kit (NDK)
  • Platform development kit(PDK) — BIOS drivers, StarterWare and CSL
  • EDMA Low level drivers
  • Flash Tools
  • XDC Tools

Getting Started

1. Development Host

This release supports CCSv5.1 as your development environment. Code Generation Tools comes with the CCS installation.

2. Release Notes

Download and view the release notes. They contain information on what the BIOS C6SDK contains as well as any known issues.

3. EVM Setup

  • Download the Quick Start Guide (QSG) for your platform.
  • Set up the EVM as described in the QSG.

4. Getting Started Guide

Download getting started guide for running the demos.

5. BIOS C6SDK User Guide

Download user guide for start of development using CCSv5 and Makefile.

6. BIOS C6SDK Installation

Download the windows installer from below and run the executable. Follow the instructions on the getting started guide for running the demos.

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bios_c6sdk Product Downloads
Title Description Size
Unlocked bios_c6sdk_02_00_00_00_setupwin32.exe Windows installer 796612K
No Login OMAP-L138_EVM_quick_start_guide.pdf OMAP-L138 EVM Quick Start Guide 840K
No Login bios_c6sdk_2_0_getting_started_guide.pdf BIOS C6SDK Getting Started Guide 272K
No Login bios_c6sdk_2_0_user_guide.pdf BIOS C6SDK User Guide 740K
No Login bios_c6sdk_2_0_release_notes.pdf BIOS C6SDK Release Notes 48K
Miscellaneous Files
No Login md5_checksums.txt 4K

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