Open Defects in Release

ID Summary State Reported In Release Target Release Workaround Release Notes
SDSCM00052865 Bad handling of time zone Open C6000_8.2.0
SDSCM00052807 lnk6x emits warnings about .tdata and .tbss when .TI.tls specification is present in a linker command file Open C6000_8.2.0
SDSCM00051481 MISRA 10.1/10.2 don't understand pointers to float types Accepted C6000_8.2.0
SDSCM00051300 Array with many dimensions hangs parser Accepted C6000_8.2.0
SDSCM00050131 Local struct with non-constant initializer treated as static scope variable Accepted C6000_8.2.0
SDSCM00049284 Compiler misreports Misra warning 10.1 Accepted C6000_8.2.0
SDSCM00049280 Ill advised enum scalar usage gets MISRA diagnostic, but similar usage of enum array does not Open C6000_8.2.0
SDSCM00049278 Array that is correctly initialized erroneously gets a MISRA diagnostic about size not being specified Open C6000_8.2.0
SDSCM00048582 Use of short form of options in C_OPTION may cause spurious warning Accepted C6000_8.2.0 If using the C_OPTION environment variable, the best practice is to use the long form of options.
SDSCM00048083 %#x should not prefix 0x to a zero value Accepted C6000_8.2.0
SDSCM00048041 Should reject certain unitless instructions in parallel with certain other instructions Open C6000_8.2.0
SDSCM00047568 Disassembler fails to disassemble DPINT DPTRUNC DPSP Accepted C6000_8.2.0
SDSCM00047245 C99 math.h macros not supported Accepted C6000_8.2.0
SDSCM00047244 C99 header file fenv.h not supported Accepted C6000_8.2.0
SDSCM00047243 isunordered not supported Accepted C6000_8.2.0
SDSCM00046931 Hex converter map file does not list all sections for RAM model program with initialized sections with .cinit records Accepted C6000_8.2.0
SDSCM00046929 Hex converter fails to process RAM model .cinit records for initialized sections Accepted C6000_8.2.0
SDSCM00046695 FP rounding error, 1 ULP makes P70590.c fail Accepted C6000_8.2.0
SDSCM00046690 pow(min, max) and pow(max, max) incorrect Accepted C6000_8.2.0
SDSCM00046659 global labels defined in .cproc region are discarded Accepted C6000_8.2.0
SDSCM00046391 When failing to place a section, include size of trampolines in error message Accepted C6000_8.2.0
SDSCM00046114 C6000 RTS float arithmetic functions do not round correctly Open C6000_8.2.0
SDSCM00043877 Emit warning message when objects of size 256MB or larger truncated Accepted C6000_8.2.0
SDSCM00042559 modf(-Inf, 1.0) with -mv6740 enters infinite loop Accepted C6000_8.2.0
SDSCM00040934 Structure is not initialized correctly when using -o2 or -o3 optimization Accepted C6000_8.2.0 The initialization will have to be done at run-time, through a __sti initialization routine. You can see this routine when compiling without optimization. To workaround the compiler removing this initialization routine, initialize the object at the beginning of main: Info2.mSize = ((unsigned)_end_isr_stack - (unsigned)_start_isr_stack);
SDSCM00039264 When building with -o2, compiler sometimes fails to complete compilation Accepted C6000_8.2.0
SDSCM00037671 XML output needs encoding specification Accepted C6000_8.2.0
SDSCM00036152 Compiler generates internal error from parser when compiling a source file containing gcc "labels as values" extension Accepted C6000_8.2.0
SDSCM00023977 compiler is scheduling use of A8 too early causing an incorrect branch Accepted C6000_8.2.0 Reduce the SPeed optimization Level. Use the -ms0, -ms1 switches.
SDSCM00018691 Linker gives misleading warning when dot expressions used in SECTION directive for .stack section Accepted C6000_8.2.0
SDSCM00014430 calloc doesn't check arguments to make sure the requested size is reasonable Accepted C6000_8.2.0
SDSCM00008685 DWARF does not correctly represent variables stored in register pairs Accepted C6000_8.2.0 Although 'var1' and 'var2' are shown to be in single registers, a debugger could determine that they are actually stored in register pairs by looking at the type of the variables: [00000113] DW_TAG_base_type DW_AT_name long long DW_AT_encoding 0x5 DW_AT_byte_size 0x8 The base type indicates that the size of the variables is 0x8 bytes. Since a single register can only store 0x4 bytes of information, it would take two registers to hold this values. On TI architectures, values stored in multiple registers are always stored in consecutive registers. Thus, the debugger would know that if the entire value could not fit in A4, the rest of the value must be in A5. A5 would contain the upper 32 bits of the value.
SDSCM00008543 Forward reference in .space generates an internal error Accepted C6000_8.2.0 none
SDSCM00008465 Language Conformance: crash because of void pointer dereference Accepted C6000_8.2.0 Please describe the workaround for this problem.
SDSCM00008248 Compilers on PC will not work without TMP set Accepted C6000_8.2.0 Set the TMP environment variable, even if just set to . (current directory)

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