Closed Defects in Release

ID Summary State Reported In Release Target Release Workaround Release Notes
CODEGEN-4280 Using ULP advisor with C++ templates may cause the compiler to crash Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.7.LTS The compiler may crash when using ULP advisor on C++ code that contains templates
CODEGEN-4113 Assembler computes wrong result for expression 0x232800 % 0x10000 Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.7.LTS In some instances, as in the original test case, the AND operator can be used instead, but that is not a general workaround. The modulo operator in the TI assembler, for releases made in mid-to-late 2016 and all of 2017, is unreliable. In some cases it will produce an incorrect answer.
CODEGEN-4078 LInker takes over 5 minutes to finish Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.7.LTS None. If the linker command file wants to be that specific about memory ranges, then the work has to be done, and the option to disable the work has its own bug. Linking may take excessively long when the linker command file specifically places a lot of variables at specific addresses, especially for C2000. The original report was placing more than 300 variables. The --no_placement_optimization option is not a workaround because it causes a linker crash. Both problems are fixed together.
CODEGEN-3918 Writing multiple input sections in one line unexpectedly changes how input sections are combined into output sections Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.7.LTS Stick with separate lines, if there are subsection cases like this one that should be comprehended. In a linker command file, using a line like "hello.obj (.const, .far)" may link differently than two lines with one section each. The problem is that the single line is interpreted as the OR of the two sections, and the linker does not understand that the OR also encompasses any of their subsections. Two separate lines are analysed separately and completely.
CODEGEN-3876 Code incorrectly removed from functions calling "naked" attribute functions Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.7.LTS The compiler supports the GCC attribute "naked," which means that a function shall not have prolog or epilog code. The idea is that this makes a blank function that the user may fill with assembly code. The compiler also keeps track of the register usage behavior of previous functions in the same module, so that it can do some small optimizations like allocate caller-saved registers or eliminate unused code. In this case, the compiler mistakenly assumed that a naked function did not use its input. The truth is that naked functions are essentially hand-coded assembly functions; while the compiler can assume they obey the C calling convention, the compiler can't know register behavior because it cannot parse the assembly instructions.
CODEGEN-3858 OFD gets DIE attribute offset wrong when using --dwarf_display=none,dinfo Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.7.LTS If you use --dwarf_display=none,dinfo, use --dwarf_display=none,dinfo,types instead You can use OFD to display the DWARF debugging information in your object files by using the option '--dwarf' (or -g). You can narrow the categories of DWARF information displayed by using the '--dwarf_display' option. If you use the option --dwarf_display=none,dinfo you will see the DWARF DIE objects in the .dwarf_info section, but you will not see any DW_AT_type attributes unless you also use the "types" flag. This is not a bug. However, when OFD skips a DW_AT_type attribute, it displays the offset of the skipped DW_AT_type for the next attribute instead of the next attribute's correct offset.
CODEGEN-3801 Linker crashes with INTERNAL ERROR (unhandled exception) Fixed MSP430_16.9.4.LTS MSP430_16.9.6.LTS The linker experiences a segmentation fault when there is a reference from a debug section to a symbol without a section (for example, an absolute symbol).
CODEGEN-3794 False warning for MISRA 10.1/10.2 when commutative binary operands swapped Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.7.LTS In certain cases, the compiler could emit an unwarranted MISRA diagnostic about type conversion. This would occur when using a commutative binary arithmetic operator with mixed operand types. The compiler mistakenly compared one operand's type to the other type. It should have compared each type to the promoted type of the operation.
CODEGEN-3650 Linker crashes when printing module list to map file Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.6.LTS Add linker option --mapfile_contents=all,nomodules When creating a linker map file, and a summary of modules is written to the linker map file, and the entry point is undefined, the linker may crash.
CODEGEN-3619 pragma triggers false MISRA-C:2004 19.1/A warning Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.7.LTS N/A Certain pragmas appearing prior to #include statements, such as #pragma RESET_MISRA, would cause MISRA warning 19.1/A to be issued: MISRA-C:2004 19.1/A: #include statements in a file should only be preceded by other preprocessor directives or comments
CODEGEN-3617 gmtime incorrect when invoked in timezones east of GMT Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.6.LTS Set the timezone to 0 (UTC) until the fix is in place
CODEGEN-3597 ELF header field e_phoff should be 0 when no program header is present Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.6.LTS ELF header field e_phoff should be 0 when no program header is present, and ELF header field e_shoff should be 0 when no section headers are present.
CODEGEN-3591 When using fill value, linker may crash or hang Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.6.LTS Upgrade to 17.6.0.STS or higher When using a fill value on a memory range, the linker may get into a corrupted state and either crash or enter an infinite loop.
CODEGEN-2424 Update mpu_init.c file for FR57xx family MPU in TI CGT Fixed MSP430_16.9.6.LTS MSP430_16.9.6.LTS Upgrade to MSP430 compiler version 17.9.0.STS, or 16.9.6.LTS, or 15.12.7.LTS. Or rebuild your compiler RTS after adding below lines to mpu_init.c: extern volatile unsigned char MPUCTL0_H; Add below to the end of __mpu_init() routine definition: MPUCTL0_H = 0x0; /* Lock MPU */ The current Run Time System (RTS) definition of __mpu_init() in mpu_init.c does not enable MPU protection after initialization. The RTS implementation only applies to FR57xx devices.
CODEGEN-2373 Internal linker error triggered by function alias Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.6.LTS Linker sometimes generates "Assertion failed" message and aborts.
CODEGEN-2286 palign(8) of .init_array messes up __TI_INITARRAY_Limit address Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.4.LTS In the linker command file, replace .init_array > FLASH, palign(8), fill = 0xffffffff with the following GROUP statement: GROUP { .init_array } > FLASH, palign(8) The palign(8) on GROUP will ensure that any required padding is added after .init_array. However, both the size of .init_array and the value of __TI_INITARRAY_Limit remain unchanged. Applying palign(8) to .init_array caused __TI_INIT_ARRAY_Limit to be set to the end of .init_array including the padding. This broke RTS startup code responsible for calling constructors because the table of constructors now includes invalid data. This bug has been fixed and __TI_INIT_ARRAY_Limit is no longer affected by padding.
CODEGEN-2238 Compiler incorrectly emits MISRA 10.1 for function argument Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.6.LTS
CODEGEN-2143 Anonymous struct in union causes type merging failure at -O4 Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.4.LTS Do not use anonymous structs or unions; give all struct members a name, even if it is never used. Anonymous structs and unions are a GCC extension. They are members of a parent structure and have no names. You access the elements inside them as if they were direct members of the parent class. If you have an anonymous struct or union inside a union and you use -O4 optimization, you may get the mistaken error "symbol so-and-so redeclared with incompatible type" at link time.
CODEGEN-2119 Stack usage assistant call graph misses callee relationship for some direct calls Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.3.LTS The Object File Display utility failed to detect function callees when generating call graph information for functions that contain nested blocks.
CODEGEN-2113 Hex utility mishandles space in directory name of output file Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.4.LTS Use directory names without spaces for output files. The hex utility did not correctly handle spaces in output directory and file names.
CODEGEN-2098 Temp filename collisions on Windows with many parallel invocations Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.3.LTS In some cases with a large number of compilations in parallel on Windows, the compiler could create temporary files with colliding names, resulting in strange compilation failures.
CODEGEN-2060 Even though option --buffer_diagnostics is not used, compiler issues diagnostic that says it is deprecated Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.3.LTS None The --buffer_diagnostics compiler option was deprecated as of MCU compilers v16.6.0.STS because this setting became the default behavior for the compiler. However, the option was passed to the linker and the linker issued a remark stating the option was deprecated.
CODEGEN-2053 Compiler incorrectly reorders struct assign for small, volatile structs with bit-fields Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.2.LTS Use optimization level 0 or off (option --opt_level) For a very specific optimization, the optimizer may drop a volatile qualifier from a struct assignment. In some cases, the compiler may later perform an incorrect optimization, most commonly incorrectly reordering volatile assignments. This bug can only happen in a function compiled with optimization level 1 or higher which contains both of the following: 1) A struct assign where the destination is volatile, and the source is a known constant, and the struct contains a bit-field, and the struct is of size "int" or smaller. 2) Any bit-field access (read or write) other than as part of a struct assign or initialization expression. That is, the name of the bit-field is present in the access expression. Note that the optimizer can create this situation by inlining functions, so 1 and 2 might be in different functions in the source code. Consider a tree x = y where x and y are of type struct S. If the value of y is known at compile time (e.g. a const value), the optimizer will try to turn the struct constant into an integer constant (possibly combining bit-fields) and rewrite the tree to look like this: "(unsigned *)x = 32;" However, if y is volatile, that should be "*(volatile unsigned *)x = 32;" Because the access is not volatile, instruction scheduling could cause this instruction to drift past nearby volatile accesses.
CODEGEN-2050 Use of -o4 causes linker XML map file to have missing input_file entries Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.2.LTS
CODEGEN-2047 CMSIS Core v5 is not compliant with TI ARM Compiler Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.2.LTS The __INLINE macro in the TI compiler RTS linkage.h is no longer used and can be removed. CMSIS v5 defines the macro __INLINE, which interferes with the TI compiler RTS definition of the same macro in linkage.h.
CODEGEN-2025 Linker crash message incorrectly suggests submitting a preprocessed file Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.3.LTS
CODEGEN-2010 Decomp error involving packed class Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.2.LTS Fixed an issue that could result in a "Decomposition error" abort of the compiler.
CODEGEN-1995 Pointer math addend incorrectly truncated to ptrdiff_t on MSP430 Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.6.LTS The compiler was incorrectly handling array index expressions where the value of the index expression did not fit in ptrdiff_t. In some cases, the compiler would truncate the value to ptrdiff_t, changing the value. This bug can only occur in restricted or large data models. This fix can affect the compiler's ability to optimize code. Importantly, for restricted data model, the compiler can no longer assume that pointer index expressions can use indexed addressing mode. Indexed addressing mode has a 16-bit signed offset, which may not be big enough to hold the value of the index expression. In this case, the pointer index expression must be carried out as pointer arithmetic followed by a non-indexed addressing mode, which requires more instructions and thus more cycles. This means that in restricted data model, there may be a performance loss when upgrading to this version. Whether this loss occurs, and how big the loss is, depends greatly on whether your program uses pointer index expressions in critical loop bodies. We have observed that most of our benchmarks are unaffected, but we have some benchmarks that degraded after this fix.
CODEGEN-1979 Statements before declarations with no white space (aggravated by macros) may cause incorrect parser error Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.6.LTS Do not start any statement in the left-most column Rearrange your code so that there are no statements before declarations. C99 and C++ allow statements before declarations in functions. This is not allowed by the C89 language, but as an extension, the TI compiler allows such statements in relaxed mode. However, in certain circumstances, the compiler may emit the 'error: expected "}"' for otherwise legal code which has statements before declarations. This problem can only occur in relaxed C89 mode (which is the default mode), and 1) you have a function with statements that start in the left-most column, or 2) you use macros where the macro body contains C code with statements before declarations.
CODEGEN-1976 Value of __cplusplus is wrong Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.2.LTS If possible, use the -ps or --strict_ansi options. This mode will use the strict definition of __cplusplus, which is 199711L. Our parser mimicked G++ behavior for the value of this macro in relaxed ANSI mode. This reproduced a bug in G++ versions v.4.7 and v.4.3 that has since been fixed.
CODEGEN-1703 Designated initializer plus struct hack hangs compiler Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.1.LTS Avoiding using string constants to initialize objects with flexible array members. Instead, use a brace-initialized array. For example: struct { int a; char b[]; } mystruct = {0, {'h', 'e', 'l', 'l', 'o'} }; Fixed a compiler hang caused by initializing flexible array members with string constants. struct {int a; char b[]; } mystruct = {0, "hello"} /* Would cause the compiler to hang and/or crash */
CODEGEN-1656 Using --gen_profile_info does not work with -o4 Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.4.LTS Lower the optimization level to -o3. Previously, link time optimization failed when profiling options --gen_profile_info and use_profile_info were specified in combination with the --opt_level=4 option. The errors were because profiling options were not supported when used in combination with --opt_level=4. Application profiling during whole program optimization is now supported. Profiling options --gen_profile_info and --use_profile_info may now be combined with --opt_level=4.
CODEGEN-1649 Warning "INLINE recursion limit exceeded" during RTS build Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.0.LTS None, for the automatic library builds. Elsewhere, one can use the hidden --inline_recursion_limit option to increase the limit above the default 10. The compiler may emit the warning "INLINE recursion limit exceeded," but there is no way to suppress the warning, and it really isn't useful for the typical compiler user. These changes remove the warning.
CODEGEN-1640 MISRA 19.1 misreported: #include statements should only be preceded by other preprocessor directives Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.1.LTS No practical workaround
CODEGEN-1639 MISRA-C:2004 17.6/R false positive when assigning local struct member to static struct member Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.4.LTS
CODEGEN-1634 MISRA 7.1 misreported: octal tokens in token paste Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.1.LTS No practical workaround
CODEGEN-1632 MISRA 15.2 misreported: switch clause unconditional break Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.1.LTS Put an explicit break at the end of the compound statement
CODEGEN-1545 MSP430 ULP Advisor mistakenly says to use type int16_t, when it means uint16_t Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.3.LTS
CODEGEN-1517 #pragma FUNCTION_OPTIONS meaningless unless at least -o0 is used Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS
CODEGEN-1433 MSP430 assembler may internal error for symbol defined differently in each pass when forward referencing a label Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.1.LTS Do not use a forward reference of a label. A forward reference of a label by an instruction that may use the constant generator (such as a move) in assembly may cause the position of a later label to be "defined differently in each pass," an internal error in the assembler.
CODEGEN-1417 User error in _symval call causes compiler to issue INTERNAL ERROR: no match for ICALL Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS
SDSCM00052904 Unsigned array index not truncated properly in array indexing expression Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.2.LTS None An unsigned integer multiplication used in an array indexing expression was erroneously optimized into instructions performed in 20 bits instead of 16 bits, thereby failing to truncate an overflowed value into zero.
CODEGEN-1333 Structure assignment causes compiler to fail with INTERNAL ERROR: Decomposition error Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS Replace struct assignments involving packed structures with a memcpy() call to copy the contents of the RHS of the struct assign to the LHS.
CODEGEN-1297 Incorrectly issues ULP 8.1 diagnostic Fixed MSP430_16.9.1.LTS N/A. The compiler throws an invalid ULP 8.1 diagnostic in the case below: % type try1.c void test2(char buffer[5]) { buffer[0] = 'A'; } void test(void) { char buf[5] = { 0 } ; test2(buf); } % cl430 --advice:power try1.c "try1.c", line 8: remark: (ULP 8.1) variable "buf" is used as a constant. Recommend declaring variable as either 'static const' or 'const'
CODEGEN-1292 MSP --near_data revert linktime optization fix from CQ52683 due to code size degradations Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS Ensure that the same --near_data option is used for all object files and libraries in the link. A relocation error may occur during link time optimization if --near_data has been specified with different values for different translation units. Earlier change in SDSCM00052683 introduced code size degradations and has been reverted.
SDSCM00040386 Remove -olength option from hex utility's help summary and Users Guides Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.0.LTS
SDSCM00052153 Remove compiler option --gen_func_subsections from MSP430 compiler user's guide Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS The --gen_func_subsections option should be removed from the MSP430 compiler user guide. Function subsections are always generated for MSP430.

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