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This is a GA release of the Core SDK for MSP432E4 devices.


Open the documentation overview web page file in the SDK’s Doc folder for a full list of documentation.

What’s New

New Features

ID Summary
TIRTOS-1421 Update FreeRTOSConfig.h assorted files to use v10 license
TIRTOS-1377 Update Core SDK products to use FreeRTOS version 10
TIRTOS-1368 FreeRTOS/POSIX clock_gettime() needs to be updated for FreeRTOS v10.0
TIRTOS-337 Convert tcpecho/udpecho host-side utilities to python
TIDRIVERS-1470 Add TimerMSP432E4_allocateTimerResource/TimerMSP432E4_freeTimerResource to ADCBufMSP432E4 driver
TIDRIVERS-1415 Extend NVSMSP432E4 to be able to write bytes for use with SPIFFS
TIDRIVERS-1402 Support 1Mbps I2C bitrate for capable devices
TIDRIVERS-1322 Add MSP432E4 support to Timer TI Driver
TIDRIVERS-1310 Extend the NVS driver example to show how to add a custom region
TIDRIVERS-1232 Add MSP432E4 support to ADCBuf TI-Driver
TIDRIVERS-1231 Add MSP432E4 support to ADC TI-Driver
TIDRIVERS-1036 Port ADCBuf driver to MSP432E
TIDRIVERS-1035 Port ADC driver to MSP432E
TIDRIVERS-591 TI-DRIVERS should upgrade to FatFs v0.13a
TIDRIVERS-441 Add SPIFFS, a lightweight file system that uses NVS to interface with on-chip or off-chip FLASH

Bugs Resolved

ID Summary
TIRTOS-1346 Incorrect thread protection in removeThreadKeys() [FreeRTOS]
TIRTOS-1337 Dereference of freed memory in pthread_join() [FreeRTOS]
TIRTOS-1336 pthread_detach() needs thread protection [FreeRTOS]
TIRTOS-1335 Memory leak in pthread_create() on FreeRTOS
TIRTOS-1319 Incorrect thread protection in mq_open()
TIRTOS-1023 pthread_exit-related memory leak
TIDRIVERS-1413 ADCMSP432P/E drivers globalSemaphore should be created in init()
TIDRIVERS-1325 I2CMSP432E4.h missing PR4 & PR5 pin definitions

Upgrade and Compatibility Information

This release breaks compatibility with previous releases of the Core SDK in the following ways:

Old Values:


New Values:


Host Support

See the SDK release notes for a description of which host operating systems are supported in this release.


See the SDK release notes for a description of which components and tools are required to work with this product.

Device Support

See the SDK release notes for a list of TI devices that are supported in this product.

Validation Information

The Core SDK was validated with the following components:

Known Issues

ID Summary
TIRTOS-476 POSIX threads render as single task in execution graph
TIDRIVERS-1267 MSP432E4 PWM driver always inserts one full period of ‘high’ before beginning duty cycle.


This product’s version follows a version format,, where M is a single digit Major number, mm is 2 digit minor number, pp is a 2 digit patch number, and b is an unrestricted set of digits used as an incrementing build counter.

Prior Release Changes

Core SDK 3.40.00 (Nov 20 2017)

New Features

ID Summary
TIRTOS-1312 Update POSIX pthread support to show ‘fxn’ in UIA execution graph
TIDRIVERS-1280 UART drivers should have error function in HwAttrs
TIDRIVERS-1183 Improve RAM footprint of No-RTOS HwiP dispatch table
TIDRIVERS-856 Add support in MSP432P4 ADCBuf Driver for Internal Sources - Battery Monitor and Temperature Sensor (see adcInternalSource in ADCBufMSP432_HWAttrs for more details)
TIDRIVERS-704 Convert SDSPI implementations to use SDFatFS interface

Bugs Resolved

ID Summary
TIRTOS-1345 Timed functions expecting abstime on CLOCK_REALTIME are broken
TIRTOS-1280 POSIX barrier broken on FreeRTOS
TIDRIVERS-1284 NoRTOS SemaphoreP_post can permanently disable power policy
TIDRIVERS-1225 NVS drivers pre-erase 2 sectors when write is equal to sector size

Core SDK 3.35.00 (Oct 12 2017)

New Features

First Release.