Closed Defects in Release

ID Summary State Reported In Release Target Release Workaround Release Notes
CODEGEN-1976 Value of __cplusplus is wrong Fixed C6000_8.1.0B1 C6000_8.1.3 If possible, use the -ps or --strict_ansi options. This mode will use the strict definition of __cplusplus, which is 199711L. Our parser mimicked G++ behavior for the value of this macro in relaxed ANSI mode. This reproduced a bug in G++ versions v.4.7 and v.4.3 that has since been fixed.
CODEGEN-1703 Designated initializer plus struct hack hangs compiler Fixed C6000_8.1.0B1 C6000_8.1.3 Avoiding using string constants to initialize objects with flexible array members. Instead, use a brace-initialized array. For example: struct { int a; char b[]; } mystruct = {0, {'h', 'e', 'l', 'l', 'o'} }; Fixed a compiler hang caused by initializing flexible array members with string constants. struct {int a; char b[]; } mystruct = {0, "hello"} /* Would cause the compiler to hang and/or crash */
CODEGEN-1658 SPLOOP Missed Stall Exception with Debugger Fixed C6000_8.1.1 C6000_8.1.3 None. A hardware bug on C6000 prevents the debugger from working correctly within certain instruction sequences in an SPLOOP.
CODEGEN-1649 Warning "INLINE recursion limit exceeded" during RTS build Fixed C6000_8.1.0B1 C6000_8.1.2 None, for the automatic library builds. Elsewhere, one can use the hidden --inline_recursion_limit option to increase the limit above the default 10. The compiler may emit the warning "INLINE recursion limit exceeded," but there is no way to suppress the warning, and it really isn't useful for the typical compiler user. These changes remove the warning.
CODEGEN-1640 MISRA 19.1 misreported: #include statements should only be preceded by other preprocessor directives Fixed C6000_8.1.0B1 C6000_8.1.3 No practical workaround
CODEGEN-1634 MISRA 7.1 misreported: octal tokens in token paste Fixed C6000_8.1.0B1 C6000_8.1.3 No practical workaround
CODEGEN-1632 MISRA 15.2 misreported: switch clause unconditional break Fixed C6000_8.1.0B1 C6000_8.1.3 Put an explicit break at the end of the compound statement
CODEGEN-1441 Compiler generates software pipelined loop that has multiple assignment code, and is not interrupt safe Fixed C6000_8.1.1 C6000_8.1.2 If the specific code sequence causing the issue can be located in the assembly source, then a user may insert a DINT instruction in front of the multi-cycle instruction and a RINT instruction after the last delay slot of the multi-cycle instruction. The compiler will mistakenly define and use a register that is defined by a preceeding multi-cycle instruction while the definition of the value created by the multi-cycle instruction is still in the process of being written to that register. If an interrupt occurs between the delay slot definition of that register and the delay slot use of that register, then an incorrect value will arrive in the register for the delay slot use of the register. For example, MPYLI .M1X A4,B6,A5:A4 MVK .S1 2380,A3 || ADD .L1X A3,B8,A5 ADD .L1 A3,A5,A9 LDHU .D1T1 *A9,A5 NOP 1 ... In the above code, if an interrupt occurs in the delay slots of the MPYLI instruction, between the definition of A5 and the subsequent use of A5, then the value in A5 used by the second ADD instruction will be the value that was written to A5 by the MPYLI instruction instead of the first ADD instruction.
CODEGEN-1429 Software pipelined loop generates different results than loop not pipelined Fixed C6000_8.1.0B1 C6000_8.1.2 Avoid unsigned expressions in subscripts or in computing subscripts, or compile with -o1 or -o0.
CODEGEN-1333 Structure assignment causes compiler to fail with INTERNAL ERROR: Decomposition error Fixed C6000_8.1.0 C6000_8.1.2 Replace struct assignments involving packed structures with a memcpy() call to copy the contents of the RHS of the struct assign to the LHS.
SDSCM00052734 Internal error in trampoline generation when user defines data symbol named "signal" Fixed C6000_8.1.0B1 C6000_8.1.2 It is a user error to have two different objects in the system with the same name. Rename one of the objects.
CODEGEN-1272 Compiling with optimization level o2 and higher triggers an exception Fixed C6000_8.1.0 C6000_8.1.3 Compile affected C/C++ source file with "--disable:pc" compiler option In some cases where the compiler generates a non-SPLOOP software pipelined loop which has a large iteration interval, the compiler may determine that it is OK to speculatively execute a load instruction when it shouldn't. This can lead to the compiler generating code which, when executed, will try to access an illegal data address with a load instruction whose address operand is pointing to an illegal address. The result at run time is a hardware exception.
SDSCM00052864 struct field in register is not sign-extended to 32 bits before 32-bit compare Fixed C6000_8.1.0 C6000_8.1.2 Declare the local struct as volatile The compiler can place small structs in registers for fast access. In this case, the compiler fails to sign-extend a 16-bit struct member to 32-bits before a 32-bit comparison. This can happen for structs 32 bits or less, with any integer field 16 bits or less.
SDSCM00052889 uint16_t value not truncated as it ought to be in if test using -O2 Fixed C6000_8.1.0B1 C6000_8.1.1
SDSCM00052887 Compiler produces incorrect code for C674x at -O2 Fixed C6000_8.1.0B1 C6000_8.1.1 Place #pragma UNROLL(1) immediately before the loop
SDSCM00052833 Linker INTERNAL ERROR with object files with DWARF information compiled by IAR compiler Fixed C6000_8.1.0B1 C6000_8.1.1 Add option --compress_dwarf=off
SDSCM00052805 Decomposition error on while(*ptr++) where ptr points to volatile Fixed C6000_8.1.0B1 C6000_8.1.1 No workaround.
SDSCM00052721 lnk6x automatic RTS selection does not work when thread-safe version of RTS is needed Fixed C6000_8.1.0 C6000_8.1.1 Explicitly specify the thread-safe version of the RTS library that is to be included in the link instead of using libc.a on the link command line or in the linker command file.
SDSCM00052699 Compiler discards write to a volatile local struct member Fixed C6000_8.1.0B1 C6000_8.1.1 No workaround.
SDSCM00052529 Optimizer assumes enum variable can only have value of enumeration constants Fixed C6000_8.1.0B1 C6000_8.1.1 Don't make enumerated types with constants only for 0 and 1 if other values may be used. Either add a third value, or use values different than 0 and 1, or avoid using values that aren't the enumeration constants.
SDSCM00052339 demangler --output option does not work at all Fixed C6000_8.1.0 C6000_8.1.0 armdem file.asm > file.dis
SDSCM00052301 Linker crashes when --ecc:ecc_error is used Fixed C6000_8.1.0 C6000_8.1.0 None.
SDSCM00052292 Certain cases of array-typed struct member followed by non-array member cause incorrect code Fixed C6000_8.1.0 C6000_8.1.0 Put all array-typed members of the struct at the end. The problem is with array members that appear immediately before non-array members.
SDSCM00052265 Flexible array with initializer not handle correctly Fixed C6000_8.1.0 C6000_8.1.0 None.
SDSCM00051485 Incorrect reordering of nested op= with ++ Fixed C6000_8.1.0B1 C6000_8.1.2 Don't embed "X op= Y++" under another assignment operator. An expression like "a += b += c++" will produce the wrong answer. The problem is specific to sub-expressions of the form "X op= Y++" that occur under another assignment operator.
SDSCM00050005 Compiler mistakenly issues MISRA diagnostic 12.9 for a float point type Fixed C6000_8.1.0B1 C6000_8.1.2

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