Open Defects in Release

ID Summary State Reported In Release Target Release Workaround Release Notes
CODEGEN-6818 PRU compiler manual fails to list register R3.w0 as save on call Open PRU_2.3.1
CODEGEN-6173 Manual incorrectly uses environment variable PRU_C_OPTION when PRU_C_DIR should be used instead Accepted PRU_2.3.1
SDSCM00047244 C99 header file fenv.h not supported Accepted PRU_2.3.0
SDSCM00046695 Floating point addition rounding error Accepted PRU_2.3.0
SDSCM00046114 RTS float arithmetic functions rounding error Open PRU_2.3.0 The expression 1+DBL_EPSILON/2 should be rounded DOWN to 1.0 for only mode the TI compiler supports: "round to even".
SDSCM00040934 Structure is not initialized correctly when using -o2 or -o3 optimization Accepted PRU_2.3.0 The initialization will have to be done at run-time, through a __sti initialization routine. You can see this routine when compiling without optimization. To workaround the compiler removing this initialization routine, initialize the object at the beginning of main: Info2.mSize = ((unsigned)_end_isr_stack - (unsigned)_start_isr_stack);
SDSCM00018691 Linker gives misleading warning when dot expressions used in SECTION directive for .stack section Accepted PRU_2.3.0
SDSCM00008543 Forward reference in .space generates an internal error Accepted PRU_2.3.0 none

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