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MSP430Ultrasonic Sensing Library API Reference


The MSP430™ microcontroller (MCU) ultrasonic sensing solution (USS) software library provides the means to configure the ultrasonic module in MSP430FR604x devices for ultrasonic captures and help to integrate it with the application software for development of ultrasonic flow meters.

The library also takes advantage of the Low Energy Accelerator (LEA) module in MSP430FR604x and MSP430FR504x devices to compute Delta Time of Flight (DToF), Absolute Time Of Flight (AToF) and Volume Flow Rate (VFR) measurements.

Library Arquitecture

The diagram below shows the library arquitecture. The library contains six API catagories which are intended to aid the user during the development of an ultrasonic sensing application.


This API user's guid contains detailed description regarding each API available in the Library. The API have been categorized as follows:

Supported Hardware Accelerators

Supported IDE and Compilers


Library example projects

The MSP430™ microcontroller (MCU) ultrasonic sensing solution (USS) software library contains one example projects:


This example is intended to demonstrate the recommended sequence to obtain a ultrasonic capture and obtain delta ToF, absolute ToF and volume flow rate calculations.

Please refer to the Design Center Quick Start Guide. Which provides an example of using the library for flow metrology applications.

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