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MSPMATHLIB  1_00_02_00

Build date: 06072013

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Continuing to innovate in the low power and low cost microcontroller space, TI brings you Mathlib. Leveraging the intelligent peripherals of our devices, this floating point math library of scalar functions brings you up to 26x better performance.

MSP430 devices supported by Mathlib:

  • MSP430F5xx
  • MSP430F6xx
  • FRAM Based Devices

What does this mean to you? Now your MSP430 can do more while consuming the same or even less power!

This optimized library can bring you increased performance in any applications involving floating point scalar math. This includes metering and sensor based applications as well as touch interfaces and graphical computations.

Mathlib is easy to integrate into your designs.This library is free and is just a few clicks away when you download the file below. Read the included User's Guide for an in depth look at benchmarks and installation instructions for both Code Composer Studio and IAR Embedded Workbench.


Up to 26x higher performance when executing floating point scalar math functions Remains in low power modes longer due to the increased performance Free and easy to use - simply download and link to the library

What's Included:

  • User's Guide
  • Library
  • Header File
  • Example


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MSPMATHLIB Product Downloads
Title Description Size
Unlocked MSPMATHLIB_1_00_02_00_windows_installer.exe MSPMATHLIB for MSP430 Windows Installer 4280K
Unlocked MSPMATHLIB_1_00_02_00_linux_installer.run MSPMATHLIB for MSP430 Linux Installer 4452K
MSPMATHLIB_Users_Guide.pdf MSPMATHLIB Users Guide 276K
release_notes.html Release Notes 16K
md5sum.txt MD5 Checksums 4K
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