SysConfig Preview


These are early preview examples that use a new graphical configuration tool called SysConfig. These examples are similar to the examples in examples/rtos and examples/nortos but they use SysConfig to generate configuration code instead of having the application provide it.

SysConfig is integrated with logic to help manage, expose and potentially solve conflicts visually to free up more time for creating differentiated applications. Use of the SysConfig preview examples is not required for developing on SimpleLink devices. However, we encourage you to try them out and to give us your feedback.

More information on SysConfig can be found in the SysConfig section of the SimpleLink MCU SDK User’s Guide of your respective SDK (e.g. SIMPLELINK-CC13X2-26X2-SDK).

See the “SysConfig Tool Basics” lab in SimpleLink Academy for your respective SDK to find step-by-step instructions for installing and using SysConfig.

SysConfig Feature Set


You will require two components:

Supported Boards and BoosterPacks

The following LaunchPads are supported by the related SDKs:

The following BoosterPacks are supported (see the section below regarding adding BoosterPacks):

Quick Start

The fastest way to get started with SysConfig is to import one of the examples from the SysConfig preview folder. For example:

Adding BoosterPacks

This version of SysConfig does not automatically load the available BoosterPacks from the SDKs. There are two workarounds that can be used:

Add other boosterpacks you may want to use.

Known Limitations, Bugs, Etc

Providing feedback

Please submit questions or feedback via the relevant product forum at