SimpleLink CC3220 SDK AWS IoT Plugin Release Notes

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The AWS Plugin enables users to create AWS applications. It includes the necessary AWS sources, as well as documentation and examples.


The following documentation is provided with this release.

What’s New


The following Defects were resolved

ID Summary
AWSIOT-37 Add FREERTOS_INSTALL_DIR variable into products.mak
AWSIOT-34 Change examples to call sl_stop() with a 200ms wait time
AWSIOT-31 AWS examples should not define OVERWRITE_CERTS in compiler options
AWSIOT-24 Hard fault occurs when calling AWS connect/disconnect/connect sequence


The following Enhancements were resolved

ID Summary
AWSIOT-30 Examples shouldn't call Display_ APIs from main
AWSIOT-25 Add installer description for .zip files in QSG
AWSIOT-23 Update to CC3220 1.40 SDK
AWSIOT-22 Demonstrate how to enable power management in the examples
AWSIOT-15 Example code should retry NTP server when it doesn't respond

Upgrade and Compatibility Information


Host Support


This release requires the following software components and tools versions to successfully function:

See the CC3220 SDK documentation for IDE and toolchain dependencies

Device Support

This release supports the following devices:

Validation Information

This release was validated using the following software components. Please use the versions below, or compatible:

Known Issues


All releases have 4 segment versions ( This includes GA and pre-releases. Pre-releases are denoted with a suffix (e.g.

This product’s version follows a version format,, where M is a single digit Major number, mm is 2 digit minor number, pp is a 2 digit patch number, and bb is an unrestricted set of digits used as an incrementing build counter.

To support multiple side-by-side installations of the product, the product version is encoded in the top level directory, ex. aws_cc3220_1_10_00_07.

Subsequent releases of patch upgrades will be identified by the patch number. Typically, these patches only include critical bug fixes.

Last updated: 2017-07-19