Closed Defects in Release

ID Summary State Reported In Release Target Release Workaround Release Notes
CODEGEN-2171 C2000 compiler disables if conversion on mac Fixed C2000_15.12.0.LTS C2000_15.12.5.LTS
CODEGEN-2098 Temp filename collisions on Windows with many parallel invocations Fixed C2000_15.12.0.LTS C2000_15.12.5.LTS In some cases with a large number of compilations in parallel on Windows, the compiler could create temporary files with colliding names, resulting in strange compilation failures.
CODEGEN-2053 Compiler incorrectly reorders struct assign for small, volatile structs with bit-fields Fixed C2000_15.12.3.LTS C2000_15.12.5.LTS Use optimization level 0 or off (option --opt_level) For a very specific optimization, the optimizer may drop a volatile qualifier from a struct assignment. In some cases, the compiler may later perform an incorrect optimization, most commonly incorrectly reordering volatile assignments. This bug can only happen in a function compiled with optimization level 1 or higher which contains both of the following: 1) A struct assign where the destination is volatile, and the source is a known constant, and the struct contains a bit-field, and the struct is of size "int" or smaller. 2) Any bit-field access (read or write) other than as part of a struct assign or initialization expression. That is, the name of the bit-field is present in the access expression. Note that the optimizer can create this situation by inlining functions, so 1 and 2 might be in different functions in the source code. Consider a tree x = y where x and y are of type struct S. If the value of y is known at compile time (e.g. a const value), the optimizer will try to turn the struct constant into an integer constant (possibly combining bit-fields) and rewrite the tree to look like this: "(unsigned *)x = 32;" However, if y is volatile, that should be "*(volatile unsigned *)x = 32;" Because the access is not volatile, instruction scheduling could cause this instruction to drift past nearby volatile accesses.
CODEGEN-2050 Use of -o4 causes linker XML map file to have missing input_file entries Fixed C2000_15.12.0.LTS C2000_15.12.5.LTS
CODEGEN-1976 Value of __cplusplus is wrong Fixed C2000_15.12.0.LTS C2000_15.12.5.LTS If possible, use the -ps or --strict_ansi options. This mode will use the strict definition of __cplusplus, which is 199711L. Our parser mimicked G++ behavior for the value of this macro in relaxed ANSI mode. This reproduced a bug in G++ versions v.4.7 and v.4.3 that has since been fixed.
CODEGEN-1927 Float variables allocated to FPU register such as R4H are displayed as "unknown register R4HL" in Variables view Fixed C2000_15.12.0.LTS C2000_15.12.5.LTS Lowering the level of optimization in the project such that the variable is not allocated to a register will allow its value to be displayed correctly in the Variables view. Fixed an issue where FPU32 registers were sometimes incorrectly named and not available during debug.
CODEGEN-1710 Illegal instruction selection for __byte_peripheral_32 on FPU32 Fixed C2000_15.12.0.LTS C2000_15.12.5.LTS Try a lower level of optimization. For our test case, optimization levels lower than 3 did not expose the bug. However, this workaround may not help for all test cases. Although byte peripheral types are integral, when FPU32 device support is enabled, the compiler might store 32-bit integral values in floating point registers when CPU registers are unavailable. The compiler erroneously generates a MOVL instruction instead of a MOV32 instruction for moving 32-bit byte peripheral data between floating point registers and byte peripheral memory, if this data gets assigned to a floating point register.
CODEGEN-1709 Using #pragma INTERRUPT(HPI) crashes the compiler Fixed C2000_15.12.0.LTS C2000_15.12.5.LTS Besides not using #pragma INTERRUPT(HPI), there is no workaround. The compiler requires an update. Fixed a crash that occurs when using #pragma INTERRUPT(HPI)
CODEGEN-1703 Designated initializer plus struct hack hangs compiler Fixed C2000_15.12.0.LTS C2000_15.12.4.LTS Avoiding using string constants to initialize objects with flexible array members. Instead, use a brace-initialized array. For example: struct { int a; char b[]; } mystruct = {0, {'h', 'e', 'l', 'l', 'o'} }; Fixed a compiler hang caused by initializing flexible array members with string constants. struct {int a; char b[]; } mystruct = {0, "hello"} /* Would cause the compiler to hang and/or crash */
CODEGEN-1671 Arrays of Byte Peripherals or types aligned larger than their size should generate error Fixed C2000_15.12.0.LTS C2000_15.12.4.LTS Do not attempt to create an array of byte peripheral objects. The C language guarantees that the size of an array is equal to the size of each element times the number of elements. Because we double the alignment of byte peripheral data types but do not change the size, this does not hold true. There would be padding in the array, which is not allowed by the standard. Underneath the hood, we use the aligned GCC attribute to change the alignment for byte peripherals. On GCC, if you try to make an array of elements whose alignment is larger than its size (see example code below), you get the following error: "9:1: error: alignment of array elements is greater than element size" However, our parser doesn’t generate an error. Instead, it just reduces the alignment of the element size silently and makes an array. We need to generate an error and document that this is not allowed, both for byte peripherals and the aligned GCC attribute.
CODEGEN-1667 Assignment to 32-bit byte peripheral from 64-bit cast to 32-bit value causes internal error Fixed C2000_15.12.0.LTS C2000_15.12.4.LTS Saving the cast value to a 32-bit temp and then assigning to the 32-bit byte peripheral will work at optimization settings of 0 and off. If a 64-bit value is cast to a 32-bit value and then assigned to a 32-bit byte peripheral type, an internal error occurs.
CODEGEN-1662 Optimizer incorrectly detects __fmin and __fmax idioms Fixed C2000_15.12.0.LTS C2000_15.12.4.LTS If you want floating-point absolute value, use fabs. However, there are other ways this bug could be triggered that have no practical workaround other than to use -Ooff
CODEGEN-1640 MISRA 19.1 misreported: #include statements should only be preceded by other preprocessor directives Fixed C2000_15.12.0.LTS C2000_15.12.4.LTS No practical workaround
CODEGEN-1634 MISRA 7.1 misreported: octal tokens in token paste Fixed C2000_15.12.0.LTS C2000_15.12.4.LTS No practical workaround
CODEGEN-1632 MISRA 15.2 misreported: switch clause unconditional break Fixed C2000_15.12.0.LTS C2000_15.12.4.LTS Put an explicit break at the end of the compound statement
CODEGEN-1534 Assembler mishandles SUBF32||MOV32 UNCF Fixed C2000_15.12.0.LTS C2000_15.12.4.LTS As a workaround, take off the UNCF operand and the assembler handles the instruction correctly.
CODEGEN-1510 Assembler incorrectly issues warning on large constant used with MOVI32 instruction Fixed C2000_15.12.1.LTS C2000_15.12.4.LTS
SDSCM00052895 C28x --disable_dp_load_opt does not disable blocking for .ebss Fixed C2000_15.12.2.LTS C2000_15.12.4.LTS Put data in user-defined section and use --disable_dp_load_opt to prevent blocking. The C28x compiler blocks .ebss by default. --disable_dp_load_opt disables blocking for user-defined sections. However, for .ebss the flag only disables DP-load optimization but did not disable blocking.
CODEGEN-1420 Compiler mistakenly overwrites upper 32-bits to 0 by using MOVZ instruction to compute var32 |= 0x20 Fixed C2000_15.12.0.LTS C2000_15.12.4.LTS Fixed an issue where the compiler would issue a MOVZ instruction that zeroes the upper bits of an XAR register when those upper bits are needed for a future instruction.
CODEGEN-1418 64-bit bitwise op on enum gives INTERNAL ERROR: no match for ASG Fixed C2000_15.12.2.LTS, C2000_15.12.3.LTS, C2000_15.12.0.LTS, C2000_15.12.1.LTS C2000_15.12.4.LTS Add compiler option -mf3 or higher (--opt_for_speed=3)
CODEGEN-1333 Structure assignment causes compiler to fail with INTERNAL ERROR: Decomposition error Fixed C2000_15.12.3.LTS C2000_15.12.4.LTS Replace struct assignments involving packed structures with a memcpy() call to copy the contents of the RHS of the struct assign to the LHS.
CODEGEN-1329 Lower diagnostic about redefined opcode to a warning, when a compiler intrinsic is redefined Fixed C2000_15.12.0.LTS C2000_15.12.5.LTS Remove the #define or do not include the header file in assembly files. When a header file attempting to redefine an opcode name is included in assembly files, the assembler issues an error because it is not legal to redefine an opcode name. While this behavior is correct, it causes programs to fail to compile when some C2000 header files are included in assembly files due to the "#define eallow ..." in the header files.
SDSCM00052894 CLA does not correctly handle certain pragmas like UNROLL which take an integer argument Fixed C2000_15.12.1.LTS C2000_15.12.3.LTS None
SDSCM00052881 unsigned array index not trucated as it should be Fixed C2000_15.12.0.LTS C2000_15.12.3.LTS Disable the optimizer with -Ooff
SDSCM00052873 Mishandled condition codes set by CLA intrinsics __mmaxf32 and __mminf32 Fixed C2000_15.12.0.LTS C2000_15.12.3.LTS
SDSCM00052833 Linker INTERNAL ERROR with object files with DWARF information compiled by IAR compiler Fixed C2000_15.12.0.LTS C2000_15.12.3.LTS Add option --compress_dwarf=off
SDSCM00052805 Decomposition error on while(*ptr++) where ptr points to volatile Fixed C2000_15.12.0.LTS C2000_15.12.2.LTS No workaround.
SDSCM00052774 Using __IQsat with destination same as one input leads to bad code Fixed C2000_15.12.0.LTS C2000_15.12.2.LTS No practical workaround
SDSCM00052737 Compiler reorders MOVDL or MOVD32 instruction with an instruction which reads the delayed memory Fixed C2000_15.12.0.LTS C2000_15.12.2.LTS None.
SDSCM00052723 Compiler seg faults with use of --opt_level=4 Fixed C2000_15.12.0.LTS C2000_15.12.1.LTS Use optimization level 3 or below.
SDSCM00052699 Compiler discards write to a volatile local struct member Fixed C2000_15.12.0.LTS C2000_15.12.2.LTS No workaround.
SDSCM00050005 Compiler mistakenly issues MISRA diagnostic 12.9 for a float point type Fixed C2000_15.12.0.LTS C2000_15.12.3.LTS
SDSCM00039432 Must interrupt-protect RB restore in low-prority interrupt handler Fixed C2000_15.12.0.LTS C2000_15.12.2.LTS At the end of every low-priority interrupt handler function which may have enabled interrupts (possibly during a callee), add the intrinsic __disable_interrupts.
SDSCM00038327 ARM RTS libraries expose enumerations across ABI boundaries, but are marked as having no visible enumerations Fixed C2000_15.12.0.LTS When using C++ RTS functions, use --enum_type=packed, or rebuild the RTS library with the --enum_type=int option.

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