Closed Defects in Release

ID Summary State Reported In Release Target Release Workaround Release Notes
CODEGEN-2010 Decomp error involving packed class Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.2.LTS Fixed an issue that could result in a "Decomposition error" abort of the compiler.
CODEGEN-1976 Value of __cplusplus is wrong Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.2.LTS If possible, use the -ps or --strict_ansi options. This mode will use the strict definition of __cplusplus, which is 199711L. Our parser mimicked G++ behavior for the value of this macro in relaxed ANSI mode. This reproduced a bug in G++ versions v.4.7 and v.4.3 that has since been fixed.
CODEGEN-1703 Designated initializer plus struct hack hangs compiler Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.1.LTS Avoiding using string constants to initialize objects with flexible array members. Instead, use a brace-initialized array. For example: struct { int a; char b[]; } mystruct = {0, {'h', 'e', 'l', 'l', 'o'} }; Fixed a compiler hang caused by initializing flexible array members with string constants. struct {int a; char b[]; } mystruct = {0, "hello"} /* Would cause the compiler to hang and/or crash */
CODEGEN-1649 Warning "INLINE recursion limit exceeded" during RTS build Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.0.LTS None, for the automatic library builds. Elsewhere, one can use the hidden --inline_recursion_limit option to increase the limit above the default 10. The compiler may emit the warning "INLINE recursion limit exceeded," but there is no way to suppress the warning, and it really isn't useful for the typical compiler user. These changes remove the warning.
CODEGEN-1640 MISRA 19.1 misreported: #include statements should only be preceded by other preprocessor directives Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.1.LTS No practical workaround
CODEGEN-1634 MISRA 7.1 misreported: octal tokens in token paste Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.1.LTS No practical workaround
CODEGEN-1632 MISRA 15.2 misreported: switch clause unconditional break Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.1.LTS Put an explicit break at the end of the compound statement
CODEGEN-1517 #pragma FUNCTION_OPTIONS meaningless unless at least -o0 is used Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS
CODEGEN-1433 MSP430 assembler may internal error for symbol defined differently in each pass when forward referencing a label Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.1.LTS Do not use a forward reference of a label. A forward reference of a label by an instruction that may use the constant generator (such as a move) in assembly may cause the position of a later label to be "defined differently in each pass," an internal error in the assembler.
CODEGEN-1417 User error in _symval call causes compiler to issue INTERNAL ERROR: no match for ICALL Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS
SDSCM00052904 Unsigned array index not truncated properly in array indexing expression Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.2.LTS None An unsigned integer multiplication used in an array indexing expression was erroneously optimized into instructions performed in 20 bits instead of 16 bits, thereby failing to truncate an overflowed value into zero.
CODEGEN-1333 Structure assignment causes compiler to fail with INTERNAL ERROR: Decomposition error Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS Replace struct assignments involving packed structures with a memcpy() call to copy the contents of the RHS of the struct assign to the LHS.
CODEGEN-1297 Incorrectly issues ULP 8.1 diagnostic Fixed MSP430_16.9.1.LTS N/A. The compiler throws an invalid ULP 8.1 diagnostic in the case below: % type try1.c void test2(char buffer[5]) { buffer[0] = 'A'; } void test(void) { char buf[5] = { 0 } ; test2(buf); } % cl430 --advice:power try1.c "try1.c", line 8: remark: (ULP 8.1) variable "buf" is used as a constant. Recommend declaring variable as either 'static const' or 'const'
CODEGEN-1292 MSP --near_data revert linktime optization fix from CQ52683 due to code size degradations Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS Ensure that the same --near_data option is used for all object files and libraries in the link. A relocation error may occur during link time optimization if --near_data has been specified with different values for different translation units. Earlier change in SDSCM00052683 introduced code size degradations and has been reverted.
SDSCM00040386 Remove -olength option from hex utility's help summary and Users Guides Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS MSP430_16.9.0.LTS
SDSCM00052153 Remove compiler option --gen_func_subsections from MSP430 compiler user's guide Fixed MSP430_16.9.0.LTS The --gen_func_subsections option should be removed from the MSP430 compiler user guide. Function subsections are always generated for MSP430.

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