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The Security Accelerator Low Level Driver (SA LLD) is intended for use with KeyStone devices
that support the optional Security Accelerator (SA) (i.e., it will not function on KeyStone
devices that do not contain a Security Accelerator).

The Security Accelerator provides hardware engines to perform encryption, decryption, and
authentication operations on packets for commonly supported protocols, including IPsec ESP
and AH, SRTP, and Air Cipher. The SA also provides the hardware modules to assist the host
in generating public keys and random numbers.

The SA LLD eases the task of programming the Security Accelerator by abstracting many of the
hardware details of the SA. It provides a set of APIs that can be called to configure and control
the SA. Included with the SA LLD are firmware images that must be loaded before using the SA
to encrypt, decrypt, and authenticate packets.

For further information on the SA and SA LLD, please refer to the Keystone Architecture Security
Accelerator User Guide