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This is of the C2000Ware DigitalPower SDK. This HTML will provide a list of the version and paths for the solutions and software libraries in the C2000Ware DigitalPower SDK directory.

Hardware Support

This table lists by device the reference designs and evaluation modules for which examples are provided in this release. For a detailed description of all solutions, see the table in the Features section of the C2000Ware DigitalPower SDK tool page.

EVM / TI Design C2000 Series Supported Reference Design Description
TIDA-01604 F28004x (CLA Support Included)
6.6kW Single-Phase Totem Pole CCM PFC
F28P55x (CLA Support Included)
F2837x (CLA Support Included)
F28003x (CLA Support Included)
10kW three phase AC-DC, T type inverter/ T type PFC
TIDA-010054 F28003x
10kW bi-directional, dual active bridge reference design DC/DC
TIDA-010062 F28004x
1kW GaN CCM totem pole bridgeless PFC and half-bridge LLC
TIDA-010086 F28003x
10A Battery Formation and Test
TIDA-010087 F28003x
100A Dual-Phase Digital Control Battery Tester
TIDA-010210 F28004x (CLA Support Included)
11kW, bi-directional 3-phase 3-level ANPC-type Active Front End
TIDA-010231 F28004x
Arc Fault Detection in Photovoltaic Applications Reference Design
F2838x (CLA Support Included)
F2837x (CLA Support Included)
F28004x (CLA Support Included)    
Three Phase PFC: Vienna Rectifier
TIDM-1007 F28004x (CLA Support Included) Single-phase totem pole CCM PFC
TIDM-1022 F28004x (CLA Support Included)
Valley Switching Boost PFC
TIDM-02000 F28004x Peak current-mode controlled phase-shifted full-bridge DC/DC converter
TIDM-02002 F28004x (CLA Support Included)
Bi-Directional CLLLC Resonant Dual Active Bridge
TIDM-02008 F28004x (CLA Support Included)
Bi-directional Single Phase GaN CCM PFC
TIDM-02011 F28004x
Live Firmware Update (LFU) Solution
TIDM-02013 F28P65x (CLA Support Included)
F28003x (CLA Support Included)
7.4kW GaN based On-board Charger
Voltage source inverter & Grid Connected Inverter
High Voltage Solar MPPT DCDC Converter
TIDM-DC-DC-BUCK F28004x Digitally Controlled Non-Isolated DC/DC Buck Converter
PMP23069 F28004x
3kW Single-Phase CCM Totem Pole Bridgeless PFC
PMP23126 F28004x
3kW Phase-Shifted Full Bridge With Active Clamp
PMP23338 F28003x (CLA Support Included)
3kW single-phase totem-pole bridgeless PFC
PMP23340 F280015x
1.1kW GaN Brick DC-DC Power Module
PMP40988 F28003x (CLA Support Included)
F28004x (CLA Support Included)
5kW Two Phase Variable Switching Frequency GaN-Based Totem-Pole PFC Reference design
PMP41006 F28004x
1kW CCM Totem Pole PFC and Current Mode LLC
PMP41017 F28003x GaN-based Two Phase Interleaved Half-Bridge LLC
PMP41081 F28003x (CLA Support Included)
1kW 12V hybrid-hysteretic control LLC


Software Libraries

Library Version Location
c2000ware c2000ware
sfra libraries/sfra
powersuite powerSUITE
utilities libraries/utilities
spll libraries/spll
power_measurement libraries/power_measurement


Solution Version Location
tidm_hv_1ph_dcac solutions/tidm_hv_1ph_dcac
tidm_solar_dcdc solutions/tidm_solar_dcdc
tidm_dc_dc_buck solutions/tidm_dc_dc_buck
tidm_02013 solutions/tidm_02013
pmp23338 solutions/pmp23338
pmp23340 solutions/pmp23340
pmp40988 solutions/pmp40988
pmp41006 solutions/pmp41006
pmp41017 solutions/pmp41017
pmp41081 solutions/pmp41081
pmp23069 solutions/pmp23069
pmp23126 solutions/pmp23126
tida_010054 solutions/tida_010054
tida_010062 solutions/tida_010062
tida_010086 solutions/tida_010086
tida_010087 solutions/tida_010087
tida_010210 solutions/tida_010210
tida_010231 solutions/tida_010231
tidm_1000 solutions/tidm_1000
tida_01606 solutions/tida_01606
tidm_02002 solutions/tidm_02002
tidm_02011 solutions/tidm_02011
tidm_02000 solutions/tidm_02000

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