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The System Management Bus (abbreviated to SMBus) is a single-ended simple two-wire bus for the purpose of lightweight communication. Most commonly it is found in computer motherboards for communication with the power source for ON/OFF instructions.

The MSP430 SMBUS Library is a royalty-free set of primitives for enabling communication with external devices supporting SMBus like battery chargers, sensors etc. The library is implemented in both Master as well as Slave modes and supported on a wide range of MSP430 devices including the MSP430 Value Line devices as well as FRAM devices.

SMBusLib Product downloads

Title Description Size SMBusLib 2504K
Release Notes Release Notes
MSP430_SMBus_Examples_Guide-1_10_00_00.pdf Examples Guide
SMBusLib MSP430FR5xx_6xx Device Documentation
MSP430FR5xx_6xx API Guide API Guide
MSP430FR5xx_6xx Users Guide Users Guide
SMBusLib MSP430G2xx3 Device Documentation
MSP430G2xx3 API Guide API Guide
MSP430G2xx3 Users Guide Users Guide
md5sum.txt MD5 Checksums 4K

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