USSSWLib  02_20_00_15

Build date: 12192018

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The MSP430 microcontroller (MCU) ultrasonic sensing solution (USS) software library provides the means to configure the ultrasonic analog front end (AFE) in MSP430FR604x devices for ultrasonic captures and help to integrate it with the application software for development of ultrasonic flow meters. The library also takes advantage of the low energy accelerator (LEA) module in MSP430FR604x devices to compute time of flight (TOF) measurements.

USSSWLib Product downloads

Title Description Size
Unlocked USS-02_20_00_15-windows-installer.exe USSSWLib Installer for Windows 24908K
Unlocked USSSWLib Installer for Linux 24480K
Unlocked USSSWLib Installer for macOS 21676K
Release Notes Release Notes 72K
Library Users Guide Library Users Guide 4K
Library API Guide Library API Guide 4K
USS Design Center Users Guide USS Design Center Users Guide 4K
Demo Application
UltrasonicWaterFR604x_02_20_00_04_windows_installer.exe USS Demo for FR6047 (Win) 22724K USS Demo for FR6047 (Linux) 21616K USS Demo for FR6047 (MAC) 18668K
md5sum.txt MD5 Checksums 4K

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