Readme for C2000 Code Generation Tools v20.2.6.LTS

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Long-term Support Release

The C2000 CGT v20.2.0.LTS release is a long term support (LTS) release. This release will be supported for roughly 2 years with periodic bug fix updates.

Compiler Downloads and Documentation

Documentation for the “TI C2000 Optimizing Compiler User’s Guide” and the “TI C2000 Assembly Language User’s Guide” is available online at:

TI E2E Community

Questions concerning TI Code Generation Tools can be posted to the TI E2E Community forums. The “Development Tools” forum can be found at:

Defect Tracking Database

Compiler defect reports can be tracked at the Development Tools bug database at:

New Features:

Integer Division Unit (HWINTDIV) updates

The Integer Division Unit feature support has below updates. Feature enabled with --idiv_support=idiv0 and requires --abi=eabi and --float_support=fpu32/fpu64.

Support inline memcpy operations larger than 255 words

Inlining of memcpy for operations less than or equal 255 words is already supported with use of the instruction: RPT #imm

Support has been added for inlining memcpy of operations larger than 255 words by using the RPT instruction with register operand.

Both memcpy inlining uses of RPT can be disabled with --rpt_threshold

FPU64 Run Time Support (RTS) library routine updates

New diagnostic checks

Hex utility --cmac option, supported added for --boot tables

The hex conversion utility’s Cipher-based Message Authentication Protocol (CMAC) feature now supports boot tables with CMAC tags.

To enable, use --cmac=key_file with --boot along with other required boot table options. The CMAC algorithm assumes a fill value of 1’s for gaps between boot table regions which requires setting --fill.

Hex utility --cmac option (cipher-based message authentication protocol)

The hex conversion utility supports the secure flash boot capability provided by TMS320F2838x devices, which have both C28 and ARM cores. The secure flash boot applies the Cipher-based Message Authentication Protocol (CMAC) algorithm to verify CMAC tags for regions of allocated memory.

In order to apply the CMAC algorithm to the appropriate regions in allocated memory, use the hex conversion utility as follows: --cmac=file where file contains a 128-bit hex CMAC key

NOTE: above additionally requires --image or --load_image options.

CMAC tag locations need to be defined in the user’s C code using below symbols along with LOCATION and RETAIN pragmas: secure boot regions: cmac_sb_1 cmac_sb_2 cmac_sb_3 or cmac_sb_4 user-specified region: cmac_all

The hex utility will then apply the CMAC algorithm to all the CMAC tags defined in the user’s C code.

See TMS320C28x Assembly Language Tools User Guide for details.

VCU register save/restore support for interrupt service routines

In prior releases, interrupt service routines (ISR) did not save/restore VCU registers.

Below new option generates VCU register save/restore to stack for ISR’s so vcu code can be re-entrant. If an ISR interrupts a VCU computation then it will not impact results.


NOTE: VCU save/restore are only emitted for ISR’s that call other functions since leaf ISR routines will not have any VCU register usage as there is no current VCU code generation aside from below save/restore.

For --vcu_support=vcu0/vcu2, below are added to ISR’s:



For --vcu_support=vcrc, below are added to ISR’s:



Default file extension for compiler generated object files

The default file extensions for object files created by the compiler have changed in order to prevent conflicts when C and C++ files have the same names. Object files generated from C source files have the .c.obj extension. Object files generated from C++ source files have the .cpp.obj extension.

MISRA-C 2004 Support Deprecation

Starting with C2000 CGT v20.2.5.LTS, MISRA-C 2004 checking support has been deprecated. The existing MISRA checking functionality will remain in further patch versions of this compiler stream as is, but no further issues will be addressed.

Resolved defects

Resolved defects in v20.2.6.LTS:

ID Summary
CODEGEN-9423 C28 high priority fpu interrupt routines may not always save/restore RB register when isr uses RPTB
CODEGEN-9422 C28 –isr_save_vcu_regs=on does not always save/restore VCU registers
CODEGEN-9399 Temp file name collison causes compilation failure at –opt_level=4
CODEGEN-9330 Severe slowdown of link-time DWARF compaction in COFF projects

Known defects

Known defects in v20.2.x.LTS:

ID Summary
CODEGEN-9407 Incorrect initialization of implicitly-sized array from constant initialization value with designated initializers
CODEGEN-8576 Loop that iterates a very large number of times causes compiler to fail with: Optimizer terminated abnormally
CODEGEN-8528 Assembler incorrectly issues the warning: Register write access is in the delay slot of a write of the same register
CODEGEN-8471 Hex utility, when splitting a section as required by the bootloader, ignores the section alignment for the second part of the split
CODEGEN-8377 C++ header files do not build clean with –issue remarks
CODEGEN-8214 Rounding error in floating point division of constant values
CODEGEN-7388 The option –preproc_dependency mishandles spaces in directory names
CODEGEN-6509 Compiler error: no instance of function template matches the argument list
CODEGEN-6070 Erroneous “redeclared with incompatible type” involving two tagless structs with same form
CODEGEN-5179 When a symbol is remapped, DW_TAG_TI_branch/DW_AT_name is not updated
CODEGEN-5078 Simple syntax error causes assembler to fail with INTERNAL ERROR
CODEGEN-4985 Typo on ULP Advisor message
CODEGEN-4960 Using –gen_profile_info with code with CLA source fails to build
CODEGEN-4342 cerr.tie() returns the wrong value
CODEGEN-4298 Internal error when passing a temporary array of objects
CODEGEN-4297 Cannot take the address of std::ctype<char>::table_size
CODEGEN-4296 Undefined symbol isblank with -g or -ooff
CODEGEN-4290 wstring runtime failure - likely bug in swprintf
CODEGEN-4281 Unexpected type returned by bitset [] operator
CODEGEN-4276 std::multimap::clear is not noexcept
CODEGEN-4275 std::num_get does not parse floating-point strings correctly
CODEGEN-4259 noexcept(typeid(d)) runtime fail on polymorphic class type
CODEGEN-4258 deeply nested lambda functions hang the codegen
CODEGEN-4250 regex_constants::ECMAScript not expected to be 0
CODEGEN-1194 hex2000, while using -b option, mistakenly states a section “falls in unconfigured memory”
CODEGEN-1031 C2000 float software multiply doesn't handle -1*INF properly
CODEGEN-1028 C2000 can't print 0 with %a format
CODEGEN-580 C2000 RTS float arithmetic functions do not round correctly
CODEGEN-322 Structure is not initialized correctly when using -o2 or -o3 optimization
CODEGEN-104 Linker gives misleading warning when dot expressions used in SECTION directive for .stack section
CODEGEN-88 strcmp doesn't correctly handle values with uppermost bit set
CODEGEN-71 Extern inline functions are not supported in the C/C++ Compiler with COFF ABI
CODEGEN-63 DWARF does not correctly represent variables stored in register pairs
CODEGEN-62 pow(2,x) has fairly significant rounding error
CODEGEN-60 printf gives wrong value for pointer when its value is incremented
CODEGEN-56 Forward reference in .space generates an internal error