Safety Diagnostic Software Library

The C2000 MCU Diagnostic Software Library includes software that helps make designing for functional safety applications with TI C2000™ real-time control microcontrollers easier and faster. The safety mechanisms employed are intended to aid the customer in achieving their specific safety goals.

The C2000 Safety Diagnostic Libraries include specific functional safety software mechanisms to enable customers to meet their functional safety goals. The functional safety software mechanisms provided are included and detailed in the device safety manual.

C2000 has selected a set of functional safety software mechanisms as reference according to the following criteria:

  • Valid mechanism according to the device safety manual

  • Easily integrated into various systems

  • Leverages specific C2000 device features for functional safety purposes

  • Reduces customer software development and time to market

Where valid functional safety software mechanisms are omitted from the libraries, this is due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Functional safety mechanism is simple and does not require a SW library or API provided by C2000

  • Functional safety mechanism is tightly coupled with the system implementation and it is not feasible to provide a generic solution in a SW library from C2000

Additionally, functional safety software mechanisms which are not provided in SW libraries are detailed in the device safety manual. Sufficient information is provided to enable customers to implement and integrate such safety mechanisms.

Software Diagnostic Library and CLA Software Test Library for F2807x, F2837xD and F2837xS are available for download from

Software Diagnostic Library for F28004x is included in C2000Ware releases starting with v3.01.00.00.

For more information on functional safety with C2000 MCUs, refer to C2000 MCU functional safety.